🔍Read Full Article LOTD: It’s an Apocalips!

LOTD: It’s an Apocalips!

3 Comments 🕔18:00, 04.Feb 2013

Hi Everyone! :D It's been a while! But I've had a lovely rest and I'm bright-eyed and brushy-tailed. I've dusted off the cobwebs and I'm ready to party. Please do bear with me while I get back into my swing, I've recently moved (again) and still have boxes to unpack. I'd heard about the new  Apocalips Lip Lacquers from Rimmel and finally picked up a few shades on the Boots 3-for-2. My Lips-of-the-day is:- Rimmel: Apocalips in shade Apocaliptic I

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Rainy Day Bling Nails

3 Comments 🕔21:37, 15.May 2012

Hi Everyone! :) It's been raining and pouring the last few days - we've even seen some hail stones! I was feeling something to cheer up the horrible grey day - so I grabbed my The Make Up Store Strazz crystal stones in Aquamarine for a little sparkle. Natural light - outdoors Models Own: 3-in-1 base coat, top coat and gloss Illamasqua: Caress Rimmel: Grey Matter The Make Up Store Strazz Crystal Stones: Aquamarine Seche Vite Top Coat Natural light- indoors I started with a

🔍Read Full Article Grey Matter Swirls Konad

Grey Matter Swirls Konad

4 Comments 🕔21:23, 24.Apr 2012

Hi Everyone! I picked up Grey Matter from Rimmel as I realised I don't have a nice plain grey! I can always do with one for a nail art, I'm thinking of doing a My Neighbour Totoro nail art soon :D Rimmel: Grey Matter Konad Image Plate: M65 China Glaze: Millenium Seche Vite Top Coat Until next time, have fun!

🔍Read Full Article FOTD: Christmas Holly Look

FOTD: Christmas Holly Look

2 Comments 🕔12:00, 20.Dec 2011

Hi Everyone :) Here's a Christmas'y look based on rosy winter cheeks and lips from the biting cold and holly green leaves. Please excuse the wet hair again, I always try to let my hair dry naturally to avoid harsh hot temperatures (reserve that for the occasional hair straightening/curling!) The Eyes:- • M.A.C. eyeshadow: Juxt • M.A.C. eyeshadow: Humid •  Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner in black The eyes are a simple green look using Juxt all over the lid and Humid in the crease and

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July Favourites

2 Comments 🕔15:19, 02.Aug 2011

Hi Everyone! :D It's time for July Favourites. It seems July was a bit of a wash out weather-wise but come 1st August the sun is blazing! Instagram First up for my top monthly favourites is an app called Instagram. Yes I'm a little late to the party on this one, a friend introduced me to it but I think its fab. What is it? Well: "It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of

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Lady Bird, Lady Bird!

0 Comments 🕔09:56, 21.Jun 2011

Hi Everyone! :) This weekend I thought I'd have a go with my Model's Own Wah Nails nail art pen I picked up in black and do a lady bird! I don't yet own a decent nail art paint brush for the leaves (but I will be picking one up soon!) so they are a little ropey shall we say. Rimmel London: Hot Gossip Model's Own Wah Nails nail art pen: black Model's Own Wah Nails nail art pen: white Barry M:

🔍Read Full Article FOTD: Spring Petal

FOTD: Spring Petal

0 Comments 🕔15:56, 01.Apr 2011

Hi Everyone! :) Today I wanted to try something a little different, although I'm a little nervous about it! I've seen other people posting Face Of The Day (FOTD) so I finally thought heck why not? I love make-up as much as I love nail polish and nail art as there are lots of styles and designs you can try out playing with colour and more. Base: M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid in NW15 Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation SPF 20

🔍Read Full Article KOTD: Fading Rose

KOTD: Fading Rose

0 Comments 🕔08:00, 16.Mar 2011

Hi Everyone!! :) I spent the weekend with family and Mrs B and I had a good pamper session with a few drinks, face masks and nails (yay for girlie nights!) and here is the result (although this was the next day, after Mrs B and I had been moving the kids bedrooms around and cleaning, so they aren't as pretty as they were after bleach etc!) China Glaze: Something Sweet Rimmel: Rose Libertine Konad Special Polish: Black Konad

🔍Read Full Article Northern Lights Snow Nails

Northern Lights Snow Nails

0 Comments 🕔16:36, 05.Dec 2010

Inspired by this design by Loving the snowing effect on the design by pamperedandpolished I thought i'd add a colourful northern lights twist :) Pink, Lilac, Blue & Green Polishes by George Rimmel I Heart Fruities: Lemon Drop OPI: Alpine Snow Dotting tool