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I’m having a blog sale!

Hi Everyone! I’m having a blog sale šŸ˜€ I’m still working on prices, but let me know if you are interested.


You can find it here :)

Until next time, have fun! :)


OPI: Disney Oz the Great and Powerful

Hi Everyone! :) Check out the news on the latest promotional picture for the new OPIĀ collaborationĀ with Disney’s new release Oz The Great and Powerful.


Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful” inspired these 7 great & powerful limited edition lacquers, due out in March 2013!
The range includes three mega glitters, three pearly sheers, and one bold Liquid Sand hue. Which are you wishing for? – OPI facebook

Until next time! :)


OPI: Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection

Hi Everyone! :)

It’s a small world after all! *cough* erm yeah… have you heard? OPI recently announced on their Facebook page they are releasing a Vintage Minnie Mouse collection this summer! OMG! Ā šŸ˜€



From left to right: Nothinā€™ Mousie ā€˜bout It,Ā If You Moust You Moust,Ā Iā€™m All Ears,Ā The Color of Minnie

The collection consists of 4 colours in shades of pink and red and a heart glitter thrown into the mix! Due out June 2012, I seriously need them all – I owe it to 10-year-old me!

Until next time, have fun!

Goodbye GFC

Check out the brilliant work ofĀ LipgossipingĀ trying to reunite bloggers with their readers who have been affected by the Google Friends Connect switch off to non-blogger users.

Until next time, Ā don’t forget about us!

Let’s not say goodbye!!

Hi Everyone,

This is a sad post… as of tomorrow Google is shutting down google friends connect for all self-hosted non-blogger blogs. Kitten Nails is one of those! From now on if you connect to my site via GFC then you won’t get my posts anymore…

But let’s not say goodbye :(

Please make sure to subscribe again via RSSĀ in something like Google Reader.

You can also follow Kitten Nails on Twitter and Facebook. Please come back and visit soon! <3

Until next time, have fun!

Attention UK Holographic polish fans!

Hi Everyone!

Here is a public service announcement or something like that šŸ˜€

For any of you who have been dying to get your hands on the Nfu Oh Hologram collection (I know I have) have them back in stock on their site!

Don’t know whatĀ I’mĀ talking about? Check 0ut this pic from one of my enablers:


A-MAZING right? Yes. I have ordered a few and will get swatching! I have a fair bit waiting to swatch which I plan to do ASAP, although my other passion has been getting in the way… Final Fantasy XIII-2, Squee! Loving this game so much (I probably spent a good hour trying to catch a Green Chocobo last night!)

Until next time, have fun! :)

China Glaze: Hunger Games Collection

Hi Everyone! :)

Wonder where I’ve been? Hiding under a rock? Well, kinda- I have a new obsession (me, obsessed much? never!) with The Hunger Games. Like full on -read all 3 books in a few days and have start them all over again- obsession.

I’m seriously in love with Peeta- TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAY! *fan-girl squeal* *cough* anyway… To celebrate the up and coming movie for The Hunger Games, China Glaze is releasing Colours from the Capitol, a collection of colours celebrating each of the 12 districts (or so says the clever readers over atĀ The Hob)

(Nice lashes! They look rather like the Paperself Deer & Butterfly false lashes)

In keeping with the powerful themes and messages of the story, the collection of nail polish will be inspired exclusively by one of the bookā€™s distinct settings- the Capitol of the nation of Panem. Awash in lavish fashion, food, and entertainment, Capitol citizens enjoy extreme cosmetics and body modifications, bold wigs, and outlandish costumes. –Ā LionsgateĀ 

TheĀ China Glaze Colours From The CapitolĀ collection releases onĀ March 1stĀ just in time for the movie launch onĀ March 23rd.Ā Let the countdown begin!

Until next time,Ā may the odds be ever in your favor!

Wear It Pink!

Hi Everyone! :)Ā Did Ā you wear it pink? I know I did! šŸ˜€

Wearing: Estee Lauder: Lavish Pink

So we’ve come to the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, well done for everyone who got involved in some way or who picked up a pink product (from everyday food products in Asda to premium beauty items to pink related clothes and goodies), lets hope this has brought us one step closer to finding a cure.

Until next time, think pink!

Breast Cancer Campaign – 10 Downing Street

Hi Everyone :)Ā As we near the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 10 Downing Street is joining the ranks of other landmarks/buildings around the world and thinking pink.

Wear It PinkĀ is this Friday people! The perfect excuse to wear pink at work, school or anywhere for a good cause. Ā You can donate money for Wear It PinkĀ here.

Also Don’t forget the other Pink Ribbon 2011 products available from the EstĆ©e Lauder Group.

The Breast Cancer CampaignĀ charity is currently supporting 105 research projects worth over Ā£17.3 million in 31 centres of excellence across the UK and Ireland.Ā 

Until next time, think pink! :)

RIP Steve Jobs

Yesterday Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc passed away. He will be sorely missed. He was a man for our generation and lived every day to the fullest and will never be forgotten.

Excerpts from PresidentĀ Barack Obama’s statement:

Steve was among the greatest of American innovators ā€” brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it. By building one of the planetā€™s most successful companies from his garage, he exemplified the spirit of American ingenuity. By making computers personal and putting the internet in our pockets, he made the information revolution not only accessible, but intuitive and fun. And by turning his talents to storytelling, he has brought joy to millions of children and grownups alike. Steve was fond of saying that he lived every day like it was his last. Because he did, he transformed our lives, redefined entire industries, and achieved one of the rarest feats in human history: he changed the way each of us sees the world.

Until next time, be safe and be well.

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