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Raising Kane

Raising Kane She surrendered the reins Now he s raising the stakes When a patch of ice sends attorney Ginger Paulson head over high heels down a flight of stairs she has no one to care for her young son and her i

  • Title: Raising Kane
  • Author: Lorelei James
  • ISBN: 9781609280956
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • She surrendered the reins Now he s raising the stakes.When a patch of ice sends attorney Ginger Paulson head over high heels down a flight of stairs, she has no one to care for her young son and her invalid father until lethally sexy Kane McKay shows up at the hospital, determined to prove his cowboy chivalry Past experience has inoculated her against take charge men,She surrendered the reins Now he s raising the stakes.When a patch of ice sends attorney Ginger Paulson head over high heels down a flight of stairs, she has no one to care for her young son and her invalid father until lethally sexy Kane McKay shows up at the hospital, determined to prove his cowboy chivalry Past experience has inoculated her against take charge men, but even Ginger isn t immune to Kane s invasive charm and Built Ford Tough body.For two years rancher Kane McKay has followed the Little Buddies mentoring program s cardinal rule hands off his Little Buddy Hayden s mama But one look at Ginger s bruised body and Kane is through watching the stubborn woman take care of everyone but herself The feisty, curvy redhead needs his help, and he ll give her the hands on type whether she likes it or not.After Kane throws out doctor s orders and issues his own demands her full sexual submission Ginger realizes Kane s caring nature extends beyond just fulfilling her physical needs.Can the former hell raiser convince the gun shy single mom to look beyond his past toward a shared future Warning Contains one sweet and hot hunk of cowboy manflesh who uses every sexual trick in the book to render a sassy, fast talking attorney speechless and put a new twist on the term binding arbitration.

    • ☆ Raising Kane || Ñ PDF Read by ☆ Lorelei James
      191 Lorelei James
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    1 thought on “Raising Kane

    1. 5+ stars – Contemporary/Western Romance/Erotica/BDSM Whew boy! LJ’s wildly sexy Rough Riders series, with its hunky, dominating, pant-inducing, studlicious cowboys, makes me smile, laugh, cry, and fan myself in utter erotic glee every single time. Kane McKay is another yummy, to die (and drop panties) for hero, and he and strong, independent lawyer Ginger are pure fire together. Raising Kane is another smokin’ hot, hawt, HOT read and one of my favorites of the series.I just loved Kane’s [...]

    2. Can there be too much sex in an erotic romance? Uhrry to say, but yes, when it keeps the story from developing. Now don't get me wrong, no one can write an erotic scene quite like Lorelei James (her descriptions, the dirty dialogue), but in Raising Kane, I thought it was a tad too much of a good thing. It got to the point that I (horrors) thought about skimming the umpteenth scene of Kane and his lady lawyer lover Ginger goin' at it. Yes, I thought that LJ got the point across quite well that Ka [...]

    3. 3 1/2 stars (Technically, this is the same rating I gave (to?) Shoulda Been A Cowboy, but I liked this book better so I'm rounding my rating up to 4 stars.)Here's "my" Kane: Note: I know Kane's Stetson hat is black, but I took the liberty of changing it for a white one. Why? Because he's "my" Kane and I can do whatever I want with him, LOL.

    4. This ladies is my Kane McKay *sigh*[image error]Did I read this book right? Because to me not only was it my second fav in the series but there wasn't the tell tale major bust up that traditionally happens about 3/4 ways through the book before the love declarations.Kade and Kane were by far my favs. Their stories were unique to the other McKay books. No niggling families or grumpy dads, just hot rockin' sex that made me tremble in my cowgirl boots (and yes I do own a pair - in fact, I wore them [...]

    5. i cannot recommend these rough rider books highly enough. you've got sweet, sexy, dominant cowboys with hot little sassy women that keep them in line, what's not to loveis is # 9, there are also 3 other books that are connected and i don't have a bad thing to say about any of them. or the other 2 books that i've read by lorelei james for that matter.i loved kane and ginger, was so happy to see kane get his! and sweet little haydene only question i had was, why did lorelei clarify at the beginnin [...]

    6. Kane McKay is tired of living in the shadow of his former hell-raising lifestyle. He wants to move on with his life, grow up and settle down. He even knows who he wants to settle down with - sexy single mom Ginger Paulson. The problem is Ginger's eight year old son Hayden is Kane's Little Buddy and he is not supposed to have a relationship with a mom in the program that connects father-less young boys with an adult male mentor.Ginger slips and falls down a flight of stairs, causing a hurt should [...]

    7. There's not much to review, so this will be short.Kane "Buck" McKay has been trying for years to drop his bad boy reputation. He's cut down on the boozing, stopped skirt-chasing and even signed up to be a mentor to a Little Buddy named Hayden. Unfortunately for him, Hayden's mom, Ginger Paulson, attracts him like flame to a moth, and that's against the program's rules. When she's laid up after a ice-fueled slip down a set of stairs, Kane agrees to help take care of her, her elderly father and Ha [...]

    8. Woohoo, giddy-up! And it's another winner. It's hard to not love these dark haired, blue-eyed, silver tongued cowboys, with their bad boy charms both in and out of bed. Kane you sexy devil! Love it!

    9. Well, I really enjoyed this one. It just had a sweetness throughout that was exactly what I wanted to read right now.Kane McKay has been Hayden Paulson's 'big buddy' for two years. Ginger, Hayden's mom, is a gorgeous, amazonian red-head that Kane's had the hots for since day 1. She's felt the same but they've hidden it really well. The story starts with her falling down the steps of her office and injuring herself badly enough that she can't take care of her son and invalid father. So, Kane step [...]

    10. Oh My, where to start. I do not know how Lorelei does it. The story in this book is not what amazes me, it was the love and emotion in this book I thought was totally amazing. How she can take a simple story and make me feel it so amazing, well that is amazing in itself. I loved everything about this book. Kane was sooo dam sexy, hot, and caring. I love that he had eye's only for Ginger. The sex/ love scenes again were of the charts HOT!Lorelei has became one of my top favorite authors and I can [...]

    11. Ever since Kane began cleaning up his act and becoming responsible in Tied Up, Tied Down, I've wondered what was going to happen to him, how he was going to get his happily ever after. Same goes for Ginger, especially after Branded As Trouble when Indy was jealous of the hot lawyer talking to Colt. So this book was the perfect remedy to my curiosity.I wouldn't say that this was the best book of the series but it was definitely a good installment. It was great to see how Kane interacted with Ging [...]

    12. So if anyone were to ask me if I could choose any of LL McKay men which one would it be? My reply would be seriously how can you ask me that, that would be like asking which one of my kids I love more!Raising Kane is a great addition to the RR series, if I had any complaints at all it would be that it wasn't long enough, but truth be told I feel that way after all of her books. I just never want them to end it's like a soap. I can seriously reread them and never tire of any of them. I would like [...]

    13. another 5 star book from Ms James! I've wanted to see Kane get his HEA since he is introduced in his twin brothers book and I wasn't disappointed! Ginger is the perfect wman for him!

    14. I'm always a bit disappointed with Lorelei James. She has a large following but her writing style just doesn't hit the spot for me no matter how good her premises and characters are. This is one of those example. I loved the characters. I loved the premise, conflicts and details of the plot. I especially like the inclusion of the "little buddies" program. There was so much good here. So so so much good. And yet, it just didn't hit the spot. I didn't eat it up, and I couldn't get sucked into the [...]

    15. OMG I loved this one!!Kane and Red(Ginger) were freaking AMAZING together!!I loved all the new and old characters returning, meeting some of the other McCays was so good!!The only thing that annoyed me was that it was the 9th book, but it was before Keely and Jack But that's all rightCant wait for the next book. i only hope November come fast!!!

    16. I wasn’t sure I would like Raising Kane at all, and I actually read it after finishing the rest of the series. I didn’t like Kane’s twin brother’s story, and Kane himself is a bit of an abrasive lout the first four or five books of the series. But, I should have trusted James more—she redeems Kane quiet nicely, and I truly believed that he had repented for his earlier mistakes. In fact, he’s been doing a bit of penance for the last several years—living isolated in his trailer, doin [...]

    17. This review was written for scorchingbookreviews.The rough riders series is set around the McKay family and their ranches. The McKay family is made up of lots and lots of Alpha Cowboys with some VERY raunchy habits. They all have similar names (Incredibly confusingI can never remember who is married to who!) and all are high-handed and hardheaded. Raising Kane is book 9. These books can be read as stand-alone, but I recommended that you don’t. Kane, for example, was introduced in one of the ve [...]

    18. One of my favorites of the series, which is saying alot because I LOVE all of them. Being a single mom I can relate to Ginger the most of all the McKay women, she's strong and somewhat a control freak. I actually learned alot about myself reading this story. NOTE: This book actually takes place between Book # 7 Shoulda Been A Cowboy and Book # 8 All Jacked Up. I would read Raising Kane before All Jacked Up, ater All Jacked Up, read Slow Ride (Free short story about Keely's wedding reception) the [...]

    19. wow. I really liked this story still confused about the time frame with the other characters. I laughed, cried and got all hot and bothered. yum.

    20. Genre & Keywords: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Cowboys, Rope play, Sexual dominance, Parenthood~~~~~Rating: 4 out of 5 starsHeat level: 2.5 out of 3 flames~~~~~This is one of my High 5, Low 5 reviews. The High Five are five things that have impressed me or that I really enjoyed, and the Low Five are five things that had me shaking my head or raise my brows in a less admiring way.Raising Kane is the ninth book of Lorelei James’ Rough Riders series and features another one of the hot McKay [...]

    21. Kane McKay was a man that almost single-handedly created the legendary bad boy image that the McKay men are known for. Yet throughout the Rough Riders series we’ve seen Kane transform himself into the man he decides he wants to be, which is more than a man known for his sexual exploits; a man who is ready for love and the responsibilities of having a family of his own.even if no one else believes that this leopard can change his spots.Ginger Paulson is a strong and independent woman who is an [...]

    22. Kane McKay is a different man from his wild days at the Boars Nest. But he can't seem to escape that reputationt even his own mother recognizes that her son is a different man. But Ginger notices it. She's noticed it since the day Kane became her son's mentor in the local Little Buddies program.Loved Kane and Ginger's steamy moments and the journey they take to finding love with each other.

    23. Lorelei James is quickly topping the charts of one of my favorite authors. Not only was Raising Kane a great treat it was emotional. "She surrendered the reins. Now he’s raising the stakesWhen a patch of ice sends attorney Ginger Paulson head-over-high-heels down a flight of stairs, she has no one to care for her young son and her invalid father. Until lethally sexy Kane McKay shows up at the hospital, determined to prove his cowboy chivalry. Past experience has inoculated her against take-cha [...]

    24. Not much plot or character development, but good fun erotic cowboy romance. It’s like eating candyORY BRIEF:Ginger is a single mother with an 8-year-old boy Hayden. Ginger was not married to Hayden’s father who died in an accident. Her father Dash is confined to a wheelchair and lives with Ginger and Hayden. Ginger took over her father’s law practice when he retired. Kane used drink a lot and had sex with lots of women. He stopped. Now he spends time ranching and mentoring young boys in th [...]

    25. Kane Oh, Kane Yes! God, Kane! *Looks from side to side* Sorry got a little carried away. But I can't really help myself! Kane has has such a turnaround in this series, going from the total douche, asswipe, womanizer to, well He's a bit older, a bit rouger, a bit sweeter, a lot more caring, and totally in love with one woman. And when he puts all his focus into taking care of her and giving in to his desires well, that just makes me one jealous girl! Kane has been mentoring Ginger's son for a few [...]

    26. Kane, Kane, Kane I loved his story of redemption, really I did.When we first met him in Kade's book I thought he was a douche-bag along with Colt, but seriously? I think that Kane "Buck" Mckay really changed and for the better.I thought he was adorable, to an extent. Don't get me wrong, there were things that seemed a little out there for me, like Kane doing ALL the chores at his place and then going over to Ginger's and doing all of hers and barely getting much sleep to then get up at the butt- [...]

    27. Spoiler Ahead This was book 9 in the "Rough Riders" series and I love the McKay's. When attorney Ginger Paulson falls down a flight of stairs she has no one to take care of her son or her father. That is until Kane "Buck" McKay volunteers. Kane had always been attracted to Ginger, but she was strictly off limits for him when he became Hayden's mentor in the Little Buddies program. I love reading this series and I was looking forward to reading about the hot sexy Kane. I loved both of these chara [...]

    28. Raising KaneKane Buck McKay and Ginger Paulson3.5/5 StarsRaising Kane is the ninth book of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James.Favorite Quotes"Because we're so different, you and I? Because I wear heels and you wear boots? Because I study the law and you study the land? Because I'm a homebody and you used to be a party animal? Well, here's a newsflash, Kane, I was too intimated by you to make a move on you. For two years! You were this gorgeous gentleman cowboy and my son worshiped you." -Ginge [...]

    29. No need to point out good, bad, or raunchy. It's Lorelei James. Hot cowboys, raunchy and sinfully hawt sex. What's more to love? My only complaint is that the next book isn't out yet! But really. One thing I love about Lorelei James is that her books are more than just erotica. There's actual depth to her characters, which is entirely too rare in this genre. I've bonded with each of her characters on a personal level. I'm so glad that she's drawn attention to some more McKay boys. I was getting [...]

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