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Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded

Ruthlessly Bedded Forcibly Wedded Multimillionaire Vincenzo Valentini believed Cara Brosnan played a role in his sister s downfall He sought her out to make her pay He seduced her revealed his identity and cruelly discarded her But C

  • Title: Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded
  • Author: Abby Green
  • ISBN: 9780373527465
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Multimillionaire Vincenzo Valentini believed Cara Brosnan played a role in his sister s downfall He sought her out to make her pay He seduced her, revealed his identity and cruelly discarded her.But Cara has done no wrong She s shocked and mortified that she gave her virginity so willingly to the ruthless Vincenzo To make matters worse, she s just discovered she s expMultimillionaire Vincenzo Valentini believed Cara Brosnan played a role in his sister s downfall He sought her out to make her pay He seduced her, revealed his identity and cruelly discarded her.But Cara has done no wrong She s shocked and mortified that she gave her virginity so willingly to the ruthless Vincenzo To make matters worse, she s just discovered she s expecting and now the dark hearted Italian is claiming her once is time as his wife

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    1 thought on “Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded

    1. Revenge as a plot in a romance has a powerful allure for me. It's built-in tension. And I love tension in my romances. Vincenzo has every reason to hate Cara. He believes that she's partly responsible for his sister's death, and he plans to make her pay. When he meets Cara, he is affected in a way that he's not comfortable with, by her beauty and her appeal, her genuine nature. She doesn't seem like the heartless jade he believes her to be. But he goes ahead with his revenge plan, taking her bac [...]

    2. Abby Green does it again!!!A fantastic revenge story with gorgeous and passionate characters and beautiful settings.Vincenzo Valentini, gorgeous Sicilian heartbroken by his sister’s death. Cara Brosnan is the sister of the man who caused Vicenzo’s sister’s death. Vicenzo believes that Cara is responsibility for his loss and decides to take revenge on her by seducing her. After taking her virginity, he cruelly tells her why he slept with her and what a slut she really is. And then takes off [...]

    3. This inhabits the same shelves as quite a number of my guilty pleasure HPs. The plot, on the surface, is also very familiar.Greek or Italian tycoon hero believes heroine and/or heroine's family are responsible for the death of a family member. He tracks her down, seduces her out of her virginity and then drops the bomb that it was just hate sex to satisfy the HP tycoon Gods of family honor, vengeance, yada yada. Heroine turns up pregnant and the tycoon then forces her to marry him through some s [...]

    4. Haha, it's only been a little over a month since I read this book and already I've forgotten it. I wondered why I gave it 1 star, so I skimmed the ending just to jog my memory.Ok, without regurgitating the plot (other reviews already give the basics), these are the reasons I didn't like it:-- He's a jerkoff and she's a doormat who takes all that he dishes out with nary a complaint. Nothing new here, it's just tiresome.-- He spends the entire book thinking she's one type of person even though she [...]

    5. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t love this story until I realize that there are two types of revenge stories: cold revenge and hot revenge.Cold revenge or hot revenge?In a cold revenge story the hero starts out in control – if he wants the heroine married to him or kidnapped or pregnant – he takes steps to make this happen. There’s a logic* behind the action and a deliberativeness that is deliciously chilling. *Okay – it’s crazy logic for all of us out here in the real world - bu [...]

    6. As much as I read, I'd never heard the term "category romance" until a few days ago, when I discovered the eHarlequin bookstore Oh, how my pocketbook is going to regret that discovery lolThere's just something about a short novel that's easy to read, easy to pick back up from where you left off, and that costs less than that Starbucks latte you're sipping on.Oh how I will regret this discovery lolSo, about the book.Was our hero all angsty and stubborn and unnecessarily cruel at times? Oh yes.Was [...]

    7. Guilty pleasure satisfied. Innocent sweetheart falling in love with a hard-hearted, cruel, vengeful bastard at first sight to the point of having a one-night stand before everything comes crashing around her as tells her why he seduced her in the first place: she got to walk away without a scratch in that same car crash which killed his little sister and her good-for-nothing drunk-driving brother and he wants to teach her a lesson. Only in romance land would this involve a nice romp in the sack. [...]

    8. One of those stories that pulls you into the characters' lives and leaves you wanting more. I really couldn't put it down. Sweet and romantic and the chemistry was electrifying. The happy parts and the sad parts bought tears to my eyes and so did the happy ending!

    9. ***FOUR STARS***I'm a total sucker for Harlequin Romances done right, and aside from the crappy Title, I totally flipped for this one. (view spoiler)[Innocent little heroine Cara, wrongly accused and then "revenge fucked", leaving her pregnant, totally broke and alone. When she tells Vincenzo she is pregnant, she becomes subjected to scorn and doubt, then ultimately forced to be with father of the baby who scathingly hates her and continues to make her life hell. Yep, I'm sick, but I loved it! ( [...]

    10. Wanting vengeance for his sister's death, Vincenzo Valentini seeks out the one person he believes had a hand in her demise, Cara Brosnan. Cara is the sister to the man who corrupted and caused the accident that claimed his sister's life.Cara has never allowed herself to be seduced before, but something about "Enzo" calls to her, maybe it is the thought of easing the pain of the crash or maybe it is the need to be in someones arms. After a night of passionate lovemaking, Cara is blindsided by the [...]

    11. Cara has been living in London with her evil brother since she was sixteen, basically Cinderella~ing for him, in between working as a nightclub hostess and getting herself educated. She’s been a busy girl, but now that evil brother is dead, she’s getting ready to take herself off home to Dublin, where she’ll get herself a decent job and begin her life as an untarnished nice person.But not so fast. Cara’s brother died in a car accident, his fiancée died too, and only Cara walked away fro [...]

    12. I like Abby Green's books. She's one of better (i.e, imaginative) writers in the new generation of HP writers. But I honestly think she needs work with her finales. If one was to view HPs like chess (I know, a sacrilege to grandmasters everywhere but I wonder if Polgar sisters read HPs), Ms. Green has excellent openings and riveting middlegames but her endgames can be the bland king and pawn checkmates. I want a king and QUEEN endgame. In this book, Cara the heroine is like a lowly pawn trotting [...]

    13. All in all, a pretty good book. Cara is wrongfully accused and has to add a ruthless seduction on top of that,and all the other stuff suffered at her brother's hands.Vicenzo has a slow burn of a learning curve when he discovers how badly he'd misjudged her and hurt her because of this. Though at first annoyed to not get the rudimentary big reveal (everything is kind of slowly uncovered as the hero learns his mistake) I must say that it made sense and had a certain odd sort of vindication that he [...]

    14. A very enjoyable Abby Green. The hero is a jerk in the beginning, loads of mis-understanding, seduction leading to a pregnancy, the usual HP fare. He marries her for family's sake and then gradually starts noticing that she doesn't behave the way he expected her to. Tries to let her go when he realizes the extent of his mistake. As I said a standard HP story-line but well written.

    15. For an HP, this was remarkably progressive. Please note the qualification at the beginning of that sentence because it is relevant. It doesn't mean the MMC wasn't an alpha douche or that the FMC couldn't have done a better job of standing up for herself, but it does mean in the parameters of a Harley, this was better than most.Vicenzo is out for Alpha Male Revenge against Cara, who he believes assisted her brother in a con scheme to manipulate his sister, which resulted in the deaths of both of [...]

    16. Wow! This was a really good book that I read straight through in one sitting without putting it down.On the surface this is a typical Harlequin Presents with the very alpha hero and virgin heroine complete with an unplanned pregnancy leading to a forced marriage trope. Very quickly it becomes evident that there is much more below the surface. Right away I felt an emotional connection to both the heroine and hero within the first couple of paragraphs. The heroine hadn't even been introduced yet a [...]

    17. i did not like it though the book was good, entertaining. it's the storyline i did not like at all. vincenzo was such an ass n cara was just a plain doormat, so pitiful her fascination wid him while he humiliated n insulted her. he had the most awful thoughts n intentions towards her haha xd miss abby green tried 2 explain our hero's behaviour at the end. clearly it's traumatic 4 a kid dat his mum left him like dat but it's pathetic dat this can explain his kind of behaviour. he was simply awful [...]

    18. Re-read. It was 2 stars before, guess I wasn't in the right mood the first time reading it. I like that he started to believe her just because of her character, not based on some meaningless proof.

    19. 4.5 stars. Really good. Midway through I was ready to give it 5 stars, but then the ending lost steam for me -- strange, but it was just too long a period when the hero wasn't mad at her anymore (I guess I just enjoy the emotional wrangling and tension a lot more). Still, definitely a good story.

    20. Super book! H was cruel to the h at first. She did nothing to make him fall in love with her, just killed him with her kindness.

    21. The storyline hooked me in. I liked this, but felt there could have been more emotion (angst, passion and romance) than what existed. Luca and Cara certainly lusted after one another, but the falling-in-love part seemed slightly less convincing. Contributing to this was the lack of significant exploration into their romantic feelings, and Luca's troubled past.Luca has to be one of the most cynical heroes I've encountered recently. He thought the worst of Cara. All. The. Time. Once boarded upon T [...]

    22. Vicenzo was morning the loss of his sister, and Cara was morning the loss of her brother. Vicenzo blamed Cara’s brother for his sister’s death. He wanted revenge, he wanted someone to pay. Vicenzo seduced Cara out of revenge. They did start out as enemy’s, but ended as lovers. Their passion, and emotions was intense. Vicenzo felt guilty how he treated Cara, He found out everything he thought he knew about Cara was wrong. You can never judge a person before getting to know them. I really en [...]

    23. I really liked this one. Haven't read anything of Abby Green in a long time and almost forgot how well she tells her stories. Both heroes are likable even though Vicenzo was blinded from need of revenge though most part of the book. I think he should have fired those PI of his and never use them again. They did their job pretty lousy. But then again it wouldn't make a story if they did. I somehow especially liked the detail of Cara not being able to stay and sleep with him though the night being [...]

    24. This is quite similar to my favorite Green book The Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain (the characters from that even make an appearance) but the balance is kind of off here. Or maybe it's just too similar. I enjoyed it because I like the cynical hero/misunderstood heroine trope, but it's not the best.

    25. Romantic! I can practically feel Cara's pain when Vincenzo blurted out those horrible accusations but when he slowly realized that he was wrong, gah! I just hooked! This kind of storyline always made me wobbly. Marriage based on revenge (but on books only, of course) is kewl! Hahaha.Way to go, Miss Green. This book's better than Bride blah-blah Gilded Cage. I wish you all the luck. :))

    26. I amNOTa fan of Abby Green romance stories, I have read less than 5 books by her, I liked them and I wanted to give this book a chance since it has many fans out there. Nevertheless, I couldn't like this book. I TRIED SO HARD to read it, but gave up! I deleted the file XDIt didn't emotioned me at all!

    27. Linda, tierna, emocionante y con buenas escenas de sexo. Me han gustado casi todas las novelas de Abby Green. Es fantástica. Y las escenas de sexo están bien hechas.

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