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The Red Wolf

The Red Wolf Roselupin has had quite enough of being locked away in her tower room Her father the king thinks he needs to protect her from the wild and dangerous world outside but Roselupin knows better So when s

  • Title: The Red Wolf
  • Author: Margaret Shannon
  • ISBN: 9780618737444
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roselupin has had quite enough of being locked away in her tower room Her father the king thinks he needs to protect her from the wild and dangerous world outside, but Roselupin knows better So when she receives a mysterious gift on her seventh birthday, Roselupin uses it as her ticket out of the tower and into the woods, where she howls and dances all day long and surprRoselupin has had quite enough of being locked away in her tower room Her father the king thinks he needs to protect her from the wild and dangerous world outside, but Roselupin knows better So when she receives a mysterious gift on her seventh birthday, Roselupin uses it as her ticket out of the tower and into the woods, where she howls and dances all day long and surprises the kingdom folk right out of their socks Twice.

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    1 thought on “The Red Wolf

    1. Inspired by "Where The Wild Things Are", both in story and illustration, with an old-fashioned fairy-tale quality married with a "gotcha back" ending. Very enjoyable read - for both adults and for kids aged 4-10.

    2. Everything I would ever want and ask for in a children's book is right here. It is a magical wonderful fantasy tale with gorgeous pictures some very detailed that could be paintings while other pages just service the story simply and effectively. A tale of a king who has locked his daughter into a tower and the wonderful transformation journey of that girl. Such wonderful wonderful drawings. Some pages I just wanted to stare at a bit longer. Obviously inspired by WHere the WIld THings Are. Not a [...]

    3. This book shows many different emotions and many different illustrations. Children will be engaged by the many different things going on throughout this book. It has adventure and shows true feelings of a child. The illustrations shown in the book represent a child wanting to get out and just have fun, the colors make the story pop, and you can see the emotions written on each characters face in the pictures. The emotions were shown more in the pictures than in the text of the book. The text, to [...]

    4. The Red Wolf tells the story of Roselupin and her life inside a tower. Roselupin wants nothing more but to step outside, but her father will not let her. One day, for her birthday, she receives wool as a present. Dissatisfied with her present, she decides to wool away. Before she knows it, this wool consumes her and engulfs her to the point of her being wrapped with it, and turning into a red wolf. Roselupin runs into the forest and has a huge adventure.The plot of the story is Roselupin getting [...]

    5. I loved the story of the young, red-haired princess Roselupin, confined to a tower by her overly protective father, the king. When a golden chest full of yarn is discovered “For Roselupin,” with the message that she should “Knit what you want,” the king suggests that she knit him a nice scarf. But Roselupin takes all the red yarn and knits herself a wolf suit, which when she put it on, causes her to grow into a real, enormous red wolf. She escapes from the tower and is appeased with food [...]

    6. Roselupin's father, the King, locks her away in a tower room to protect her from the wild and dangerous world. Roselupin longs to be out in the world she sees from her window. One day a golden box full of balls of wool shows up for Roselupin. The king laughs and dismisses the gift but Roselupin knits a red wolf suit that busts her out of the tower to see the world and frightens the king who thinks the wolf has eaten his daughter. When she returns to her normal size and shape, the king locks her [...]

    7. Margaret Shannon, The Red Wolf (2002)This book is about a little girl,Roselupin, put into a tower by her father, the king, because "The world is a wild and dangerous place." On her seventh birthday, she got a gold box, inside was yarn and it said "Knit what you want" and the king laughed. She knit what she wants. She gets to do what she wants to do.This books illustrates how a girl wants to go outside and play but the father thinks it too dangerous for her. The meaning of this book to show the r [...]

    8. I don't even really know what to say about this book? It is a fairytale of sorts, with a king who locks his daughter in a tower to keep her safe. There is a mysterious golden box, some knitting, a little bit of magic and shape-shifting. It was a rather odd tale that felt like it ended abruptly, and weirdly. Not even entirely sure what the overall positive message is that children can walk away with? The illustrations were fun though.

    9. Brimming with mystique and echoes of Sendak, this fresh fairy tale subtly, yet powerfully, casts light on the costs of safety and the value of freedom. Our whole family is entranced by this fabulous book.Listen to our chat about this book on our JustOneMoreBook Children's Book Podcast:justonemorebook/2006/1

    10. I liked the story-line and the creative names to go along with this fairy tale story. It was really relatable even though it has a fairy tale feel. A lot of children probably disagree with their parents and it's added humor to see that she found a way to get rid of the father that had her all locked up.

    11. Mediocre fairy tale. The story started as interestingly, had a strong rise of action and even climax but then it plummeted to a cruel abrupt death. It was like the author got called to dinner and just dropped his pencil.

    12. I really like this unique tale! And I like that the heroine saves herself from being locked in the tower. This is a fun book to read with a little one. I enjoyed doing a silly accent for the king. :-)

    13. Love this story of a little red-haired princess who escapes her extremely overbearing, overprotective father with the help of a mysterious, magical box of yarn. fantastic illustrations, too.

    14. I loved, loved, loved this book, even more than my daughter. It's a great feminist story w/a little twist, gotta love it!

    15. fun fairy tale about a girl locked in a tower to protect her from the world who escapes under the guise of being a red wolf. may work with preschoolers.

    16. Roselupin, a princess locked in a tower by her overprotective father, uses yarn to knit a red wolf suit to free herself.

    17. Maurice Sendak people will love the shout outs to Where the Wild Things are in this book's illustrations.

    18. I love books where the heroine is creative in solving her problems. And I love books involving knitting. This was very cute.

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