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Kidnapped By Her Husbands

Kidnapped By Her Husbands Alone in prison No recollection of the past A baby grows inside her In a futuristic world where women are scarce and only the wealthy can afford a wife Melissa Alexander is trapped in a prison rehabi

  • Title: Kidnapped By Her Husbands
  • Author: Rebecca Royce
  • ISBN: 9781622103508
  • Page: 192
  • Format: ebook
  • Alone in prison.No recollection of the past.A baby grows inside her.In a futuristic world where women are scarce and only the wealthy can afford a wife, Melissa Alexander is trapped in a prison rehabilitation center with no memory of who she is The unborn child growing inside her is all that keeps them from making her pay for the sins she s committed sins she cannot recaAlone in prison.No recollection of the past.A baby grows inside her.In a futuristic world where women are scarce and only the wealthy can afford a wife, Melissa Alexander is trapped in a prison rehabilitation center with no memory of who she is The unborn child growing inside her is all that keeps them from making her pay for the sins she s committed sins she cannot recall But when five sexy strangers, claiming to be her husbands, kidnap her and bring her to safety, Melissa fears she can t trust them All she can remember is what she was taught under the prison s watchful, vengeful eye to hate them But how can she hate or love what she can t remember

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    1. *** Book #1 in the Wings of Artemis series ! *** It's a new universe of planets, rules, and renegades and uncontrolled elites.Melissa, pregnant and confused, has been rescued by her husbands, but she has no memory, so she thinks she's been kidnapped. Plus, now her personality is different than she used to be.The men discover an implant in her heart and that she's having a girl.Big new, because they are scarce these days ! Will she begin to remember her husbands, CJ, Dave, the Doctor, Nolan, Wes, [...]

    2. *on sale for .99*3.5 stars. Ends on a huge cliffhanger.At times I was lost reading but I was never bored. I loved the premise to the story. I'm just not sure why all the H's loved the h before her memories were erased. I didn't see that much to love but we're still learning about who she was. As it stands I do really like the h & all her men.This is a M/F/M/M/M/M/M story. There is a good story mixed in. More story than sex.Book is only told in hpov. The last chapter of 2 pages was told in a [...]

    3. Kidnapped By Her HusbandsKidnapped By Her Husbands Rebecca RoyceReviewed by SFF Dragon*What an absolutely fantastic start to this action packed and steamy sci-fi romance. I absolutely loved it.I'm a big fan of Rebecca Royce, she's one of my favourite authors and I've been reading her books for years. I've never found one I didn't love and 'Kidnapped by Her Husbands' is another winner, but she writes the majority of her books as series' with the storyline and characters evolving and growing as th [...]

    4. She's Melissa 'f'ing' Alexander and she doesn't know who she, where she is or whose baby she carries. What she is sure of is that she's going to do whatever she has to do to reform herself and become the proper lady for a husband. Or at least that's what she thought.Yep, the name says what the story is about (literally) but this is a very entertaining tale with a cast of dreamy secondary male leads that the reader is never lacking from male attention. Melissa is the Rebel Princess and as readers [...]

    5. I loved this book, I slept less than 3 hours before work to finish it. And the length is more about 300 pages, not 135. I didn't have big expectations for the book but I got excited at the prospect of 5 husbands one wife. How would that work? And I got very pleasantly surprised by the deep developing plot line that kept me going, each husband had his own time for us to get to know him and each was different which is also something that gets neglected in menage books. Can't wait to read the next [...]

    6. Kidnapped By Her Husbands Wings of Artemis Book 1by Rebecca Royce⭐⭐⭐⭐Oh my I enjoyed this story so much, that its hard to say enough that will do it justice! Rebecca Royce always have me so excited with her all series, but this one is a phenomenal series! It has me so engaged and I didn't want to stop reading or come up for air. Each story is a stand alone and you can read them how ever you wish but I would start at this one Kidnapped By Her Husbands Wings of Artemis Book 1. Rebecca Royc [...]

    7. I actually did like this book. I originally thought this would be more of a "sexually-active" book but it actually had a plot. Now that being said I did not care about the plot obviously and only wanted to really read about the character development. It was interesting to see what the author did with "Melissa Fucking Alexander" and how she behaved after losing her memory. It was a refreshing twist to the typical amnesia trope.

    8. I had a great time reading this book!I love Rebecca Royce's voice, she's a highly talented storyteller and SO creative. I can easily relate to her characters and the sex scenes are always great! The pacing was very good. I had a huge problem to empathize with the Melissa that was presented during the flashbacks. There's no way to know by now if this is on purpose or not - since there's a lot of things about her to be revealed yet. I did like how the heroine was able to relate to her husbands in [...]

    9. Rebecca Royce’s Kidnapped by Her Husbands takes the concept of a limited female population and gives it a fantastic sci-fi setting. Melissa, the main character, wakes up in a reform institution for wayward women, her memory wiped.The way the story is told, through current events and flashbacks to Melissa’s past, provides an intriguing juxtaposition of who the character once was and who she’d learned to become It pushes the question of inherent personality versus learned behavior and where [...]

    10. Kidnapped By Her Husbands will suck you in and keep you enthralled by the twists and turns this story takes. Rebecca Royce keeps you guessing past the very last page. I will warn you that this is the first in a series and will leave some things hanging at the end. Melissa is a mess. She is a strong young woman who has had her mind wiped and is brainwashed afterward and yet she still manages to stand on her own even while very pregnant. I loved this book. It has me devising all kinds of scenarios [...]

    11. This is much better than I expected from the blurb. It is a really good book. It is set in a universe where there are few women, and there is a bad empire and good rebels. I loved the romance. The heroine had no memory and she had to get to know her husbands again. It is good.

    12. Wings of Artemis series starts out with Kidnapped by Her Husbands. Author Rebecca Royce has a very hot scifi series start with this story. I will say I was curious to see how five husbands and one wife was going to work out, and it works out quite nicely. My only complaint of sorts is this ends on a cliffhanger a major one at that. I prefer books that are more wrapped up than this one but this story is well worth the read.Melissa has no memory. She has five husbands to get to know all over again [...]

    13. This is an interesting book and they way it reads. When I read about the book I thought it would be ménage but in this book it isn't but even so it's a good read. Melissa wakes up one day not remembering a thing but is pregnant. All she knows is that she was learning how to be a good wife to whomever they choose for her. Then one day she's taken by someone who she later realizes is one of her husbands and there are a total of 5 that say she's theirs. As Melissa learns about who she was she real [...]

    14. Decent read if highly flawed premise Overall pretty good sci-fi RH read. The ending was extremely abrupt, so you are really signing up for 2 books if you want any closure . Melissa's character is a good combination of strong and kind. She avoids being a Mary Sue. The guys are a fun bunch and mostly differentiated, but with six guys one or two personalities blend together. This is a 4 star read for plot and characterization, but I had to dock a star because the founding premise of the world in wh [...]

    15. Loved it!It took me forever to start reading this one. Frankly, something about the title turned me off and with the unnumbered Meeting Them I was confused where to even start. After reading the author's Last Hope series, Tradition Be Damned and Past Be Damned, and desperately waiting for #3 of that series I decided to give it a try. I have to say that the other 5 star reviews and what I've seen from the author's other books held true. I was immediately drawn into the story and I can't get enoug [...]

    16. Great intro to polyamarous relationship, with her history carefully revealed as she rebuilds her life while on the run from bad guys. Trouble is she doesn't know who the bad guys are - perhaps it is the ones she is with. She has no memory, only knows what she has been told - brainwashed. Her men adore her but as she gets to know them, she is uncomfortable with their stories. It's a slow burn telling, and so much more to know as they keep her safe, and as she prepares to give birth to a baby girl [...]

    17. I have never read a book quite like this and I loved every minute of it. This was by far one of a kind Melissa was a great female lead and I don't think I would have changed anything about her. She was living the dream of every female I know. Her Husbands were amazing and I cannot wait for the next book.

    18. This one took me by surprise! It started out fast paced and kept it up the whole time. I devoured this story because I wanted to keep seeing what was going to happen. I was not sure how it was going to end because it kept me guessing the whole time what might happen next. Just a warning, if you read this one be prepared to buy the next right away because you will definitely want to keep going!

    19. EngagingWell written, wonderful, and engaging story. I have already started to download the next installment. The name of this book mislead me. What I thought would be a cheesy romance turned out to be a great story with honest depth.

    20. I'm having trouble really getting into this book because the female lead is pregnant. Also the system of a society where women have their memories erased and taught to serve their husband is degrading to me. An alright story but not one I'd read again.

    21. A different dynamicI haven't read a story before where the characters all new each other but the main character didn't remember. It was interesting having them figure out their previous and current relationships with each other.I enjoyed this and am excited to read book 2

    22. Rebecca writing is flawless and very detailed! Loved the reverse harem! Melissa and her 6 husbands are great! I can't wait for book 2. Highly recommended!

    23. I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.Wow!!!!This is the first book in the series and it blew my mind away!!!To be fair though i have to say that at some points i felt it dragging but other than that this book has a complex storyline perfectly entwined between 6 males and a woman .The adrenaline rush and the mystery of things will keep you on your toes and the cliffhanger will leave you gasping and wanting for more.Between the scifi the romance and the reverse Harem a [...]

    24. I LOVED this book! The changes in Melissa throughout the story make my heart soar! Don't even get me started on the men!

    25. Melissa Alexander wakes up to a world where woman are scarce, men are numerous, and only the wealthy and powerful can afford wives. She wakes up in a rehabilitation center, alone, with no memory, and pregnant. She's told that she's been saved, her mind has been wiped, and she is being reprogrammed to be a good wife. She is taught to respect the Nobels and to hate and fear the Rebels. The next thing you know the center is under attack and she has been kidnapped by a rebel.The rebels who call them [...]

    26. I have wanted to read this series since I started looking for new reverse harems after discovering the genre. I devoured this book in one sitting. Then almost immediately re-read it. It has a unique premise with great world building. I do wish there was more backstory on the plague and what lead to the woman shortage but I’m hoping that’ll come in later books (I am only on book one). I loved the complex relationships within the story—this is no simple ménage or polyamory story. There’s [...]

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