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Honeymoon from Hell III

Honeymoon from Hell III For years Connor has gone out of his way to make Rory miserable but now that he finally had her in his arms where she belonged he was determined to keep her there

  • Title: Honeymoon from Hell III
  • Author: R.L. Mathewson
  • ISBN: 9781311506122
  • Page: 281
  • Format: ebook
  • For years, Connor has gone out of his way to make Rory miserable, but now that he finally had her, in his arms where she belonged, he was determined to keep her there.

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    1 thought on “Honeymoon from Hell III

    1. FIVE, FIVE, FIVE, FIVE, FIVE, FIVE, FIVE, FIVE,…FIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVEEEEE!!!Ohh dear God… I’m still gasping !Okay, I was seriously intrigued about how the curse will affect Rory and Connor, given that Connor was actually NOT a Bradfford, so… really a lot of wondering there. But the way R.L depicted it…. Wow!Seriously what’s not to love of this family???!! WHAT?? ”What the hell do you mean that you didn’t want us?” Johnny demanded in outrage.“We’re a fucking catch!” Sean snap [...]

    2. Hilarious follow-up to Connor and Rory’s story. I especially loved how Connor was able to get the one-up on the Bradford boys. I always get a kick out of the unspoken traumatization the Bradfords cause the greater public over their eating antics. It leaves so much to the imagination. It was even funnier to see the effects of Connor turning the tables on the Bradfords without truly knowing what he did. Great story!

    3. I love NFH series and their wedding series are def worth losing sleep over lol. I can't wait for the rest of this series to be out.“Rory?” he asked, tossing the crowbar down away from his men and started to head up the ladder faster, terrified that she was hurt or-“I’m pregnant!” she announced with a wobbly smile right around the time that he lost his footing.With a loud “Ooomph,” he landed on the ground right next to Bryce as the bastard released a pained groan that matched his, w [...]

    4. Loved this one. I really liked Connor and Rory's book and their honeymoon book did not disappoint. Connor gets taken by Rory's family for some kind of wedding tradition and he is not heard from for a week. Rory wonders what is going on but goes about relaxing and enjoying her new home. When Connor returns he has a game plan in place but gets distracted. When the time comes to get his plan in place, Rory's love of hot cocoa gets leads them both to become prisoners at her family's hands in order t [...]

    5. I do really enjoy this series, but it's getting a bit boring having EVERY couple get pregnant at some point during their respective books.

    6. 5- Thank the gods of literature for gifting us R.L. Mathewson Stars What more can I say This is one for the record books, pure beauty!It contains a perfect blend of Bradford craziness, historical curses, well thought through revenge plans and humor to cause your sides to cramp up.

    7. These two make up my favorite couple, and that is hard to do because I love them all. I love how they are always challenging one another in an annoying way but with all their love as well. I love how they together worked to irritate her brothers and cousins. Absolutely loved it!!!!

    8. At least this couple weren't the victims of a series of unfortunate events! But that's only because the bride's family locked them up for two weeks! LOL fun!

    9. These books are just too much fun! You fall in love with the characters then this author gives you just a little more! I love it!

    10. Me esperaba más. De partida, una trama aunque fuera breve. Y no me gustó nada la forma de cerrar la historia de la autora.

    11. This was really good! I loved how R.L. These two make up my favorite couple, I think that Connor going fit in just right with the James Boys & Bradford's Boys

    12. I was hoping the novella would redeem Connor for me like it did for Trevor but it didn't. Connor still annoyed me and the whole premise of the novella (view spoiler)[ the James brothers barricading Rory and Connor together but still checking up on them (hide spoiler)] weirded me out.

    13. More craziness from the HFH couples. This time, the Bradford is Rory and Connor is the outsider. The Bradford gang tries to stop their honeymoon because of the curse. Crazy times ensue.Quick, funny read.

    14. Honeymoon from Hell is a 6 part novella by RL Mathewson that takes part after the first books in the Neighbor in Hell series. Each delightful little romp showcases the epilogue of the corresponding book as the beginning of each novella so no need to go back for a refresher. Each novella talks about the honeymoon curse that the Bradford family believe they have placed on them and various family members trying to dissuade the couples into going and averting disaster until their one year anniversar [...]

    15. 5 I want Rory's life StarsI loved it, for once, this one had the perfect honeymoon, 24/7 room service, waking up late, and doing naughty things 24/7 in new ways of course. Buuuut, the initiation to the Bradford/James' family was absolutely amazing. I loved Connor, and how he is even more crazy that his in-laws. Obviously i wanted more details, but i managed to deal with iton to the next one!“I felt dirty!” Johnny cried, wrapping his large arms around himself as he backed up against the wall [...]

    16. Sweet! Now remembering how much Connor and Rory pranked each other, it isn't surprising that Connor figures out how to turn things around. Despite all the plans the James and Bradfords make for Connor, and the Honeymoon stoppage, and all the shenanigans, he turns it around into his favourAnd I also have to say, stepping away from the Bradfords in this instance, and having them as supporting characters, felt kinda good. I like them, but they are all becoming a little too much like characters the [...]

    17. CONNER and RORY ARE AWESOME!!!!Well I'm sorry this is the last one,but I know I will be rereading all of them cuz they're GREAT! Each novella is going to get your funny bone and libido jump started with the actions and steamy activity of her wonderful characters. So I recommend you get them all together with your collection for your continued entertaining reading! Absolutely love the whole series and hopefully the brothers will be able to get their own special girl.

    18. This was hilarious! I had no idea the initiation would turn out that way but I should have since no one comes between them and if they do it doesn't end well. That was an interesting Honeymoon. I don't know if i could have done what they did but hey they're Bradfords so its not surprising.I loved how the guys were back. I missed Jason and the rest of them. Big babies lol.

    19. Just like the previous HFH book, this was a great new addition to the Neighbors from Hell series. Rory and Trevor's story was fun, although not as entertaining as the first 2 HFH books, but I would like to know how Trevor terrorized the Bradford and James men. Overall it was such a sweet story and I really enjoyed it.

    20. Rory and Connor have always been a favorite, from their history and ways they love to mess with each other. This story brought out something new, the welcome to the Bradford family trip. This only happens to men that marry into the family. Never has a new "Bradford" been able to tun the tables and torture all the men involved.

    21. Oh the BradfordsThese just get better and better with each one. All of the characters are great, and the stories are as well. I'll be waiting impatiently for the next one for sure!

    22. This one had me laughing for so many reasons. The first is because Connor out maneuvered the brothers in a great way at the beginning, then later because he managed to get his honeymoon and it was done in a way that the whole family helped him out.

    23. Luxurious Baths! Simply awesome. Love Rory and Connor. I wondered if this book would be a bit different since Rory is the 'James' and R.L. certainly delivered. Excellent, can't wait to read the next one.

    24. I was really disappointed in this one. Rory and Connor are probably one of my favourite couples in the series so I was really looking forward to reading it. It was still cute but it didn't have their usual banter I love.

    25. Excellent addition to the chronicles!!These chronicles are hilarious! I loved how Connor and Rory were always picking on each other in the NFH series. Just like the series, I loved hearing of a non-Bradford being just as crazy as the originals.

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