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Kissed by a SEAL

Kissed by a SEAL The Hot SEALs Series Retired Navy SEAL Chris Cassidy knows the bro code no messing around with teammates sisters But Chris never was one for following rules Besides Rick s sister Darci is worth break

  • Title: Kissed by a SEAL
  • Author: Cat Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Hot SEALs Series Retired Navy SEAL Chris Cassidy knows the bro code no messing around with teammates sisters But Chris never was one for following rules Besides, Rick s sister Darci is worth breaking the rules for Darci Mann is tired of being alone Since Zane, the bad boy she had a crush on, fell in love with someone else and her best friend Ali found her own happThe Hot SEALs Series Retired Navy SEAL Chris Cassidy knows the bro code no messing around with teammates sisters But Chris never was one for following rules Besides, Rick s sister Darci is worth breaking the rules for Darci Mann is tired of being alone Since Zane, the bad boy she had a crush on, fell in love with someone else and her best friend Ali found her own happy ending, Darci s feeling her single status extra keenly Though she suspects her brother s buddy Chris would be willing to change that if she decides to let him When a routine assignment turns deadly and Chris switches from charming joker to capable trained warrior willing to kill or die to save Darci s life, she might have to reevaluate her feelings about the perpetual bachelor and her own future.

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    1 thought on “Kissed by a SEAL

    1. I so loved this brilliant romantic, exciting book. I just loved the romance between Chris and Darci. So very sexy as we saw them pass from friendship, to romance and evidently to love.There scary time working on the GAPS Weeding party in Florida they were both attending went from a scary experience that they both had to del with.I just love it tremendously, and being the last one made it one of the best. Such a fun and romantic series I so very much enjoyed!

    2. Copy received from author for an honest reviewI have to say, this has definitely been my favourite book in this series so far.My heart hurt for Chris as he watched Darci pine over Zane, when all he wanted was for her to love him like that. Unrequited love is a bitch!As with all the Hot SEALs so far, it is a joy to be taken along for the ride as they find their match.While this was a shortish book like the others in this series, this is one I just did not want to end.I wanted to know so much more [...]

    3. These HOT Seals keep getting better and Hotter! A "I Love this Series" Must Read! Chris is now a retired Seal, and so tired of seeing the love of his life Darci, not noticing his flirty attempts of asking her out as anything more as a joke So his new mission it's about to get real. Darci has her heart set on someone she can't have, but one weekend in paradise, makes her see a whole new hot sexy Chris and she really really likes what she sees But it's just sex to pass the time on a mission right [...]

    4. We already know Chris and Darci from the previous books - Chris is a 40-year-old ex SEAL and a partner in the newly formed security company GAPS - Guardian Angel Protection Services.Darci is his former team-mate Rick's little sister. And Chris has been lusting after her for a looong time. Only she doesn't take his flirting seriouslye's in love with another one of the guys - not-single-any-longer-Zane. Poor Darci.But Chris will not give up - he'll try everything to finally have her notice him as [...]

    5. This is the 4th book of the series. You got to know the hero in this one in the past books. The hero is a retired SEAL who hangs around with the guys who have gotten out lately. One huge bonus is one of the guys' sister who his buddy lives with. The sister is our heroine. The bad thing is the one SEAL she had her eye on, is now taken, but the one who's been watching her, isn't. However, there is an unspoken rule among the teams which is you do not date or sleep with the sisters of the teammates, [...]

    6. Chris Cassidy had been interested in his teammate's sister Darci for year but she only saw another SEAL and never gave him a second thought. She goes on a job to Florida with Chris to pose as his girlfriend for cover and finds out what it means to be Kissed by a SEAL. Darci has always found Chris full of jokes and a fun guy but not one to be serious about until the trip to Florida.The wedding party takes the resort yacht out for a dinner cruise, is bored by terrorists and Chris turns all busines [...]

    7. Kissed by a SEAL is the fourth book in Ms. Johnson’s delightful Hot SEALs series, which follows the lives of former Navy SEAL teammates who have remained close friends. While each book is a standalone romance, almost all of the characters are featured in each of the stories, giving readers the opportunity to better know the players involved from the start.Darci Mann, sister of former SEAL Rick, is often present when the guys get together. She has long lusted after Zane (to his ignorance), and [...]

    8. 4.5 *'sSo I am glad Darci and Chris FINALLY figured out that there was something there for both of them. Gah. Heffa should have figured that out a long time ago but apparently she is a wee bit slow on the uptake there. Ha. Thankfully they got a little push in the right direction. I wish there had been a bit more to the story. It felt a bit rushed in spots (to me) and I think there could have been more in general with the story. But as with the others I LOVED IT!When GAPS gets an assignment Chris [...]

    9. Vikki's MusingsRating: 3.5 StarsI enjoyed Kissed by a SEAL by Cat Johnson. Since it is a short book, it can be difficult to fully develop the story and the character. Ms. Johnson does this very well. I'm glad she had the hero and heroine already acquaintances. That made the romance that blossoms between them much more believable. Chris is a great character. He has all the ingredients needed, good looks, bravery, and a certain vulnerability, which I enjoyed a great deal. That vulnerability is wha [...]

    10. Not going to lie, I didn't have high expectations of this book. The previous one seemed like a teaser to me, and I didn't know if that was a new trend or what with the series. Don't get me wrong, good writing and a good story, just it ended when the story really started. Not when they decided to be together and faded into black, but actually when they decided to be a couple and try to dateSo it was with trepidation I approached this story, especially as it involved two characters kicking around [...]

    11. First up, I want to say how much I like one of the taglines for Guardian Angel Protection Services, or GAPS - We cover the gaps in your security. Like most start-up businesses, GAPS is in the process of lining up work. Security for a wedding seems like a walk in the park until trouble appears. Chris Cassiday, a former SEAL, takes his buddies sister Darci Mann as a cover for him to attend the wedding. No threats have been made but these days anyone can become a target. If you have read the previo [...]

    12. Kissed in the Keys!Chris is in love with his best friends sister, Darci. She thinks she's in love with his other best friend Zane! Darci likes Chris, he's a jokester & makes her laugh, she doesn't take him seriously. Guardian Angel Protection gets a job in the FL Keys but Chris is the only available agent to go. Darci offers to be his other set of eyes on the trip. Darci & Chris tiptoe around the feelings they are feeling for each other at first. Until, she kisses him on the dance floor! [...]

    13. Darci’s brother, Rick, is a retired Navy Seal and Darci sees Rick’s friend Chris as just another one of the “team,” until she volunteers to go on a security job for GAPS posing as Chris’ date. The job is supposed to security for a wedding at an exclusive resort in Florida, easy peasy, right? Darci is supposed to be Chris’ arm-candy while Chris does the work. Darci realizes that Chris is different and decides to explore the chemistry between them. Things heat up when pirates show up, [...]

    14. Chris Cassidy has it bad for Darci Mannexcept that all she does is to see him as the joker to dismiss in the years he has known her. An assignment with the Guardian Angel Protection Services changes it all, and forces Darci to reappraise Chris in a different light. I'm a sucker for unrequited storiesrticularly on the guy's part. I liked Chris (the good guy, who's actually into longterm relationships and playing for keeps) well enough and I felt his pain at being continually ignored for simply *n [...]

    15. Run, Chris, run! Just could not like Darci, who vacillated between acting like a poor imitation of a TV show inspired spy and seeming to forget it was a mission. What a dingbat. She's mental age 10 and emotional age 14. Not real bright but all teen drama. Why she appeals to Chris I'll never know. Oh. Right. Hot. The series had been okay--a cute light easy read--up to this installment. Let me save you trouble: quit before this one. I suffered through it (pain level 6 of 10). But the next one is t [...]

    16. Chris has had it bad for his buddy's sister for a while now, but everytime he's asked her out she always thinks he's joking.Darci has been interested in one guy for a long time and she had hoped when he was ready to settle down it would be with her, however that wasn't the case, now a bit bitter and seriously questioning herself she's thrust into a situation she never saw comingCan these two work out their differences and find some common ground or is the situation going to be crazy for everyone [...]

    17. I love Cat Johnson's SEALs stories and this one was right up there with excitement and romance. Chris Brody has had a crush on Darci Mann forever, but she only has eyes for Zane Alexander and never sees Chris. But when GAPS needs to send a man undercover to provide security for a high profile wedding, Darci volunteers to go and Chris is stuck with her, a place he's desperate to be and yet avoid. I like Chris because you usually see him as the civilian, but when he's on the job, he becomes the Na [...]

    18. Kissed by a Seal is a great addition to the series. This installment is about Chris Cassidy, who was with this Seal team, but retired 2 years ago. He is almost 40 and has wanted to get together with his best friend “Rick’s” sister Darci Mann. But, there is a code that you leave your friends sisters alone. On one of GAPS assignments, Rick told Chris to take Darci on the ops and of course this is when they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.This is a great book and you don’t wan [...]

    19. awesome readI loved this story!!! Darci-a sister to Rick-one of several ex seals that opened up their own guard agency is bored and looking for something. She is used to all her brothers seal buddies coming to the house and hanging out. But Chris who is the joker in the bunch really wants to date Darci and asked her out while joking around with her And she thinks that's all it is and doesn't realize he's very serious. Chris accepts a job guarding a senators wife and daughter during a wedding par [...]

    20. I love the Hot Seals series, we get to know a little more abouteach one of them in these books. I don't know how Darci didn't see that Chris liked her, but maybe she was trying to protect herself. Chris had the patience to wait her out our lose her because she didn't know, Chris should have told her when they were in Florida. I started reading Cat's books thanks to my daughter, who loaned them to me. I've read all of the Studs In Spurs series, they were great also. If you like the Hot Seals seri [...]

    21. Really enjoyed this book, only reason for not giving it 5* is that it wasn't hot enough for me, but it did have everything else! I really liked the idea of the guy being in love or at least lust with the girl and her treating him as just an acquaintance of hers. Rather than the usual girl lusting or loving the guy and him not even acknowledging her. Loved Chris from the start with all his southern charm, and by the end I was really rooting for him, and Darci grew on me mainly after she got that [...]

    22. I enjoyed this. I thought Chris was a wonderful hero, he was sexy, funny and incredibly sweet. It took me far longer to warm up to Darci though, she came across as incredibly self absorbed and judgemental and I found it hard to warm toward her until very late in the story. It was lucky that Chis was so lovely and the sex scenes were incredibly hot, as otherwise I.would have given it a lower rating. As it was I thought that she was very sweet and apologetic towards the end and I was glad they got [...]

    23. can't keep your hands off!!Darci and Chris make for a great love story. Since dating a teammate's sister means "hand's off", does that mean Chris will keep his hands to himself?? No way, if only Darci is willing and when Darci gives him the chance Chris is all over that until Darci gives Chris an indecent proposal of her own. Can it all be over before they even started? This is an awesome story and great series, love it!!

    24. Another HOT SEAL!No one writes stories about hot SEALs quite like Cat Johnson. Strong, alpha males, with the softest hearts when it comes to their women! Chris has always seemed to stay in the background and watch Darci, who was crazy about Zane. Once Zane got his own girl, Darci still didn't see Chris as anything other than one of her brothers friends. Will things change with a trip to Florida? You will definitely need to read and find out.

    25. Chris and Darci are fabulousI loved the story. Chris is so in love with Darci, Darci has absolutely no clue until their trip to Florida. I found the story short and sweet. The love scenes were minimal and not as hot or as explicit as her others . As much as I enjoyed the story I think Cat could've expanded with more detail like in previous stories. If you are looking for a fast read romance this is the book for you.

    26. Great read!!I loved this book, just wish it had been longer! Chris and Darcy's story was exciting, sexy and sometimes fun. This is one of my favorite SEAL series and I can't wait to read the next book! Definitely recommended if you enjoy hot SEALs and strong women who know how to handle them then, this book is for you!!

    27. Ah - Unrequited love. Darci has been pining for Zane for years, but he went and found someone else. Chris has wanted Darci for just as long, but she doesn't take him seriously. Talk about a triangle. Fortunately, circumstances work out for everyone. Loved how everything was resolved in this triangle. The action sequence was hair-raising. Good job. This grabbed me and held me hostage.

    28. Absolutely loved this book. Probably my favourite out of the series. The pace was perfect, nothing was really that rushed between the two. I liked that since they've known each other for awhile, it wasn't some rushed romance. The action near the end was fun and exciting, and just enough to offset the romance. Just all around, a fantastic read.

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