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Black River

Black River Josh Simmons returns with his first full length graphic novel since s acclaimed House A group of women one man and two dogs are making their way through a post apocalyptic world in search of a

  • Title: Black River
  • Author: Josh Simmons
  • ISBN: 9781606998335
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Josh Simmons returns with his first full length graphic novel since 2007 s acclaimed House A group of women, one man, and two dogs are making their way through a post apocalyptic world in search of a city that supposedly still has electricity and some sort of civilization Along the way, they go to a comedy club, take a drug called Gumdrop, and encounter gangs of men whoJosh Simmons returns with his first full length graphic novel since 2007 s acclaimed House A group of women, one man, and two dogs are making their way through a post apocalyptic world in search of a city that supposedly still has electricity and some sort of civilization Along the way, they go to a comedy club, take a drug called Gumdrop, and encounter gangs of men who are fools, lunatics, or murderous sadists In other words, all manner of terrors.Josh Simmons is one of the field s most distinctive voices in the genre of horror The Furry Trap, House ,and this full length graphic novel is his best work yet, echoing director John Carpenter s perfect tick tock pacing, as well as Shirley Jackson s ability to transcend genre and turn it into literature.

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    • Best Read [Josh Simmons] ✓ Black River || [Music Book] PDF ✓
      326 Josh Simmons
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    1 thought on “Black River

    1. Now here’s an apocalypse for ya that will never be adapted into a Disney movie. It's far too bleak, grim, manic, ugly, desperate, disgusting, cynical, crass, bonkers, brutal, ruthless, sadistic, pointless - and there aren’t even any zombies around to turn the whole mess into a marketable spectacle. Where’s the fun in that, you ask? Well, I guess that’s the point: the so-called apocalypse probably won’t be a very entertaining, satisfying, crowd-pleasing affair. In fact, it may look quit [...]

    2. Erk – you know a comic’s grim when it makes Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead look family-friendly!So it’s another post-apocalyptic-set story and things are miserable as usual! Civilisation is decimated, most of humanity is dead, and roving gangs of people struggle to survive amidst rapist biker gangs bombing about in Mad Max parody. Our protagonists are one such group of mostly females. They rove. They fight. They look for a fabled city that still has all the luxuries of the pre-apocaly [...]

    3. Bullet Review:It's the end of the world, and golly gee is it a sh!tstorm of catastrophe! Murder, graphic violence, drugs, and let's not forget the time-honored favorite of rape, rape, and even MOAR rape!Anyone excited to dig into this bleak, depressing world at the end of the world? No?

    4. Josh Simmons: The Johnny Ryan (Prison Pit) of the Apocalypse. Meh. So you will either love the shock and disgust of this or not. For me, not. I kept thinking Simmons looks at the relatively hopeful post-apocalytic visions of Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth and Cormac McCarthy's The Road and gags at all the hopeful human possibilities, the embrace against all odds of the human spirit. BS, Simmons says; I'l one up that Road horror porn aspect and go all out, with worse drawing than Lemire (gotcha, Jeff, [...]

    5. It's not often that I regret reading something, but I regret reading this. I'm not squeamish about violence or dark, brutal stories, but this I don't get this. The violence and especially the rape feel very gratuitous and there is no story to support it. It also feels especially gross when male authors use sexual violence against women for absolutely no purpose other than that they can.

    6. I kept hearing that this book makes The Road and The Walking Dead look like child's play, but it really wasn't any bleakerd certainly, those two items contain more plot development, back story, and character development. Turn to Beautiful Darkness for depravity and social commentary.

    7. Do not be deceived by the purple flowerly flowy cover on this baby. This is a GRIM story. Or do. It'll be more shocking that way.We find ourselves plopped down in the middle of the post-apocalypse. No context, just a band of survivors making their way across a snowy wilderness. Basically, Mad Max: Fury Road, but cold. And less styled. This particular band of travelers happens to be made up mostly of female-presenting individuals. Badass ladies, as it were. This is a gritty, violent, graphic, sex [...]

    8. The bleakest, most desolate comic I've ever read. The art and the storytelling is the best Josh Simmons has archived, but I don't think I'll re-read it in quite some time. Definitely NOT for weak stomachs, and strong stomachs should take some precautions before reading this one. It's not as graphic as Furry Trap, but there is some stuff in here that it's more fucked up on a visceral, lizard brain level.

    9. Black River is as bleak as you can possibly imagine. With a group of women as the main cast of characters the graphic novel is set on post apocalyptic earth. Inked in black and white the illustrations mirror the starkness and darkness of the storyline perfectly.

    10. Okay I'm not gonna sugar coat it for you, this book is FUCKED UP. As with most of Josh Simmons work- if not all of it- this book is not for the faint of heart. Scratch that it's not for the NORMAL of heart. It's a black hearted graphic novel with very little optimism in site and therein lies its brilliance.Most "dark" comics that the average person is accustomed to are things like "dark knight returns" or "the flash runs into TROUBLE" or any other number of audience pleasing fodder where the pro [...]

    11. It's weird or sad, but I've slowly gotten used to some of these "nihilistic comics" that come out from time to time from Fantagraphics or similar publishers. A suppose I'm getting little desensitize by them though that is not to say I'm liking them any better or seeing them more than what they are. I didn't dislike "Black River" It reminded me of the works by Johnny Ryan (Prison Pitt) in the kind of drawing action/humor. The detached horror. I'm not a big fan of this sort of style of storytellin [...]

    12. Book blurb: A group of women, one man, and two dogs are making their way through a post-apocalyptic world in search of a city that supposedly still has electricity and some sort of civilization. This graphic novel did not work for me on any level. I've often said that the scary thing about any apocalypse scenario is not the zombies, or vampires, or what-have-you, but people. People can be the scariest thing on the planet. This story happens to agree with me, and there are horrible things that ha [...]

    13. Horrible things happen in a horrible post-apocalyptic wasteland.I dunno, usually when I don't like a comic or a book, I can say something like, "Well, it was more violent than I usually like, but I see what the author was going for." In this case, I'm not sure exactly what the author was going for. Was Simmons' intent simply to horrify? Does he have a deeper message? It feels like the story touches on some deeper messages, but those glimpses are fleeting and in the end I don't know that I gained [...]

    14. Here's the thing: if you want to make a post-apocalyptic graphic novel, full of violence and death and such subjects, I have no problem with that. But, in order for it to not suck, the reader should probably care about the characters. Maybe have like, even a tiny bit of character development, before everyone starts violently dying. Because, without that, who cares? Also, the illustrations were weak-sauce, and could not support a story as heavy as this was trying to be. Faiiil.

    15. This is a post apocalyptic story about a group of women and one man who are trying to survive.I found a lot of things problematic with this. It's overly violent, graphically sexual, the art is a little intense, and the lettering is strange and jarring. One character for some reason can only say the word "dickpussy" which I didn't really find funny or understand why she only said that. This just made me uncomfortable than anything.

    16. I reread this book in preparation for my interview with Josh for The Comics Alternative: comicsalternative/comics-a. I first read it a year ago when we discussed it for our regular review show, comicsalternative/episode-, but with the release of the second volume of Jessica Farm, I went back to look at this again within that context.

    17. It's brutal and sad and leaves you pretty empty but as an artistic endeavor it's fascinating and was well-worth the time I spent with it. Rating it is difficult. Two stars doesn't seem right but three stars is that I "liked" it. You don't LIKE Black Riveryou survive it. I'm going to settle on three stars just for the sake of the overall rating.

    18. I still haven't actually gotten around to reading Simmons earlier House, but I have a feeling I might go for that more. This has its moments, but feels kind incomplete or unformed. Then again, roaming the detritus of civilization in a post-apocalyptic depression has got to feel kind of like something's missing.

    19. The art wasn't the best but the story is what drew me in. I just want to state that it's probably a bad idea to participate in recreational drugs and bad comedy in a post-apocalyptic world. It really will get you shot. DP4L.

    20. Super dark and depraved, and downright visceral, just like life in a post apocalyptic world might be, is book is very well done, and kind of haunting.

    21. Josh Simmons is a great illustrator but his post-apocalypse is rote. It's bleak and gross and devoid of meaning, which yeah, alright I guess that might be the point but there's nothing that really distinguishes this from all the other end-of-the-world stories that are oh so hot right now.

    22. Josh Simmons is a madman. But he's a creative madman with great art.This has some really depraved stuff and it's grim as hell, but that's honestly what I look for in a post-apocalyptic book, so it hit all the right spots.

    23. usually I don't mind graphic books, but this one was awful. The language, the plot (was there a plot?), the graphics themselves weren't all that great either. ugh. not recommended

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