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Absolution (Absolution #1)

Absolution Absolution All it takes is a moment The flash of oncoming headlights and a split second decision tears your world apart Jack McKenna fell in love with Ally Connor the first time he saw her All through high schoo

  • Title: Absolution (Absolution #1)
  • Author: AmandaDick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All it takes is a moment The flash of oncoming headlights and a split second decision tears your world apart Jack McKenna fell in love with Ally Connor the first time he saw her All through high school and beyond, it was the two of them against the world even though level headed, pragmatic Jack and artistic, impulsive Ally couldn t have been different Their futureAll it takes is a moment The flash of oncoming headlights and a split second decision tears your world apart Jack McKenna fell in love with Ally Connor the first time he saw her All through high school and beyond, it was the two of them against the world even though level headed, pragmatic Jack and artistic, impulsive Ally couldn t have been different Their future was mapped out until one night, driving home from a concert with their best friend, their world came crashing down.Consumed by guilt, Jack walks away from everything and everyone What follows is four years of living in the shadows, sliding further and further into the darkness until he finds himself doing things he never thought he was capable of.And then a phone call turns his world upside down a second time Hours later, he s heading back to the place where the nightmares began The homecoming, a funeral and the journey of self discovery will test the limits of his endurance, risking his very soul in the process Does he even deserve a second chance Absolution is the first in a series of stand alone novels in the Absolution series by Amanda Dick It is contemporary romance at it s most confronting real, honest and compelling.Pick up Absolution today and find out if you would make the same decision Jack did.What readers are saying Absolutely rare and wonderful story A book written about us all must read Wounded souls and second chances One word outstanding

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      417 AmandaDick
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    1. :::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED :::: “She needs you — she’s always needed you… You just need to show her that it’s okay to need you too, that you’re not going anywhere.”I have to say, from the moment I read the blurb, I knew I had to read this book. Second chance romance stories really call to me. I love the emotions involved, I love that the characters have a history, and I love that they have the kind of love that even after the worst hurt and years of separation never lets go.“Thi [...]

    2. When a book starts its opening scene referencing how amazing Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam are, you know you have no other choice but to commit to the story. Immersing myself in Amanda Dick’s Absolution, whilst listening to Pearl Jam’s unique sound and resonating lyrics as background noise; this layered and complex journey was brought to life. With tragedy and heartbreak enveloping the reader from the very beginning, Absolution, Jack and Ally give dimension to the real life intricacies surround [...]

    3.  Love, loss, grief, guilt, redemption, forgiveness . this book is definitely a journey worth taking. A perfect blend of present and past, with characters you instantly connect with. I'd dearly love to know more from this verse . much, much more.

    4. I figured that as other authors have rated their own books, why not I? It does feel a little weird, I'll admit. I'm so glad that others seem to have enjoyed this story and it's life lessons - I am very proud of it.Go out into the world, little novel, and spread your wings!

    5. This is a really hard book for me to review. On one hand, I really enjoyed this story. It was a beautiful story of forgiveness and second chances. Ally was a fantastic character, very strong but also not perfectly so. The way her character was written and the situation she was in seemed very realistic and was quite heartbreaking. I was drawn into this story from the beginning. What I didn't like was that this book seemed a little slow at times and the story seemed to drag out a little too long b [...]

    6. In a split second, the world can come crashing down – and sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before you can begin the climb upward once again. This is a phenomenal story of picking up the pieces and patching yourself back together. “Absolution” is a mature and realistic portrayal of a bittersweet love story between two people separated by a horrible accident, agony, pain and guilt, who struggle to survive as they reach out for that second chance. This is a new-to-me author and I was im [...]

    7. This is a brilliant book. My heart went out for Jack. How can someone deal with so much heartache and grief. This is the story of Jack and Ally. Their lives are pulled apart after a road traffic accident. To move on they need to forgive themselves but are they able to do it. Jack needs to face what happened. He needs to face the truth. Around every corner it seems as if he hits another bump in the road. The accident turned Ally's life upside down. She's a strong character and I was so glad she h [...]

    8. Awww, I absolutely adored this book!! I'm not overly going to go into the plot of the book because it's explained very well in the synopsis but what I will say is that this is a beautiful book. It's not an easy story to read. We are thrown into the accident right from the start and then it's an uphill battle for Jack and Ally from then on.This is a story about a truly tragic accident. It's about how different people cope with a terrible situation. The mistakes they have made and the impact their [...]

    9. This beautiful book was a 3.75 star read. I loved the plot, the writing and I was drawn into tthis story about pain, guilt, move on with live and absolution. I connected with the characters, I felt them!. But, unfortunately, I didn' t connect with the romantic feelings, I missed passion, fight and warm blood in the love story. Even so, I really liked the story, enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to reading more by this author.

    10. Wow. This book was emotional, my heart bled for Jack. I wanted nothing more than to reach out, hold him and comfort him. He truly wallowed in the depths of despair. As for Ally she was amazing, never fragile but rather strong even though she succumbed to a weak moment. The love that she and Jack shared was never lost, love like theirs is never lost, its enduring love and thats what made the story beautiful.Forgivness is a powerful thing, and so is love. With love and forgivness nothing is ever i [...]

    11. This is a new edition of this book the author had to re-publish so it got a makeover! It was a book that I read last year and honestly the first time I read it I didn't get the same impact from the story as I did this second time. Was it because of the re-writes?? It could be but, maybe it's because the topic of Absolution is something that's been weighing heavily on my mind lately. Yes, that's probably it :) Each of these chapters starts with an inspirational quote I LOVE it when authors do thi [...]

    12. Wow this story is such a tragic tale. It makes you want to fix all the wrongs that were made with each character in this book. This was a 4 star read. Jack and Ally are dating and Callum is the best friend they go to a concert one night and on the way home there lives will change forever.Jack, Ally, and Callum have a tragic accident that shatters all of them in one way or another, Ally worse than the others.Jack lives with guilt over everything that happened in the accident where he walked away [...]

    13. I am always a little bit nervous when an author gives me a book to read and review, especially if it’s an author I have never read before, and especially when this author is debuting her first novel it’s even more worrying. I mean what if I hate it?? I have not liked books I have read for an author before and well I have always tried to be honest and fair in my reviews, and try and find good points. Sometimes it’s a bit more a stretch than others. But not this time, I can honestly say I ha [...]

    14. Beautifully Written Debut NovelIntrigued by the blurb, I could not wait to get my hot little hands on this book. Freak accident, guilt, funerals and betrayal, sign me up! This book just screamed "there is a lot going on in here" to me! There was nothing disappointing in Absolution and everything about learning to live and love again. It is a triumph over tragedy book if I have ever read one.Ally and Jack were dating four years ago and Callum was Jack's best friend four years ago. Four years late [...]

    15. 5+ STARSHands down, this is one the best books I have readEVER!!! It is absolutely BRILLIANT. There are not nearly enough stars to adequately rate this. It’s overwhelming how much I truly love love love this book! This book made me feel……. everything. It weighed heavily on my heart. It's full of loss, pain, and regret. My heart broke for everyone involved. The pain was present right from the very beginning. I could feel the hurt and feelings of resentment and regret that have been harbored [...]

    16. 4 EMOTION PACKED STARS - A Journey Worth TakingSometimes a story comes along that surprises you and takes you on a journey that you won’t forget. Absolution has done just that. This is a story about three friends and their journey towards finding healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. It’s a story about second chances and moving forward, but more importantly it’s a story of love. And not just the love story between a boy and girl, but a story of love between friends and family.I felt every [...]

    17. Holy moly. This book packs one emotional punch! It's really hard to believe this is Amanda Dick's debut novel. She writes like a seasoned professional. I couldn't put this book down, it held my attention from the very first page, and I was left thinking about this book after I finished it.The story opens up with Jack getting an unexpected phone call that shakes him up considerably. It leads to him going home and facing things and people he left behind. The story is told from mainly Jack and Ally [...]

    18. **********received this book as an ARC***********Reading this book really was a pleasure. I have read many books over the past year full of loss, heartache and pain and I have to say that Absolution was totally worth the read. I loved each character and watching them learn about themselves as well as each other as this story developed. My heart broke for Jack and the guilt he carried from the beginning of this book and finally felt the peace he found at the end. He was put through the gammet of [...]

    19. One day everything is finee next your whole world falls apart. This is what happened to Callum, Jack and Ally. On their way to a concert, a terrible car crash that leaves them banged up except for Ally who is now paralyzed. The story follows each of their lives and their individual reactions to the accident.Jack runs away, Callum stays to pick up the pieces and Ally tries to cope with her situation. The story is heartwarming friends need and rely on each other. All you need is love and a great b [...]

    20. I absolutely enjoyed this book a story of a tragic accident & guilt that tears three friends apart. Four years later after the death of a dear friend brings them back together!! Jack returns for his father's funeral & is left to rebuild his friendship with Callum & his relationship with Ally! How true friends can forgive & over come their fears to build a stronger bond than before!

    21. Wow!!! Absolution was absolutely amazing!!!My full review is on my blog quietkidsmomsreading Under title AMAZING START TO THE NEW YEAR

    22. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.Absolution was so much more than a story for me. It was a journey. “ She found herself questioning whether the courage, independence and sheer willpower that she had built up over the past few years would be enough.”A horrifying car accident shattered the lives of Ally Connor and Jack McKenna. After Jack finds out that when Ally wakes up from the accident, she will no longer be the free spirited beautiful woman he loves, he pan [...]

    23. 4 Solid Stars!Review by Allison EastSecond chance romances are one of my favorite types of books to read. I just hate to love them though, because usually someone has to get hurt first, but then they find their way back to one another. Jack McKenna had a great life, a great girlfriend and a wonderful best friend. Then they got into a car accident, shattering his girlfriend's spine, and messing with his head. Blaming himself for everything, he just disappeared and left his life behind. For four y [...]

    24. I really love it when I am reading a story or a book that keeps me enthralled and wanting to know more right til the end. Absolution was definitely one of those reads. Amanda’s writing has an easy flow that makes the book easy to soak up but also enjoyable. A good book in my opinion needs to hold good writing skills, a story that is able to hold my attention and characters that can connect with (be it in a good way or a bad way a connection is a connection) “Absolution” did all that and m [...]

    25. This book was a little different than what I normally read. However, I was still sucked in on the first page. I wanted, no needed to find out what was going to happen. The things that Jack, Ally, and Callum had to go through are unreal. Not unreal as a bad thing either. I wouldn’t wish their lives upon anyone, Jack had a lot of guilt and fear to face, Ally was faced with so many obstacles and her own fears, and poor Callum was stuck right in the middle faced with being the best friend he could [...]

    26. ***arc was given for an honest review***I didn't know what to expect when I read the synopsis. Well I definitely didn't expect this. Every page was just sad. I was pulled in from the beginning. Tragic start got me and brought me to tears. I'm not a fan of a book being told in the third person but I got used to it. I don't connect with the characters as much as I wanted to because of it. This one was a little different. If I was in Jack's shoes I wouldn't know what to do either. I didn't blame hi [...]

    27. **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**Absolution by Amanda Dick is one of the most emotionally pack books I think I have read in a long time. Ms. Dick is a wonderful writer and pulls you into the story with characters that are completely relate-able from the very beginning.The story begins with 3 friends, Jack, Callum and Ally. They are coming home from a concert but then they are involved in a horrible car accident. Jack and Callum were lucky enough to only suffer with minor inj [...]

    28. Why isn't this book more popular? It's amazing! The characters are rich and full of life even through the darkness. I've already recommended then book to several friends. The story is easy to read but still deep and a bit mind blowing. Jack is awesome, Callum is my favorite and Ally. Well I'm jealous of her. This book makes me want to stand up and do something. Change something in my life. Get things done and do them by being awesome! I want more from this author.

    29. Absolution is a story of second chance love, betrayal, friendships, family, lies, deception and most importantly forgiveness. It captured me from the start, and was full of emotional angst as well as doses of suspense and most importantly (for me anyway) romance.Jack and Ally have been together for as long as anyone can remember, they are the odd couple who on paper don't make sense, but when you see them together, everything just magically fits together. They love each other beyond all reason a [...]

    30. Couldn't put it down! Brilliant book by Amanda Dick. Fantastic storyline and characters, in a book that I couldn't put down. I would happily highly recommend this book!

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