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The Mystery of Breathing

The Mystery of Breathing An impassioned and gifted neonatal physician Dr Maggie Clay fights for the lives of her newborn patients with a fierceness that has gained her the devotion of worried parents and sometimes the ire of

  • Title: The Mystery of Breathing
  • Author: Perri Klass
  • ISBN: 9780618562077
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • An impassioned and gifted neonatal physician, Dr Maggie Clay fights for the lives of her newborn patients with a fierceness that has gained her the devotion of worried parents and sometimes the ire of her colleagues Maggie is just shy of forty, and her career is on the rise she is on the verge of receiving a coveted promotion at a prestigious Boston research hospitaAn impassioned and gifted neonatal physician, Dr Maggie Clay fights for the lives of her newborn patients with a fierceness that has gained her the devotion of worried parents and sometimes the ire of her colleagues Maggie is just shy of forty, and her career is on the rise she is on the verge of receiving a coveted promotion at a prestigious Boston research hospital That is, until an anonymous hate campaign calls her credentials and her ethics into question, threatening to destroy her professional reputation Suspicion and doubt begin to shade all of her relationships, from her professional connections to her own blissful marriage Worst of all, the rumors surrounding her begin to shake her deepest sense of who she is Psychologically riveting, The Mystery of Breathing explores modern personal and ethical dilemmas in a story of one woman s struggle to mainatain her identity.

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    1 thought on “The Mystery of Breathing

    1. I chose this author because she's a fairly well-known knitter, as well as a doctor. Since I'm kind of familiar with her through articles and patterns she has designed, I thought it would be interesting. I actually loved the book! There is a lot of profane language--well a lot for me--but in spite of that distraction I found the look into the thoughts and feelings of the characters really intriguing. It was also an interesting glimpse into the medical world that didn't require a medical degree to [...]

    2. I hated this book. You think it's a mystery and then BAM! Three quarters thru you're suddenly in the perpetrator's head with no lead-up. Odd syntax. I just thought it was very poorly written. If I'm going to give up on a book I normally do it pretty early on but I got maybe 7/8 through this and just ditched it.

    3. I finished it. It wasent a painful read. BUT I definitely agree with the people who said the book went downhill somewhere in the middle. The end was unsatisfying, some of the characters were just overly annoying in a very unlikable way. I do believe it tackled sexism in a very real life and subtle way. The writing was decent. I didn't suffer through this but it took me a really long time to finish because I just wasn't so interested.

    4. Disjointed, weak plot, little action, unsatisfying conclusion. Haven't disliked a book this much in a while If I wasn't so determined I would have abandoned this book.

    5. This was the story of Maggie, a type A NICU doctor who comes under attack by a jealous colleague. The story was a quick read and interesting, but in the end, I didn't love the characters. It was fun however, to read about a Maggie and Dan, since my husband and I are a Maggie and Dan.

    6. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Most of the story takes place inside a hospital where I someday hope to work. While this was a fictional novel, I learned a lot of fun little trivia facts a long the way, such as that a fetus's skin is almost like a gel until 24 weeks. The author, Perri Klass, is herself a pediatrician and I like how she expressed her knowledge through Maggie, the main character. There was controversy in the book, like when the doctors were at a disagreement with what they sh [...]

    7. I was rather disappointed by this book, as I read a few of Klass' nonfiction books and had high expectations for this work of fiction. It wasn't a horrible book, but from an author I previously enjoyed, I was looking for more. The plot seemed weak, plodding along, and I felt like the resolution to the main conflict could have been better. That said, I suppose the resolution was probably closer to real life than most of the fiction books I read that have a tidy, if less than believable end.Klass' [...]

    8. This was okay. The plot was compelling enough to keep you interested and the character development rich enough but it was just missing something. prose? likeability? I like to like my main character. I respected her, I was along for the ride with her, but I didn't really like her. Funny, that was the point of the book -- lots of other characters didn't like her either. That was the driving force of the action -- someone not liking her so much he was trying to ruin her life. But it would have bee [...]

    9. The author of Mysteries of Breathing is a pediatrcian, whose columns and magazine articles I've sometimes run across and enjoyed. When I saw that she'd written a novel, I wanted to read it, and I'm glad I did. Howevever, Klass plays with the narrator, who is omniscient and not above judging the novel's protagonist, a woman pediatrician in a major city hospital who becomes the target of a smear campaign. For about the first third of the book, I wasn't sure how I would like it, but by the time I f [...]

    10. I've never read a book quite like this one, but I enjoyed it. This was a very quick read and more of a psychological study than a mystery. I understand the author is a pediatrician, which explains the many medical-specific descriptions which served to back up the real feel of this fiction rather than take away from it. Enjoyable overall, but I'm not certain I'd read another novel by this author.

    11. First, let me begin with the fact that it took me at least four months to read this. This was one of those books that you set aside to read something much more interesting, and pick it up every so often to read a few pages here and there.I finally forced myself to sit down and finish it so I could move on and I think that the last 30 pages were the worst of the book. I should have stopped where I was.Time to move on.

    12. This book was wholly unsatisfying. I rarely say that I wish I had not spent time reading a particular book, that I got nothing out of it, but this would be the exception. While the premise was promising, the story is all over the place. The writing is awkward, editing poor. Good concept turned bad.

    13. I liked it I think to like it you have to read it more as a novel then a suspense book.The heroine Maggie Claymore is a very dedicated neonatologist who is receiving threatening letters at work. This plot is not the best. However, it was interesting reading about Dr. Claymore, her life and her work.

    14. Although the book is fiction, the author is a pediatrician. Writes about Maggie Claymore, a specialist who works in the NICU in a hospital in Boston. Someone begins posting flyers around the hospital, saying that she is a fake and harms patients. Is a good mystery that is revealed in the middle of the book. I enjoyed learning about the NICU and also about the relationships between doctors.

    15. "When you stomp out on a domestic scene, leaving your sparring partner behind, shocked by your sudden and decisive action, what you really want, of course, is to hear the running feet behind you, to be chased and caught by a penitent and guilt-stricken fellow who has realized with sudden, drastic force as the door slammed behind you that you are the sweetest and most precious thing in his life."

    16. I read this book while I was working nights in the NICU, and it was very fitting. I really love working in the NICU, and this book shares some of that world with readers. It was an easy, fast-paced read and engrossing. I am such a sucker for people who can write well about medical experience. It makes me feel understood, or something.

    17. I don't care for books written in this tenseems like you are always expecting an event that never happens. I did get more interested in it for a while, as the mystery part began; but that didn't last. There were loose ends left, several sections didn't seem to have anything to do with the story, and the author wimped out on the ending.

    18. Though not much of a mystery this is quite a good tale. The main protagonist is a neonatal nurse and you learn a lot about care of premature infants. The title refers to the change in the way babies get oxygen when the become independent beings rather than "paracites" in their mother's body.

    19. I originally rated this a three, but the more I thought about it, I decided to change it to a two. It took me a while to get into it, and I'm not all that sure I ever did. And the end was unsatisfying. I guess I prefer my books all wrapped up and tidy with no loose ends sticking out.

    20. Story of female physician who works in the neonatal unit of a Boston hospital. Bumpy read in some place but smart and thoughtful. She works through a personal-professional crisis. I love workplace stories and enjoyed this one.

    21. This book could have been 4 stars until the end. I just felt like there were too many loose ends. I wanted more closure.

    22. A pediatrician writing about a neonatologist It made for a good read and a look into the NICU. A bit disjointed in parts but some good suspense.

    23. Started out well, but ended with a fizzle. Overall it was good, since I don't mind ambiguous endings. A woman neonatologist who is very successful and ambitious starts receiving anonymous hate mail.

    24. I was somewhat disappointed in the ending. The book was also extremely wordy. I liked it and appreciated the challenge but for that effort I expected a better ending.

    25. This book was ok. It was a somewhat compelling mystery, but seemed so far fetched to me. Some interesting observations about being a woman in medicine, but otherwise, not really worth the time.

    26. Interesting book for the glimpse of NICU care. The end didn't satisfy me, though--I like my loose ends tied up.

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