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Dream Boy

Dream Boy Nathan is a boy of secrets For him like many others first love is not easy But in a climate of domestic violence it might be the only thing to save him from the itinerant life of a dysfunctional fam

  • Title: Dream Boy
  • Author: Jim Grimsley
  • ISBN: 9780552996983
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nathan is a boy of secrets For him, like many others, first love is not easy But in a climate of domestic violence it might be the only thing to save him from the itinerant life of a dysfunctional family and the attentions of a drunken father.In a corner of the rural South blistering with hatred and petty meanness, Nathan must hide his love from his friends, church andNathan is a boy of secrets For him, like many others, first love is not easy But in a climate of domestic violence it might be the only thing to save him from the itinerant life of a dysfunctional family and the attentions of a drunken father.In a corner of the rural South blistering with hatred and petty meanness, Nathan must hide his love from his friends, church and family But there is still one secret which could destroy his fragile peaceDream Boy is an electrifying novel, in which adolescent love, violence and spirituality of old time religion are combined through the alchemy of Grimsley s vision into a powerfully suspenseful story of escape and redemption.

    • Unlimited [Humor and Comedy Book] ☆ Dream Boy - by Jim Grimsley ✓
      419 Jim Grimsley
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    1 thought on “Dream Boy

    1. Powerful silent imagery Grimsley uses the third person present to tell us this story. So even though we are getting Nathan's point of view, a distance is still created between us and him and him and his world. This distance mirrors the same distance that Nathan needs to be able to survive what he has been through. So with this writing tool Grimsley puts us in the picture by making us feel the distance, the silence, the invisibility, the loneliness, the wariness. The distrust Nathan feels is even [...]

    2. Some books don't deserve ratings. Not because they're just that bad, but because a number cannot encapsulate everything found within their bindings. Dream Boy, for me, is one of those books - what I liked about it is also what prevented me from loving it fully.First published over ten years ago at a succinct 195 pages, Dream Boy revolves around Nathan, a sophomore in high school who falls into a complex relationship with Roy, a senior. Nathan comes from a troubled home. His alcoholic father exem [...]

    3. Such a beautiful, deeply emotional, poignant and touching piece of prose! Jim Grimsley's writing. is magical. No more words, let the book talk to you. *** Smithnailed it.

    4. Jim Grimsley's wonderful book is conceived of facts and dreams.Its facts are disturbing and painful - Nathan's abusive father, Burke's violent acts, the brutality of the very environment surrounding Nathan and Roy - conjure up a setting where even the cracking of a floorboard or a light under a door could indicate the onset of violence and abuse. But there are also dreams in Nathan's small world: his encounters with Roy (despite Roy's demand that they remain a secret) are infused with tenderness [...]

    5. Such a brilliant gay fiction book. This was my first gay romance book or gay fiction book, whichever you prefer to call it. I fell in love with it the second I started reading it. It didn't take me very long to read it, because I couldn't put it down, but partly because it was very short, too. It was a very quick read. And I also read it on my 15th birthday, which isn't really relevant but anyway.Jim Grimsley did an amazing job with Nathan. He was a shy boy, but he had something inside. It was b [...]

    6. Dream Boy is a good beginnng for a novel. It's a decent outline. But aside from an intriguing writing style, this book fails if only because there is no ending. Actually, I felt extremely cheated and angry that the author would do such a thing. First he manipulates us ruthlessly and plays on our emotions and for what? To give us a book with no ending? Either suggested ending is an unbelieveably trite. The author should be ashamed of himself. Worn out plot, brutal enough to make reading difficult [...]

    7. Many thanks to Sofia for buddy reading this with me. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to read it on my own.This is a melancholy story, poignant, beautifully written but very disturbing. Even the teen gay romance within its pages could not redeem it from the darkness and the violence within it. Everything shimmered with the fragility of first love but shattered into pieces with the violence.And then the open endedness of the story did not allow for resolution and peace. Although I suppose we can [...]

    8. I am still under impression of this book. Since the moment I read the last page I have thought about it all the time. You will find a lot of reviews on this book here, both negative and positive. And I agree with both. As for me, I liked this book. Really liked. And you shouldn't believe reviewers that the book is worth of reading or it isn't. Just read it yourself and decide.(view spoiler)[ The only thing in this book that left me uncertain if I liked this part or if I didn't is the ending. I k [...]

    9. Wow, I don't know what to make of this. I heard about it on NPR; the commentator, a gay man, said he wished he had had this book when he was a teenager, because it would have told him he was not alone. That seemed a good reason to read it.Dream Boy follows Nathan, a bright, delicate 15-year-old-boy, as he falls into a dreamlike courtship with Roy, an older, popular boy at Nathan's new school. Though the sex never feels prurient, the novel is unrelentingly sexual. I started to wonder if there was [...]

    10. This was my third or fourth read of this magnificent book by Jim Grimsley. This is the book I return to when I want to be inspired to write better. This was my first reaction to Dream boy, in 2010, when I first read it:Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley. I read it in an hour and a half. The apartment could have been engulfed in fire. I couldn't care less. I only wanted his words. Only needed to turn the pages.It has been a very very long and lonely time since I've come across such a kindred soul. His wri [...]

    11. Dream Boy is a tender love story that is also sensual and violent. It is the story of two high school boys who fall in love. Roy and Nathan are neighbors and the attraction is immediate and profound. They are secretive and tentative about their relationship but it is intense and astonishing in its power.Roy and Nathan attend the same high school where Roy is a senior and Nathan is a sophomore. Nathan has just moved to the area. His family moves often because his father can't keep a job and drink [...]

    12. Dream Boy is haunting, in a "I have to re-read it or else it'll drive me crazy" way. But I'm pretty sure that rereading will not give me answers.It's also haunting because of the subject matter, the constant foreboding feeling and scenes that always stay on this side of gratifying and keep you pushing through the story./I'm not even sure if I liked it. The ending flipped my rating upside down. Because I suck at understanding surrealism and symbolism. I have so many ideas on this ending, but if I [...]

    13. This book was NOT okay.I repeat. NOT OKAY. Leave now because it has a number of Spoilers. Don't say I didn't warn you.First, I just want you to know I am a supporter of LGBT rights, and a proud shipper. LOl. I find everything about my ships and things I am fond appealing and beautiful. But this book ruined me, left me with mixed feelings, and a trauma of porn. Okay, let's start with the exposition, and the writing style was totally off. The writing style was like a compilation of RP messages. Se [...]

    14. There is something that renders me in awe, sometimes: there will be, occasionally, a book I will stumble upon, that will hit me with such strength that will threaten to shake everything that makes me. This book is one of those cases.I didn't really expect it to affect me so much; I guess I never imagined it would matter that much, it was supposed to be just another book I had been meaning to read for some time and only now I was getting myself to do it. I wish I had the words to explain in full [...]

    15. Just finished it and am trying to determine what I think. As an atheist bordering the agnostic I am not one for Bible-reading and hymn-singing and so forth. So I cannot read the ending in a religious context. But what remains then? If I say it is about love between Nathan and Roy, then I get the ending (even though it can be seen as over the top, too faitytale-ish or whatever). I get it nonetheless. I am highly disturbed by the whole plot because the writing gets to you. It seems to be clinical, [...]

    16. ***WARNING FOR SPOILERS***Ugh, this book kills. It's so beautiful, every single word is perfectly chosen, this isn't a novel it is a work of art!It starts out as more of a romance - and you do have to dig a little for stuff to like about Roy. The film comes into its own here, as Max Roeg does a great job of showing his vulnerability: the difficulty he has with his peers and trying to maintain his macho image. Also, Roy's love of ghost stories is total love ('this one's true, I swear it').The tra [...]

    17. It was a page turner! Creepy and sad once I have realised what is going on, growing resentful towards the 'mother' and murderous towards the father, but even though the feeling of doom was inevitable, I kept on hoping. And maybe, because I wanted a HEA for these two boys so much, I completely refused to believe in a bad ending. To me, a horrible part of it was a dream and when he woke up, Nathan has found his happiness. Brilliant writing! Once again, thank you, Sofia, for holding my hand and goi [...]

    18. It is one of the most achingly beautiful book I have ever read in awhile. It is a story of two high school boys who discover love for one another in the rural South. Mr. Grimsley writes with soul of a poet that when he describes the attraction between the two boys, it is so palpable, I can feel it seeps through the pages and fill the empty space around me. Then it moves into this haunting scenes, slowly reaches the tense climax. The ending is poignant yet triumphant. I feel like I have been livi [...]

    19. Dream Boy is LIVING POETRY.You can smell the air of the woods, the water of the creek, the character's clothes, and even their very breath.I highly recommend this masterpiece of a ghost tale. I've given it to friends more times than I can count.

    20. Grimsley's text is a masterpiece of style. The sparse, precise prose captures joy and fear, misery and anticipation, memory and future prospects with the same almost breathless cadence, leaving readers' hearts in their throats for just about the duration of the novel. The narrator hovers close to the characters, interpreting, foregrounding detail, charting thought processes. The narrative shows how people can find joy in each other, and also be destructive and cruel. Beauty and despair as poles [...]

    21. I didn't like this story at all. It deals with trauma, torture, incest and molestation. So not for me. I prefer romances.

    22. What the hell did I just read?I remember seeing the movie based on this book a few years ago. I didn’t recall much from the movie other than “a kid drives a school bus?” The story’s subject is dark and disturbing. Abusive alcoholic father and weak Jesus-loving mom, the perfect parents for Nathan. The first 80% of the book is setting the stage for the mysterious final 20%. I feel a bit shallow because I just didn’t “get it”. Just shy of 200 pages helps the story move along, but I st [...]

    23. This is the first time in a long time that I've had to actually stop a book before I've finished, so I'm not even sure why I'm putting this review up here, but mostly to clear up some things that I feel are important. I tried very hard to just keep charging through the book until it was done, but this book was just that bad. I don't understand how this won an award at all. First of all, everything about this novel is repetitive and boring. After the first time they meet, Nathan and Roy basically [...]

    24. For me, along with Marilyne Robinson's Housekeeping, this book is the most beautifully written, heartfelt I have ever read. My reaction was so similar to other reviewers who posted here, I don't know if I have anything new to add. However, I feel so strongly about this book that I am compelled to contribute my opinion anyway. I, too, read Dream Boy in one sitting and, upon finishing, felt bereft, devastated for days afterward. The book's power derives not merely from the fairly simple, straightf [...]

    25. This was assigned as one of my Gay Book Club books. It was interesting to read an older LGBT novel, but it lacked some pizazz that I think I'm accustom to in current LGBT lit. I enjoyed the main character, but the boy he was in love with seemed so moody and artificial that I got fed up with him right away and felt that the main character should just move on. However, young love and new love is always hard to be rational with in, so I can understand his attachment.I found the abuse the main chara [...]

    26. Stars: 2.5/5Overall:While this is a beautifully written story with several positive points, the ending really sours the entire story for me.What I likedWriting. The style is unique and moving, feeling abstract and distant in many cases, which works to illustrate how the main character has become closed off (although the writing style doesn't change as he opens up.Abuse. The main character's relationship with his father is handled well. The fear is palpable without showing any actual abuse being [...]

    27. Two teenage boys fall in love in old rural conservative America (well, "old", not sure it's much different now from what I hear).The "falling in love" part is very well done: the little looks, the shortness of breath, the redness of cheeks and neck and the first touches. There are sex scenes, but they are not gratuitous and not very explicit anyway. There is a rape scene though that made me want to throw up, so be warned. The climax felt rushed to me but the beauty of the prose makes up for that [...]

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