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Payback and a Bottle of Merlot

Payback and a Bottle of Merlot Mia James almost had it all At thirty she was a successful photographer with the craziest but most loyal friends in the world and a wonderful life in a picturesque village The only things missing wer

  • Title: Payback and a Bottle of Merlot
  • Author: Bria Marche
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mia James almost had it all At thirty, she was a successful photographer with the craziest but most loyal friends in the world and a wonderful life in a picturesque village The only things missing were a husband and a brood of kids Love happens when you least expect it, her mom always said An appointment to show her photography portfolio brought her front and center wiMia James almost had it all At thirty, she was a successful photographer with the craziest but most loyal friends in the world and a wonderful life in a picturesque village The only things missing were a husband and a brood of kids Love happens when you least expect it, her mom always said An appointment to show her photography portfolio brought her front and center with Jack Barnes, a gorgeous, successful Manhattan businessman Mia was smitten, and they married less than a year later Unfortunately, the marital bliss she craved never showed up Jack, the controlling absentee husband, had a secret someone else was occupying his mind and bed Mia had no idea until a chance sighting revealed the real Jack with his mystery woman Payback was definitely in order and way overdue With a little help from her friends and a lot of Merlot, Mia was on a mission to take Jack down With hilarious speed bumps, hiccups, and crazy calamities along the way, Mia s ridiculous plot for payback turned into a chance for unexpected friendships and real love.Payback and a Bottle of Merlot, Book One, in the Like Sisters series, is a romantic comedy novel that will appeal to fans of chick lit, women s fiction and humorous books Like Sisters is a laugh out loud series of best friends, hot guys and the right amount of steam to have you anxiously waiting for the next book.Note There are no cliffhangers in this series, but since the characters carry over, the books are best read in sequence.Like Sisters Romantic Comedy Series 1 Payback and a Bottle of Merlot 2 Insecurity and a Bottle of Merlot 3 Destiny and a Bottle of Merlot 4 Intrigue and a Bottle of Merlot 5 Desire and a Bottle of Merlot Like Sisters Categories Chick Lit NovelsChick Lit SeriesChick Lit ComedyRomantic Comedy NovelsRomantic Comedy SeriesWomen s Fiction Comedy Novels

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      498 Bria Marche
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    1 thought on “Payback and a Bottle of Merlot

    1. Cheesy Payback and a bottle of vodka pleaseI'm not sure how to begin. "Thank God it was free?" This book is purely fairy tale and only happens when a woman fantasized about changing her life. The relationship with Aaron was a complete farce. I wanted to skip over their dialogue because it was like listening to high schoolers flirt.Reggie the dog pops up out of no where and apparently, he isn't a toy poodle like I imagined. Still not sure what kind of dog he isHooking up with a hot camp counsello [...]

    2. I found this book very far-fetched and juvenile. It was poorly written and did not really have a natural flow to it. The story was also dragged out and might have been better if it was a short novella. With that being said, it was actually an entertainingly funny read. The overall concept was intriguing and was a great story on how women scorned can be vengeful. The plot is also very similar to the movie, The Other Woman

    3. This book was AWFUL. It was poorly written, and I swear, if I saw the word "moaned" or "shaft" one more time, I was going to scream! By the end, I was just laughing my head off at the romantic scenes. I am usually a lover of any book with a dog in it, but poor Reggie was just an afterthought. "Oh yeah, time to walk the dog." (Spoiler aheadbut not really because it's pretty obvious) Mia and her friends are petty and bizarre, and how realistic is it for you to become immediate and fast friends wit [...]

    4. Published: 14/12/2014Author: Bria MarcheRecommended for: fans of 'chick lit'Edition: KindleI found this novel on the Kindle Store for free and so I thought that I would give it a try. This novel is a lighthearted and fun story to read, it isn't serious and has a few funny moments in it. The main character Mia is very well developed and described in this book (which can be read as a stand alone book) and her group of friends are all very likeable and relateable. It is a rather girly book, which d [...]

    5. Man these free Kindle reads are not that great - but they're free and quick and easy and great to fill in between runs to the library. Once again this one had some glaring grammatical/word use errors. Had a decent premise (who doesn't like a revenge story?) but a bit overdone - especially the Aaron storyline.

    6. Oh no. OH NO, was this bad. How bad, you ask? So, impossibly bad.Mia's shitty husband is verbally and emotionally abusive, a liar, a cheater, and very secretive, and all her friends and family hate him (there is no good explanation for why she married him, or why he married her). I expected a cute girl power book where Mia tells the other woman that Jack is a jerk and a liar and they tell him to fuck off. Instead, Mia and her horrible friends team up with Jack's ex-wife to concoct a cruel and el [...]

    7. Payback and a bottle of Merlot.The book was free. Thank you. Full credit for writing the book. Would have been good chicklit at half the word count and sharper tighter scenarios. Needs proof reader.The Merlot and Reggie the dog were the heroes. Of course the Merlot was non alcoholic, not (with all the drinking and driving)Reggie gets a Kindle Oscar 'for dog with the strongest bladder' and as for the heroine, Mia, to her goes a shovel to remove the . for me, I could not write a book, so well done [...]

    8. Meet Mia. She's a beautiful blonde who is married to a jerk named Jack. He's constantly spending the night in the city (without her). He doesn't care about her friends. He really doesn't seem to care about her at all. He's supposed to have split custody with his ex-wife, but Mia has never even MET his daughter that he goes into the city to see all the time.Fast forward to the moment that Mia discovers the reason Jack is always gone late at night. He's got a hot mystery model that he's giving a L [...]

    9. This is a fun story about Mia finding out her husband is cheating. Hard to believe but it really is humorous. I loved the way she decided to get payback before divorcing him. Mia calls in her two friends, Vic and Tina, to help with her plan. It gets even better when she pulls in his ex-wife and even his mistress!Some of the things these women think of doing to Jack the Jerk (Mia's husband) are hilarious. Of course they have wine while meeting to hash out the details of plan. What would a meeting [...]

    10. I didn't absolutely hate this book but I also didn't love it. It was written with short disjointed sentences and some things were added in unnecessary. I also thought the plot was kind of ridiculous. It was unrealistic and felt like forced. Story of a woman who is unhappy in her marriage and seeks to "destroy" her husband. Tells of her friends and their support and assistance in an elaborate (and unrealistic) plot to bring him down. If I was one of those who was able to stop reading a book once [...]

    11. An inbetween bookWhen I've read a really good book, the characters or story stays with me. I'm not ready for a similar read, so choose something lighter; entirely different. This was my inbetween book. It was shallow, incredulous and peppered with unbelievable characters, especially Mia, the for want of a better word, heroine. The male lead was drawn as duplicitous and totally without morals, yet his company and colleagues are unaware of this. Again, unbelievable. I won't be following the furthe [...]

    12. This was a nice wast Kindle read and while I did enjoy reading it, it was a bit far fetched so much that I couldn't get into the story line as much as I wanted to. The characters were semi developed, which made it difficult to relate to them at all, and the author glossed over the complexities of the relationship we were watching end. Aside from the friendships, all romantic relationships lacked any realistic characteristics. But for an entertaining read on the train, it kept my attention.

    13. An easy and fun read. Nothing complicated or serious. I liked the main characters, I liked the story moving along quickly and the light descriptions seemed to work. It was not a deep book in any way but that was fine. I would recommend this as an in between read or something to read when life is a bit busy.

    14. I think it was a good thought to think but not to write. It was very passive-aggressive, somewhat immature, there was cheating both ways and way too much alcohol. I was seriously with her mom, she needed an intervention because that is what seemed to make her world revolve. I am not a prude by any means but I am disappointed in myself that I finished the book because of all of the above.

    15. Putting aside personal morals, I thought this was a GOOD chick book. As vindictive as I want to be I loved how the lady characters got even. I felt the end was rushed though, minus one star. I am interested in the series.

    16. Urgh. This book is awful. The female protagonist has these monologues all over the place but you don't know if she's thinking them or constantly talking to herself because the author never bothers to tell you. What a twist! The writing is juvenile at best. I hated it.

    17. Revenge chick litLoved how the main character grew and overcame a bad relationship, with a huge side of revenge. I felt the end of the book was rushed though it was still a great book.

    18. Blah. I really wanted to like this but everything felt forced. The conversations sounded robotic and the main character was the worst of all of them. Then Mia made some poor choices making it even worse. Very unimpressed!

    19. Cute fun and excitingThis story was a fun beach read. It was like a revenge story fairy tale mix. Everything fell together perfectly. Exactly how you want it to from the beginning and it is sweet.

    20. Quiet possibly the worst book I have Ever read. Shocking how bad it is. But no matter how bad a book is I make myself finish it and this was torture

    21. KarmaWonderful! Get the arrogant, selfish animal. Sisters sticking together opposed to going after one another. We need more stories like this

    22. It had a fun plot at the start and became a little muddled as it continued. The end was a little forced.

    23. Fast read of what I categorize as "garbage books" - not for you if you are looking for anything beyond mindless entertainment

    24. Review Great story!!! It's the ultimate screw you im better the your treatment of me book. I can't wait to get book number two.

    25. Sister GirlsFrom the beginning to the end I was hooked. A great story line. I finished it rather quick so I'm off to book two!!

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