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The Bride Gift

The Bride Gift in the period dubbed The Anarchy King Stephen and Empress Maud are not the only ones embroiled in a fierce battle of the sexes Determined to control her own destiny wilful Helena of Lystanwol

  • Title: The Bride Gift
  • Author: Sarah Hegger
  • ISBN: 9781619356498
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1153, in the period dubbed The Anarchy , King Stephen and Empress Maud are not the only ones embroiled in a fierce battle of the sexes Determined to control her own destiny, wilful Helena of Lystanwold has chosen just the husband to suit her purposes But when her banished guardian uncle attempts to secure her future and climbs through her bedroom window with a new husba1153, in the period dubbed The Anarchy , King Stephen and Empress Maud are not the only ones embroiled in a fierce battle of the sexes Determined to control her own destiny, wilful Helena of Lystanwold has chosen just the husband to suit her purposes But when her banished guardian uncle attempts to secure her future and climbs through her bedroom window with a new husband by a proxy marriage, she understandably balks Notorious warrior Guy of Helston is everything Helena swore she would never marry a man who lives by the sword This marriage finally brings Guy close to his lifetime dream of gaining lands and a title He is not about to let his feisty bride stand in his way A master strategist, Guy sets out to woo and conquer his lady Against a backdrop of vengeance, war, and betrayal, Guy and Helena must learn to forge a united front or risk losing everything.

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      261 Sarah Hegger
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    1 thought on “The Bride Gift

    1. I saw this book listed as "to read" on someone else's list on and thought it must be a great clean romance, or they wouldn't have listed it. I was wrong. Part of me wants to give this 4 stars and yet this book is not clean and the lower rating is a warning to my friends and family. It has interesting characters and an intriguing story line but I really could live without all of the bedroom scenes. I will be deleting this book from my library. So, for all others to read this review, you will hav [...]

    2. A good readA good readIt's a well written book with well-rounded characters. The book will grab your attention and not let go. The history is accurate except for 1 minor detail which the author apologizes for at the end in the author's note. I am surprised this book had no ratings at the time I read and wrote this one.

    3. On the plus side, the storyline is refreshing and the time period is new to me, as most of my historical romance reads are either regency or Victorian. The downside is that I didn’t like any of the characters, with Helena in particular grating on my nerves. I know that writing "strong female leads" is all the rage these days, but here we just have stubbornness paired with stupidity. As for Rosalind ugh.

    4. I had the pleasure of devouring this little medieval morsel and wow… I am so excited to tell you all about it.I’ve been reading historical novels for a long time. Medieval times are one of my very favorite types to read, especially when there are strong spunky heroines. In those times, I think you’d have to have a pretty strong backbone as a woman just to survive. I can’t imagine it any other way. Plus, they are so fun to read!Helena is one of these women. She had my heart from scene one [...]

    5. An Unwanted Marriage Turns to LoveSet in England in 1153, this is the story of Helena of Lystanwold, whose uncle has fallen out with King Stephen and fled England, leaving his castle and his niece to Guy of Helston. We are led to believe Helena’s uncle somehow managed to marry her to Guy before Guy arrives. Helena (“called “Nell”) is not happy as she already had a man picked out, one she can manipulate, whereas Guy, a warrior, is the “Scourge of Farringdon”.Guy goes about his new dut [...]

    6. I really dislike stupid womenOr men for that matter. The female protagonist of this early medieval piece is Helena, a 22 year woman who is willfully and ridiculously head strong and hot tempered. So much so in fact that she endangers herself and others multiple times in the 72% of the novel that I read before I got disgusted and quit. The aggravating part is that she knows this about herself but continues to act childishly throughout the novel. It's not that she doesn't have some legitimate comp [...]

    7. JESU.This is the first medieval story I've read (since history class in high school that is) - I cannot begin to explain how well written and thought out this story is! I will try not to list any spoilers here. Helena is a strong, stubborn, passionate woman, proving capable of not only taking care of herself, but everyone she loves at Lystanwold. Guy is - he is fantastic. From the moment he climbs into Helena's bedroom with her uncle and she says 'Who are you?' only to be answered with 'He's you [...]

    8. A fairly straightforward historical romance set during the wars between Stephen Empress Maude. Helena of Lystanwold is married by proxy to Guy of Helston. They didn’t even meet until after the wedding day Guy’s motive is to possess Lystanwold, (which he does once he’s married to Helena). Helena’s uncle’s motive in pushing for the proxy wedding is to give Helena protection from the grasping, cruel Ranulf, near neighbour with his beady eye on Lystanwold and the earldom.Yeah, OK it’s no [...]

    9. If you are a fan of The Wolf and the Dove, you will enjoy this book by Sarah Hegger. Wulfgar's part is played by Guy, Aislinn is Helena, and there are even similar protagonists: the wimpy ex-fiancee, the vampy ex-mistress, and the dastardly foe. This book is shorter, so it has fewer minor plots and less emphasis on description, but the feel of the medieval era comes through very well. It is set in 1153, just as Empress Matilda (Maude) is trying to wrest control of England from King Stephan. Shif [...]

    10. I don't think I've picked up a romance set in medieval times since my last pass through Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series. Sarah Hegger's, The Bride Gift, got me back in the grove quite nicely. In fact, this book reminded me a lot of those older KMM books. Spunky heroine--check. Hot, wise hero--check. Damn good story and solid characters--check and check.Super solid debut! And I hear she's got a lot more coming out soon. I'll be sure to pick those up too.

    11. Great Read I say, if you like stubborn, spoiled, loving females with a lot of big, tall handsome knight,. that knows how to love a woman, this is a very good start to drool over.But truly, this is a very good read. I had a hard ti.e putting this book down.

    12. Loved this bookThis book actually has a story. This isn't just a bodice ripper.I enjoyed this book and I will look for Sarah Begged books again.

    13. It's wasn't executed well, unfortunately. The dialog was offdern phrases modified with a few old sounding words. Like "Oh, be silent" to replace "oh, be quiet." The plot is good, the setting seemed realistically historical enough, and I liked the heroine expect for the fact that she acted way too immature at 22, especially for that time period. She always seems to be throwing a tantrum instead of worrying about her subjects. She could have been a good character. She's feminine but still trying t [...]

    14. Set in th 1100s in England, this is a tale of the time when Queen Maud of Scotland was challenging King Stephen's claim to the thorne of England. The story begins with Roger, Eral of Lystanwald, exiled by King Stephen, sneaking into his own keep and waking his heir, his niece, Helena, to tell he that (1) he is exiled and (2) that he executed her marriage to Guy of Helston, aka "The Scourge of Helston." Roger is trying to protect Helena and his people from Ranulf, and evil earl in a neighboring e [...]

    15. The storyline is intriguing, and as a history major I really find the historical period interesting. However, the history as written here isn't all that well taken into account and really has little to do with the storyline as written. It's mostly a story about a (way too overly) stubborn and willful young woman and the (we are told many times) very tough guy Guy she is wed to for her protection. It made me crazy that she didn't just work with him to save her keep and keep the villain out of the [...]

    16. Fast paced and well written Most of the characters were well-developed and interesting. There were places where the story line was a bit contrived, however, with people taking actions that seemed a bit forced, and with out-of-the-blue plot turns, especially at the end. (Spoiler alert: don't read any further if you care.) E.G. Who knew Henry was missing? And how likely is it that Guy would have recognized him from having been in a battle against him? Isn't war a bit too chaotic for checking out f [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book. I love historical romances and this is at the top of my list. It has a unwanted marriage (on the bride's part), which leads to trouble. Leave it to her uncle to know what is good for her. Helena is willful and refuses to accept her husband. Guy is a war harden knight longing for a home. The two make a very interesting pair. But of course, there is a happy ending.

    18. Delightful storyI loved this story. Strong, believable characters and the kind of man every women wants and deserves. Loved that neither of them could be pushed around or weak in the mind. Story line grew and finished nicely. Fun read with glass of wine and open mind to fairytale love.

    19. Delightful story.Strong independent women put in shocking circumstances by an uncle whom loved her. He knew she needed a very strong good man to take care of her. Which he did but it took time for his feisty wife to realize it. This story has well developed characters , great plot and overall enjoyable read.

    20. What a surprising find!There are a couple times in the book where the heroine turned stupid to fit the plot and a few times where I knew too much about medieval history to believe the characters, but the book pulled me in.

    21. I enjoyed this story even though Helena couldn't seem to get out of her own way she was so headstrong that it is a wonder she wasn't killed in the very beginning. I gave it five stars because I love these kind of stories but I wish she would have listened at least once in a while.

    22. A well~written fun Adventure complete with knights, castles, damsels in distress, a king, a kidnapped prince, a traitorous relative (victim of his own homosexuality), and a dastardly villain. I thank the author for a few hours of entertainment and escape. That was one Thrill of a ride.

    23. One of the bestWhat a great story I really enjoy this book it has every think a good book should have I could not put it down until I had finish it I would highly recommended it to all love a good read

    24. Started off goodIt was alright, I got bored half way in.I wish the author didn't use such cheesy words sometimes, especially during sex scenes. Milky? Also told us how tough and rough he was a few to many times.

    25. AwesomeI really enjoyed this book! It is a well-written story in my opinion. Guy and Nell are perfect for each other. I saw no editing errors. I don't want to give any of the story away, and I do recommend reading it. Very enjoyable story!

    26. I really love this book!A real page-turner with a swoony-worth hero! I love reading this book and It got me from the very beginning! The writing style is very good and the love story unfolded in an amazing way! I truly recommend this book!

    27. This was probably one of the best medieval romances I have read in a long time. I really loved it! I laughed and cried and just enjoyed it!

    28. Interesting tale.Period romance tale with enough plots and misunderstanding to make you wonder who would win. Great light summers reading material.

    29. Excellent story. The author describes emotions, like anger, so well, I think my own blood pressure went up! Loved it!

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