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Undersea Gabriel Braven now believes his destiny is with his beloved Mer Prince Casillus Nerion but he cannot quite imagine a life under the waves and leaving his best friend Corey and Grandma G behind on lan

  • Title: Undersea
  • Author: X. Aratare
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gabriel Braven now believes his destiny is with his beloved Mer Prince Casillus Nerion, but he cannot quite imagine a life under the waves and leaving his best friend Corey and Grandma G behind on land.Through their psychic bond, Casillus lets Gabriel experience the wonders of the Mer capital city of Emralis from the home of his ancestor Aemrys Liseas to the Mer palace BuGabriel Braven now believes his destiny is with his beloved Mer Prince Casillus Nerion, but he cannot quite imagine a life under the waves and leaving his best friend Corey and Grandma G behind on land.Through their psychic bond, Casillus lets Gabriel experience the wonders of the Mer capital city of Emralis from the home of his ancestor Aemrys Liseas to the Mer palace But even in the midst of all this love and beauty, Gabriel s nature as a Caller draws darkness to them.Cthulhu, the alien entity whose presence means destruction and madness for the human race, warns Gabriel that Johnson Tims will stop at nothing to expose the Mers existence and something must be done about him.

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    • Free Read [Religion Book] ↠ Undersea - by X. Aratare ✓
      128 X. Aratare
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    1 thought on “Undersea

    1. I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that Cthulhu is a thing in this book, I'll always just think it's too ridiculous. And it is really starting to overshadow the parts of this book that I think are cool (the characters, Mer lore, the actual romance). I feel like there is more potential for these individual details but it's all taking this weird backseat to something that bothers me so much. I'd have probably stopped after book three if I wasn't so excited after the first book and bought th [...]

    2. Story still going strong, I suppose because they're novella's it's flying by. It's a mermen YA/UF and it's OK

    3. Fantastic! Such a good read! Every word I'm more involved in each character and I don't even much mind Gabriel and Cassilus falling in love so quickly. The Mers world has been fleshed out nicely and I love the description of the city, getting right down into the bridges on the buildings. I find that I just can't wait to read what comes next! Just one niggling constant annoyance though. This is a continuous series- five books, one story. If you are reading book three, you've probably read books o [...]

    4. OK, I'm over $30 in to this audio book and it STILL is not finished. My review is -- don't start this book. It is not a series but one long dragged out story in at least five novellas; hard to tell as only four are listed on at this time. I thought this was the last one; the end of the story, but it is NOT!!! This is not a good value and I am done spending money on it.

    5. Actual rating is probably more around 3.5 Stars, but I'm rounding up.After reading that ending, I have only one thing to stay:WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYASDFGHJKLLJJGFCJFUFUFYDTVJVFD where is the next book already?????? We need it NOW.

    6. One more book and I’ll have finished the series. I want to know the ending but I don’t want it to finish. Such a typical reaction when I’m enjoying a story. There is an error but I’m not going to mention it as I don’t want to ruin the story but, for me, it’s an obvious error. Other than that, I am so loving this series.

    7. Would recommendAnother exciting book in the series. I was really surprised the direction the plot has went but I enjoyed it. Will be buying the next in the series.

    8. Gabriel Braven has finally come to terms with the fact that he is Mer, though he is still having trouble with the fact he will have to leave his best friend and his Grandmother behind on dry land to complete the transition. Having finally accepted his destiny he is also letting down his guard with Casillus and the bond between them is only growing stronger. Casillus takes Gabriel deeper into the water than they’ve ventured thus far and surprises him with a glimpse of their home and they finall [...]

    9. This is the last book I have until the next audio comes out, and right now, I'm really thinking of just buying the ebook. I really hope this author will put all of these books together in a print anthology. I'd love to have that on my shelf to keep coming back to this again and again.Cassillius has finally gotten Gabriel into the water after another bout of breathing trouble. They agree to stay along the shallows so that Gabriel can get used to his new surroundings, and while he's enjoying swimm [...]

    10. This fourth, and penultimate instalment in X. Aratare's merman series does not disappoint. My only issue is its too short and ends on one heck of a cliff hanger - so have volume 5 on hand! Gabriel has to get over his fear of the water because in two days he will die unless he goes into the sea. His merman lover Prince Casillus is doing everything he can to help, but Cthulhu awaits in the depths as well as paradise. Miskatonik professor Johnson Timms is hovering in the background with a plan to f [...]

    11. I really enjoyed these books. I just read through all of them because come on you can't leave me with a cliff hanger and I just have to know what happens. Also I love mermaid transformations so I was very excited to read this. Strangely, I was alright with the insta-love storyline, maybe because Gabe doesn't accept it at first, but it didn't feel forced. One of the other things I really enjoyed about this book was Gabe's flaws, specifically his ptsd when it comes to the ocean he will have to liv [...]

    12. These are my personal feelings for this book and series. In this book Gabriel starts to understand more about his special gift. Though that gift keeps him in contact with a very dark entity he does not want to remember. He also starts to realize that he has some mental thoughts and senses about his best friend and what others are thinking. His gift is keening in more as a Caller. The relationship between Casillus and Gabriel is sweet and precious and Gabriel gets a peek at the city he will be li [...]

    13. Undersea is the fourth addition to this cool series about sexy mermen. We finally get to see the underwater world of Emralis and more steamy romance between Gabriel and Cassillus. Gabriel is unusual, even for a Mer. As a rare Caller, he has the ability to speak mind to mind with others and summon some big dangerous creature. The story is definitely coming together well and I can't wait for the next one!

    14. Loved it loved it want moreOmg,to cut out where this book did was just cruel. Yet effective because I really want the next book(to bad amazon won't sell it). I believe it would sell very well. Very very well written, it sucks you in and won't let go. Hoping you've read the other books, you will most definitely want this one as well. Well worth every penny spent. I really really want more

    15. omg!this is so unfair why does it have to finish like this!big cliffhanger like that!this is amazing tho and everything is coming together!am happy tho that Gabriel has over come his difficulties,even through now an even bigger one is in front of them!oh! I can't wait for the next book to come out! o(*0*)o

    16. Good ReadI also enjoyed this book in the Gay Merman Romance series. I'm going to start reading number 5 in a little while. Good Read

    17. Can't wait for the final installmentis has turned out to be a very intriguing series The bond of the MC's is strong and believable And I can't wait to see how everything plays out!!

    18. This was an absolutely amazing continuation in the series. Honestly is my fav yet. it's poetic and beautifuleamy with an amazing live making scene. And the magic is awsome

    19. another great book with a captivating story! This is a nice read since there are sexual themes scattered in the story, but they don't take away from the story or revolve around it.

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