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Mischief Horrormeister Douglas Clegg tones down the gore and ratchets up the suspense in his latest nightmarescape Mischief This time out Clegg chooses a setting ripe with explosive potential Harrow Academy

  • Title: Mischief
  • Author: Douglas Clegg
  • ISBN: 9780843947663
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Horrormeister Douglas Clegg tones down the gore and ratchets up the suspense in his latest nightmarescape, Mischief This time out, Clegg chooses a setting ripe with explosive potential Harrow Academy, a private boy s school located inside in old, haunted mansion Yet ghosts are only part of the problem in this tale of tragedy, psychological manipulation, and horror YounHorrormeister Douglas Clegg tones down the gore and ratchets up the suspense in his latest nightmarescape, Mischief This time out, Clegg chooses a setting ripe with explosive potential Harrow Academy, a private boy s school located inside in old, haunted mansion Yet ghosts are only part of the problem in this tale of tragedy, psychological manipulation, and horror Young Jim Hook is spending his first year at Harrow Academy, a prestigious private school for boys located along the Hudson River in upstate New York Jim s older brother, Stephen, also attended Harrow, though he never finished, having died in a tragic car accident along with Jim s father not long ago On the eve of their deaths, Jim was visited by the ghost of his just deceased brother, as well as something else something that tried to come through from the other side but didn t quite make it Or did it Now that only he and his mother are left, Jim is determined to follow in his brother s overachieving footsteps and graduate from Harrow Academy The honor code at Harrow is considered inviolable and transgressions are generally met with expulsion, so when Jim is caught cheating on an exam, his future at the school looks grim A trial is set but before it happens, Jim is approached by a mysterious group of students who are all part of a secret cabal called the Cadaver Society They want to induct Jim into the group, promising in return that he will not suffer for his violation of the honor code At first, Jim is skeptical, but then things happen horrible things that suggest the group is very real and frighteningly powerful The hazing process he endures at the hands of the Cadavers nearly pushes him over the edge But there is something else at Harrow, something far powerful and terrifying than this human cabal It is something that needs Jim, wants Jim, and will do anything to get him With Mischief, Clegg proves himself a master of both psychological suspense and otherworldly horror, digging deep into the darkest corners of the mind and often letting subtle suggestion and clever inferences create the terror This is intelligent, satisfying fiction a lively and unforgettable tale that manages to horrify and delight all at once Beth Amos Beth Amos is the author of several novels, including Second Sight, Eyes of Night, and Cold White Fury.

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      267 Douglas Clegg
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    1 thought on “Mischief

    1. I feel like I wasted my time reading this. It had a teen feel to it. The writing was overly simplistic. The characters were thin. The dialogue was sketchy. To sum it up, it was unrealistic and unsatisfying. Not for me.

    2. First published back in 2000, Douglas Clegg's novel `Mischief' is the first release within the `Harrow Academy' series of books. Set within a private school for boys named `Harrow Academy', Clegg tells the tale of a young first grader named Jim Hook who finds himself becoming thrust into a secret and potentially dangerous society after being found cheating on a history test. The novel throws in supernatural twists and lays down thick slabs of suspense throughout, bringing about an enjoyable nove [...]

    3. Read a while back but recently came upon some related books in this genre/series by Douglas Clegg that led me back to this one. Actually this was the first book to refer to the Harrow House. Nightmare House (written in 2002) was actually the third book (chronologically speaking) on Harrow House but because it gives the backstory it's considered (by most) as the first. After reading Mischief, one can understand the reason for the latter. Still; all and all not a bad read. Recommend to those of th [...]

    4. Douglas Clegg is another writer who (like Jack Ketchum) has managed to go under my radar over the past couple of years. Recently, however, his presence seems to be felt everywhere I look: social networking sites, web-presences that deal exclusively in the realm of dark fiction, and of course having his titles pop out with ever-increasing dexterity in bookshops and bargain bins displayed out the front. And (like Ketchum), seems to be one of those writers who is still sculpting a stellar reputatio [...]

    5. This review will be a lot shorter than my others, and my apologies to the author should he be reading this. It’s no reflection on the book, more my own personal life, as having just moved house I haven’t really had access to the computer and definitely no access to the internet. It’s been about two weeks since I finished Mischief, by Douglas Clegg.Jim Hook is a fifteen year old boy from a suddenly poor family, out of place in the prestigious all-boys Harrow Academy (yes! It’s Harrow!). H [...]

    6. Horror expansions begin Rose: I've read the first title on my horror expansion list, and it was a corker. Douglas Clegg never fails to bring the fear, and this prequel to the Harrow House series was hallucinatorily terrifying. It's must-read if you are fascinated by cults, Magick, and the idea of esoteric knowledges. Caveat: if you do not enjoy sexual horror, this book is not for you. At all. Harrow House: prequels:The NecromancerIsis 1. Nightmare House2. Mischief3. The Infinite4. The Abando [...]

    7. 3.5 STARSI started this book before bed, planning to read myself to sleep. I wound up staying awake nearly all day and reading more than three quarters of it before dozing off. So, needless to say, I really enjoyed reading MISCHIEF. However, at the end I felt like there was something missing, and several things I didn't really understand. I wonder if that would be different, had I read the first book in the Harrow House series; this is the second. I liked this enough, though, that I've added the [...]

    8. Well, this one is not Nightmare House What a shame. Too many boobs and sexual references for me. Not enough action or meaty story line. Why? it so very much bothered me. really. so the last 2 chapters were exciting and close to Nightmare House. 1/8 of this book was actual move forward story. Leaving 7/8 to tell mishmash stupid details of farts or sexual crap.

    9. I loved the premise of Mischief and had high hopes for it, but I was totally disappointed in the end. There's a lot of build up and tension to what seems to be an explosive climax, but that never happens. It really fizzles out, and I left feeling very unsatisfied. I've tried another one of Clegg's novels, and I think he may just not be for me.

    10. I really loved the other Harrow books and this one was good as well but it seemed to end kind of abruptly. The story was pretty good overall and as always Douglas Clegg is a very good writer. I guess what made me give it such a low rating was that the evil around Jim had more to do with people and less to do with the house than it should have.

    11. This was not one of my favourite Douglas Clegg books. I didn't find it scary at all. Then again, books about hauntings tend to bore me. And it reminded me somewhat if the Skull and Crossbones Society that I have read about. I also found that it wound up too quickly. Not that I like long and drawn out endings, but it could have been spun out a bit more.

    12. This had some decent suspense and atmosphere. But, with the two/three times of repeating an incident and the 15 year old protaganist, had the feel of a YA novel. With the F-Bombs, I know it wasn't intended to be, but I felt I would have really enjoyed this in junior high or high school.

    13. kept me interested but disappointing ending. All these complex characters were introduced but I didn't feel they were ever really used to their full potential. Sometimes this will leave me wanting for more but in this particular book it was just disappointing.

    14. The sequel to Nightmare House, and a much better book. More in depth, more developed, a great creepy setting. My only problem was the ending, which was kind of confusing.

    15. This is the first Clegg book I ever read. It's engrossing, addictive, and will leave you wanting more. I've been hooked on Clegg's fiction ever since.

    16. Oddly familiar, did I read this once before? Starts off almost pedantic then builds with a relentless pace to plunge over the edge.

    17. Douglas Clegg is another favorite of mine. This is one of the Harrow House books, and very enjoyable. Another fast read, finished it in a day.

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