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Racing the Sun

Racing the Sun From the USA TODAY bestselling author of Where Sea Meets Sky comes a new adult novel about a young woman who becomes a nanny in Capri and falls for her charges bad boy brother It s time for twenty fou

  • Title: Racing the Sun
  • Author: Karina Halle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the USA TODAY bestselling author of Where Sea Meets Sky comes a new adult novel about a young woman who becomes a nanny in Capri and falls for her charges bad boy brother.It s time for twenty four year old Amber MacLean to face the music After a frivolous six months of backpacking through New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia, she finds herself broke on the MedFrom the USA TODAY bestselling author of Where Sea Meets Sky comes a new adult novel about a young woman who becomes a nanny in Capri and falls for her charges bad boy brother.It s time for twenty four year old Amber MacLean to face the music After a frivolous six months of backpacking through New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia, she finds herself broke on the Mediterranean without enough money for a plane ticket home to California There are worse places to be stuck than the gorgeous coastline of southern Italy, but the only job she manages to secure involves teaching English to two of the brattiest children she s ever met.It doesn t help that the children are under the care of their brooding older brother, Italian ex motorcycle racer Desiderio Larosa Darkly handsome and oh so mysterious, Derio tests Amber s patience and will at every turn not to mention her hormones.But when her position as teacher turns into one as full time nanny at the crumbling old villa, Amber finds herself growing closer to the enigmatic recluse and soon has to choose between the safety of her life back in the States and the uncertainty of Derio s closely guarded heart.

    • ↠ Racing the Sun || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ Karina Halle
      318 Karina Halle
    • thumbnail Title: ↠ Racing the Sun || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ Karina Halle
      Posted by:Karina Halle
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    1. LIVE - amzn/1RpEuBYOh La La!!! I'm going to Italy with this book. My bags are packed, my passport is up-to-date, and I’m heading to the nearest airport. The only thing holding me back from becoming a world traveler is I hate to fly - otherwise I’d be using Ms. Halle’s books as my tour guide. When I read Love, in English and was transported to Spain I fell in love with the countryside. Then I read Where Sea Meets Sky and had a strong desire to go to New Zealand. I’d even ride in that 70 [...]

    2. 5 Hot Signor Larosa Stars!(ARC provided by author)When I'm traveling, I feel like the secret to my life, to myself, to really becoming, is one step ahead. It's in the next destination, the next town I get lost in, the next stranger I talk to. It's always next but never here.Amber MacLean is a 24 yr. old American woman from San Jose, California. After backpacking and traveling around the world for the last six months, Amber is now out of money. She has landed in Southern Italy in the town of Posi [...]

    3. 5 I WANT TO GO TO ITALY STARS <3I have read so many books from Karina Halle and I love them but this one is something else!!It's different from her other books and I loved it so much!!!It was refreshing and I felt like I was a part of the story!I devoured the story!I felt like I was traveling with Amber in Italy!!So beautiful place, and now I really want to go there find a job and fell in love! This story isn't only about the romance,it's also about finding yourself Amber has two months left [...]

    4. ON SALE FOR $3.99!!! NORMALLY IT'S $7.99!!!! (as of 3/29/17) amzn/2nwizgt5 stars! "When I'm traveling, I feel like the secret to my life, to myself, to really becoming, is one step ahead. It's in the next destination, the next town I get lost in, the next stranger I talk to. It's always next but never here. But when I go home, back to the way things used to be, there is no next. It's all over. The wonder and hope are gone.I like having hope. And I hope I find what I'm looking for."This book remi [...]

    5. It's Live!!! amzn/1LPvlxwLOVED it!5 Love & Lemons StarsKarina Halle has done it again she’s swept me away made me fall in love with fictional people and very real places.The unusual thing about this book is that instead of falling for the leading man, it’s actually the leading lady that had me swooning. Amber MacLean was introduced as a side character in Where Sea Meets Sky. In that book it was very hard to get a read on the young, quiet girl who ventured out to travel. I was very unprep [...]

    6. "You know, sometimes I feel so trapped. So lost and alone. And then I look at you and feel found.”Amber recently graduated college and is backpacking through Europe when she runs of out money. When the story begins she is in Italy with little funds and no idea how she is going to get home when her travel visa expires. Desperate for work she interviews for a job teaching English to two children, that’s where she meets Derio. Derio is a broken man. In the last two years he went from having par [...]

    7. ★★★★ 4 Stars ★★★★Now LIVE!US - amzn/1CWOSL9 UK - amzn/1OEMRnZFor five hours I was transported to the beautiful and stunning Amalfi coast of Italy, with lemon trees and blue skies, red wine and clear seas. This is the perfect summer read that will make you feel like you are really there in the moment.Amber McLean is an American backpacker who has arrived in Positano with no money and the bleak prospect that after months of exploring Europe, she may have to return home to San Jose, [...]

    8. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review[image error]In this beautiful, heartfelt and touching tale, Karina Halle takes her readers on one adventurous journey that will grip your hearts in Racing the Sun. On this beautiful journey that unites two unlikely strangers, Ms. Halle will have hearts racing in this genuine story of conquering fears, finding love and solace, and a second chance at life. Racing the Sun is a perfect example of a contemporary romance done right. Ms. Halle [...]

    9. 4 amore mio stars! I had forgotten how much I enjoy Katrina Halle's book! And as I often am super late to the party but better late than not reading this book. "Tu sei il grande amore della mia vita. Senza di te, la vita non ha più senso." "Racing The Sun" felt like an adventure I felt like I was experiencing Italy through Amber's eyes, all the beautiful sceneries and delicious food. I definitely envied Amber, who tired of her life going nowhere decides to travel the world and see if she can fi [...]

    10. If there’s one thing you can be sure of getting from the remarkable and talented writer, Karina Halle, is that you are going to be blown away by her storytelling!! And who cannot get excited when we see the titles of her books…unique, gorgeous….Where Sea Meets Sky, Love in English and now we have Racing the Sun!!!! AMAZING!!Besides loving the book title, there was so much more about her latest novel that just totally grabbed me!The author has a way of interweaving the most incredible and v [...]

    11. Karina Halle + Romance + Italy = WIN!!!“You feel everything. You make me feel everything.”4.5 starsOnce again Karina Halle has delivered, giving us a gorgeous love story featuring a wonderfully relatable heroine and a dark and broody but swoonily romantic, fuckhot Italian. Add to that two precocious kids, and set against the stunning Italian coast and you have the set up for a fantastic story that completely swept me away.I love books that involve travel! I love the descriptions of the count [...]

    12. Update: 5/1/17I just read Jane Eyre for the very first time and I kinda want to rewrite my review for this book. Forget Beauty and the Beast, Racing the Sun is full of Jane Eyre! Well everything except for the crazy wife :)Original review: 4/1/17“The room is off limits if Signor Larosa is not home. You are never to go in there.” My eyes widen. This is starting to sound like Beauty and the Beast. Oh my God, am I Belle? Is he an Italian Beast? Did I just stumble into the best scenario ever? My [...]

    13. It's been a while since I've read a Karina Halle novel. Everything I was picking up the last couple of months had a cookie cutter feel to it. I would start the book only to give up. I was losing interest fast with reading, but when I can across Racing the Sun, I had to give it a shot-- and I almost didn't.Racing the Sun was a breath of fresh air! The character development, plot, and descriptive writing is exactly what I look for in a novel. It was all there with the perfect amount of emotion. I [...]

    14. I was really thrilled that Amber was getting her own book after meeting her in Josh's book, Where Sea Meets Sky. She's been traveling to find herself and what she wants to do with her life and I'm only too happy to find out whatd who. The who is motorcycle racer, Desiderio (Derio) Larosa, who is not a happy camper when we first meet him and there's good reasons why. Namely, he is now in charge of his two younger siblings. He hires Amber to teach them English since she's ended up broke and with n [...]

    15. It doesn’t help that the children are under the care of their brooding older brother, Italian ex-motorcycle racer Desiderio Larosa.Desiderio? DESIDERIO?!YOU GUYS, HIS NAME IS "WISH". WISH!

    16. Another winner for Karina Halle! Romantic, poignant, beautiful, hot and emotional. This book also has an amazing setting: a beautiful Italian island. I loved the descriptions and I could picture everything perfectly. Racing the Sun is a really great read!Amber has been traveling around the world after being not sure what to do with her life. She’s loving all the cities and visiting everything. She has only one problem now: she’s running out of money. She starts to look for a job. She will ev [...]

    17. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED:“I should have known from the start that this man was going to give me a reason to stay.”Have you ever walked away from a book with the feeling you could still taste it, smell it, all your senses in withdrawal because for as long as it took you to read that book, you were there, in it—walking those cobblestoned streets, feeling the sunshine on your skin, hearing the chirpy song of the cicadas, lavender and lemons filling your nose with their tangy scent, while your e [...]

    18. Just a heads-up for those of you who love Italy and the Italian culture, but don't know much about it, except for the obvious: Desiderio Larosa sounds as Italian, as Stieg Larsson sounds French. There you go.His name would be perfect if it belonged to the MC of a Spanish/Southern American soap opera, but in Italy, people would laugh behind his backWriters, aspiring writers and readers, remember that Spanish-speaking countries and Italy have a lot in common. Our language is something about 96% si [...]

    19. 2.5 STARSRacing the Sun is a novel with very simple and straightforward romance. It is something to read when you aren't in mood for angsty story. There is nothing wrong about that, right?However, my biggest complain is that there was no build up to twists and there were huge holes in character development in this novel. Everything happened out of sudden and didn't suit the flow of the story. Hero (Desiderio) underwent so many big character changes that I had no idea who he truly was at the end [...]

    20. 3.5 Italy Tour Guide StarsPlease don't shun me, but I felt pulled away from the romance and story in this book because of all the descriptions of Italy. Plus, I missed the connection between the main characters.Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story but it just didn't "grab" and "hold" me.As everyone knows, I am a HUGE fan of Karina Halle and her EIT series, so I think this is another case of "it's me, not you"

    21. I have said before, Karina Halle should be a travel writer. She has the ability to make the reader feel the air, taste the fruit, and sample the sights in such a prolific way. Every time I finish reading one of Halle’s works I want to pack my bags and go on an adventure. GAH! Writing abilities aside, Racing the Sun was a lovely read.Amber, on a trip to discover the world, is pack backing through Europe. She is over spent and in a bit of a bind. Somehow she has finagles a job as English teacher [...]

    22. Naturally, I am biased, but I love love loved the progression of the romance in this story. I loved being transported back to Italy, and getting to fall in love with yet another Karina Halle leading man, Derio! #AlltheSwoons

    23. I absolutely loved this one! So witty and hilarious. The scenery was amazing. I fell in love with all of the characterse brooding Italian God, the girl next door, and the precocious twins. One of Karina's best!

    24. 3 disappointed stars! Man I wanted this to be awesomewhen I first started reading it I thought it was going to be a 5 star read for sure. Karina Halle described Italy so beautifully, I adore how she writes, she really sets the scene. My problems with this book started with the hero. At first I was like oh mr broody & mysterious, me likey! I assumed he would redeem himselfI was wrong! He was so selfish!!!! I understand he was grieving but come on it's been 2 years and he's still shutting hims [...]

    25. Review: Surj 4- 4.5 starsFacebook: facebook/TheHopelessRTSU: tsu/HopelessRomanticsBlog: thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bAww Karina Halle, she's gone and done it again. My heart is a big pile of mushy goo having just turned the last page of her latest novel "Racing the Sun." If you loved "Love, in English," "Love, in Spanish" and "Where Sea meets Sky," you will not want to miss out on this latest addition to the series (but not a series as such) lol. There's just something magical about these books [...]

    26. Halle delivers a passionate, sensual, heartbreaking romance against the backdrop of stunning, sultry Capri in Racing the Sun and I could not put it down.Of all the stories from all the genres I've read by Karina Halle, there's none I love more than when she takes us on a journey of the heart across the globe through stunningly beautiful foreign lands. Falling in love with her characters is an adventure in and of itself, but Halle ensures the reader falls in love with travel, with other countries [...]

    27. 5 "SIGNOR DESIDERIO LAROSA" STARS. SEXY, CHARMING, HOT, FUNNY AND ROMANTIC.Karina Halle has done it again. Epppp! There's no one like her. She makes you fall in love, not only with fictional people, but with the location where the story takes place.I was transported to Capri to experience Amber's journey of self-discovery, love and the struggle to be a nanny, not only for two kids, but for their grown brother who made her heart race.Desiderio Larosa, this man, what can I say I fell hard for him, [...]

    28. If there is one thing you can count on with a book written by Halle, it is that you will get something original, fresh, and so hot and swoon worthy you won't want it to end. Add in a gorgeous Italy setting, gorgeous Italy men, and a slow building romance that is sure to make you blush and a story every bit as endearing as it is sweet, and you truly have the perfect summer read that is sure to please anyone.I have said this numerous times I know but it still holds true and bears repeating, there [...]

    29. I LOVED THIS BOOK. Hilarious, sexy and that angst was on point. My heart is still racing. I loved Amber just as much as Derio. All the feels, heartbreak and laughter perfectly mixed. What I found most surprising was how much I fell in love with the entire family, Annabelle, Alfonso, Felisa. I became a member of their Italian sitcom and was honestly sad to see this book end. Def a book not be missed. ***full review closer to release date ***

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