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Ghosts in the Machine

Ghosts in the Machine Young genius Morag Chen doesn t believe in the supernatural Or not until a thousand gods show up in front of her appearing from a clear blue sky The Architects are terrifying they re hypnotically at

  • Title: Ghosts in the Machine
  • Author: Richard Farr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Young genius Morag Chen doesn t believe in the supernatural Or not until a thousand gods show up in front of her, appearing from a clear blue sky The Architects are terrifying, they re hypnotically attractive, and they re real but what are they, and what do they want, and why have they stolen the mind of Daniel Calder, the person she is closest to Ancient gods InvadingYoung genius Morag Chen doesn t believe in the supernatural Or not until a thousand gods show up in front of her, appearing from a clear blue sky The Architects are terrifying, they re hypnotically attractive, and they re real but what are they, and what do they want, and why have they stolen the mind of Daniel Calder, the person she is closest to Ancient gods Invading aliens Everyone has a theory, but no one has guessed the truth In this dark, suspenseful, mind bending sequel to The Fire Seekers, Morag picks up the narration from Daniel as she works to accept that there s than one way to think about the nature of humanity And she will find that the only way forward is through secrets that Daniel himself seems desperate but unable to convey.A mysterious lab The house of a dying billionaire The hidden home of a strange and forgotten people In each of these places, Morag and Daniel will come a step closer to answers, hope, and a way of fighting back.

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ Ghosts in the Machine : by Richard Farr ✓
      218 Richard Farr
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    1 thought on “Ghosts in the Machine

    1. first book-I absolutely loved! it had mystery, conspiracy, adventure, twists, etc. this one, not so much. i was disappointed. i expected an awesome continuance of the mystery and adventure and some revelations. although it did have a little, it came at point where i just wanted to get through and finish. alot of the story involved moping, which i hated. its told from first person of Morag as if shes telling the story to daniel. it took a little to get used to it. all in all, i dont feel that the [...]

    2. An impressive sequelUsually, the second book in any series is the worst because it's so easy to write oneself into corners. There's some hint of that here, but all in all I'm seeing some good writing here.It's ironic that real world archaeology has chosen now to blast through the unknowns that divide the imaginable science fiction from science fantasy. Richard Farr is a good author but needs to write faster or extrapolate further.

    3. I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.While reading this story, I had been faced with a challenge. I had been asked “What kind of book are you reading at the moment?” While this question could apply do many different aspects of a book, the first which came to mind was genre. I was unable to produce a concise response. It is currently categorized as Science Fiction and Young Adult. I do not dispute either, but Ghosts in the Machine is so much more. It's crea [...]

    4. This book jumps right in where the first book ends And if you didn't read the first one, you'd be lost.I did enjoy the continuation of the story and more details come out about what is going on in the world.However, the book just ends And I assume that book 3 will just pick up right where book 2 left off. It's not quite a cliff hanger, just like a scene break that will take a while until the next book is written But I'll be waiting for the next installment.

    5. 4 + tähteäBaabel-trilogian toinen osa Henkien metsä odotutti niin kauan, että meinasin jo unohtaa jo koko sarjan olemassaolon. Aika pian kuitenkin mieleeni palautui ensimmäisen osan tapahtumat ja etenkin sen traaginen ja dramaattinen loppunäytös, jossa päähenkilö Danielin tietoisuus kaapattiin mystisten Arkkitehtien mukaan, mutta neuvokas kielilläpuhuja Rosko sai pelastettua pojan viime hetkellä, etteivät Arkkitehdit vieneet häntä kokonaan.Tässä osassa tarinan päähenkilöksi o [...]

    6. I must say, this is one of the most bizarre series' of books I've ever read. Mixed with archaeological facts and a little bit of sci-fi "Ghosts in the Machine" went even further into the Tower of Babel story and added more twists.We pick up where the last book ended with Mount Ararat erupting after the alien group the "Architects" sucked the souls out of people. Our heroes, Daniel, Morag, Kit, and Rosco escape. Unfortunately, Daniel isn't completely in his right mind, as a result the story is to [...]

    7. The first half of the book is, indeed, as noted by other reviewers, pretty slow moving and full of teenage lesbian angst. But, during this time the protagonist in the first book is undergoing some sort of transformation not unlike Bran in GoT. That all begins to make sense in the second half of the book. The ideas explored, including origins of language, gods, aliens, anthropology and archaeology, were interesting. I don't think I've ever read a novel that even mentioned ziggurats, let alone fea [...]

    8. This series is really intriguing and well written. Already pre-ordered the third book coming out next month. The main characters are likable and young (but definitely not like YA at all) and the plot really makes you think. If you like SciFi and are interested in ancient history this series is a good choice. (Think Ancient Aliens with more scientists and less crazy people.)

    9. Good story and fascinating premiseI enjoyed this book (in addition to the first). The story is pretty good and the concept is fascinating. I have a thing for end of the world stories and this takes a very different take on that. Enjoyable.

    10. I was given a free copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I read the first book in the series, The Fire Seekers, when it first came out and remember enjoying it enough to be excited about the sequel. Overall, the sequel offers the same mix of junk science and well-worn "ancient mysteries" tropes as the first book, and although the descriptions of teen life may not feel particularly real or hard-hitting to actual teens (I imagine), the characters don't grate on adult read [...]

    11. I was so excited about this book finally coming out. I had been waiting two years for it, since The Fire Seekers had first come out.I am left so disappointed.This book was so bad for me I began wondering if I somehow didn't remember The Fire Seekers correctly. If I had somehow gotten it all wrong and mixed up that story with another.It wasn't. I still absolutely loved Fire Seekers, but if I had known the sequel would be this bad I never would have picked it up. I'd rather have it be an unfinishe [...]

    12. Okay so this book just kinda interjected itself into my plans. I wasn't planning on reading it until I finished the first one, then it jumped the line because, as sad as the first one made me, I wanted to see what happened.I figured out what was going on in this book, as far as the reason it was written the way it was, about 40% through. I think was, overall, a better book, and I dig the way Farr told it from Morag's point of view, which I also found interesting because he seemed to capture the [...]

    13. It took me a while to get into the book, in part because it had been some time since I read the first in the series and in part because it took awhile to invest in the characters and for the plot to get going. However, once I was about a quarter of the way into it, I began to enjoy it. The author is clever and integrates scientific and historical knowledge well. I am particularly impressed by how the dialogue of characters with accents reads with an accent, but without being trite or contrived. [...]

    14. Good only at the endDrove me crazy with the Kit Morag relationship. Only got interesting when they met up with the I'iwa. Next book better be more action.

    15. I'm about 35% through this book and just don't want to waste anymore time reading it. I remember really liking the first book, but this one is awful. So far, it is just brain droppings from a teenage girl; that reads like diary entries addressed to Daniel (the main character from the first book). Morag rambles on, intersperses plot points with teen angst about whether a girl likes her or not, and describes mundane activities in minute detail. I tried skimming to get to something more interesting [...]

    16. This book is just that twisted, makes you really wonder and think could a thousand Gods just show up and show themselves?Probably not But reading this book makes you feel like your in it and your living it.For Morag Chen she can hardly believe any of this What is it really that she is seeing? Can her and Daniel uncover the secrets and save him? For his mind has been taken over by these beings. Is there anyway to fight back and have their lives back? This book has a lot of suspense and you are qu [...]

    17. MehIt was nearly impossible to make it through the first half of the book! I did not enjoy the lame teenage lesbian angst. Not bad once you get through the first half.

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