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The Altar Girl

The Altar Girl The daughter of uncompromising Ukrainian immigrants Nadia was raised to respect guts grit and tradition When the events around the seemingly accidental death of her estranged godfather don t add up

  • Title: The Altar Girl
  • Author: Orest Stelmach
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The daughter of uncompromising Ukrainian immigrants, Nadia was raised to respect guts, grit, and tradition When the events around the seemingly accidental death of her estranged godfather don t add up, Nadia is determined to discover the truth even if she attracts the attention of dangerous men intent on finding out what she knows through any means possible.Her investigatThe daughter of uncompromising Ukrainian immigrants, Nadia was raised to respect guts, grit, and tradition When the events around the seemingly accidental death of her estranged godfather don t add up, Nadia is determined to discover the truth even if she attracts the attention of dangerous men intent on finding out what she knows through any means possible.Her investigation leads her to her hometown and to the people least likely to welcome her back her family.In this thrilling prequel to the Nadia Tesla series, Nadia must try to solve the mystery surrounding her godfather s death and his life The answers to her questions are buried with the secrets of her youth and in post World War II refugee camps What Nadia learns will change her life forever.

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      304 Orest Stelmach
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    1 thought on “The Altar Girl

    1. This was one of the Kindle First offerings for April. It took me almost two weeks to decide between the four because none of them really seemed that great to me. This was an interesting book - I enjoy a thread of history in my books, but overall I wasn't thrilled by the mystery in the book. When Nadia couldn't explain why she was looking into the death and found that she wasn't all that fond of the dead man, I had a hard time continuing to read. If the protagonist doesn't care, why should I? It [...]

    2. I have hesitated to write this review because it's very difficult for me to write a negative review on a novel that someone has poured their heart and soul into. I especially struggle with such a review when the author is clearly very educated, as evidenced by his vocabulary and knowledge. To boot, he certainly did his homework, managing to teach me something along the way. Unfortunately, this novel fell short of my expectations.Much of the novel seemed contrived. For example, shortly after an i [...]

    3. A gem of a novel. Taut, moving, funny, unbelievably suspenseful, brutally honest, and above all else a wonderful character portrait of Ukrainian-American heroine Nadia Tesla. The interactions between Nadia and her strip-club-owning brother and scheming mother are priceless, as is the way Stelmach weaves dark post-World War II histories of displaced Ukrainians into his story. Although primarily set in the present, the mystery is amplified tenfold by remembrances of a harrowing episode from Nadiaâ [...]

    4. I received this Kindle e-book as part of the Prime program. It was an unusual mystery about a young girl (Nadia Tesla) in the Ukrainian community in Hartford, Connecticut, who was kidnapped at the start of the novel by a former acquaintance who is trying to find out what she knows about her godfather's business. The godfather had died in an apparent accident but Nadia thinks he has been murdered. The novel switches back and forth between what Nadia is doing in the present to solve the murder an [...]

    5. Nadia Tesla has left her Ukrainian American community in Hartford, Connecticut behind. She’s established and enjoyed a new life in New York City until a violent encounter with an old acquaintance forces her to return to her roots. When she returns home, old wounds resurface, and Nadia must deal with those issues while attempting to uncover the mystery of her godfather’s sudden death. In addition to a good mystery story, this novel includes a wealth of information about Ukrainian traditions a [...]

    6. ExcellentI only wish I'd read this before I read the Nadia Tesla series. It's one of the few prequels that is as good as what comes "after".

    7. Enjoyable suspense novelThis book was a type that I particularly enjoy. Unknown historical information. Suspenseful enough that you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. Wraps up thread plot lines in a way that makes sense. Will be looking at other books written by this author.

    8. Pretty decent story. Learned a little more about Ukrainian history during WWII and 'Displaced Persons'. I have to say that the First books seem to be of decent quality. Worth trying one or two each month, especially since they are free!

    9. The only reason why I got this book was because it's very similar to my Russian heritage & I had to know how it was written. It was good. According to , 2 stars is "It was okay". Story started out good but I lost interest & do not have any desire to finish it DNF at 34%

    10. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were compelling and the back story was woven in well, filling out the characters as the mystery unfolds.

    11. I was about to start readingThe Boy from Reactor 4 when I saw this prequel on Firsts. This book almost dissuaded me from reading the other Nadia Tesla books, but I'm happy I gave the next one a try. Although I really enjoyedThe Boy from Reactor 4, I found this book tedious. The author's descriptions were too hyperbolic. In fact, it just seemed to make a big deal out of nothing. Many of the descriptions just seemed too overwrought for the situations they applied to. (view spoiler)[For example, i [...]

    12. The Boy from Reactor 4, the first book in the Nadia Tesla series which was released in 2013 was a thrilling mystery with a lot of suspense, adventure, drama and action thrown in. However, the next book in the series, The Boy Who Stole from the Dead, saw a dip in all aspects while the third book, The Boy Who Glowed in the Dark, failed to evoke my interests though I managed to finish the story, albeit with a lot interruptions in between.Author Orest Stelmach’s fourth book in the Nadia Tesla seri [...]

    13. My Review-This was a free book so I got what I paid for. I can tell this is a prequel to a larger and more interesting series This had the potential to be a pretty good book, but * Spoiler Alert* it just ends. It was like the author reached the required number of pages and just stopped coped out. The ending ruined the whole book.Summary-The daughter of uncompromising Ukrainian immigrants, Nadia was raised to respect guts, grit, and tradition. When the events around the seemingly accidental death [...]

    14. This month, I finally took the plunge and joined Kindle Unlimited. I also decided to branch out and read work from authors that might not be as well known (because the well known authors don't typically participate in Kindle Unlimited). This led me to "The Altar Girl", the first in the Nadia Tesla series by Orest Stelmach. From the very beginning, I was intrigued. The niche that his protagonist, Nadia Tesla, exists in is a small, but influential community of Ukranian emigres that live in Hartfor [...]

    15. Excellent quick readThis was a great easy read with a fantastic mix of history, mystery, family secrets, difficult relational dynamics. the characters were quickly formed and you knew what they were about fairly early, you knew whether you'd toy for them or not, who to live, who to be suspicious of, without losing the tension of the story. Besides the main plot of the story, I completely enjoyed the history lesson regarding the Ukrainians experience during WW2, as well as learning about their cu [...]

    16. Very Good ReadI had not until now read any of (The Nadia Tesla Series)I shall be correcting that oversight. I loved the fullness of the characters, and thought the use of flash back very well done. Most teachers tell us to avoid that particular style, but in this case, it provided essential information and developed the characters beautifully. I feel as though I know them well. I recommend this book to those who love a mystery an those who just love a well written story!

    17. Amazing story of Nadia (which means hope) and her ability to be a strong person despite the way she grew up, her disfunctional family and her love for her brother. The books takes you on her journey find out who killed her godfathereven though it was called an accident by the police. But Nadia knows bettere story also goes back and forth between her childhood and the present time. Although annoying, it serves a purpose to make you understand why she is so courageous. And of course the unexpected [...]

    18. THE ALTAR GIRLThis book kept me interested right from the beginning, Nadia had a can do attitude from an early age, she is a survivor- those skills were honed into her. The story goes back and forth between the present and her childhood, mainly age twelve. Those early years help explain the grown Nadia. The Ukrainian influence is prominent in the book, in fact it takes center stage. All in all, I am very glad I chose this book for my kindle first. The story flows all the way through to a very sa [...]

    19. Engrossing story but not entirely believableI finished this book in 2 sessions based upon a good story line with lots of details about Ukrainians only a real one would know. I loved the plot and the mystery and the flashbacks and especially the characterization of the protagonists butabout 2/3 of the way through the story got a little too fantastical. All of a sudden our pragmatic heroine turned into a fearless ninja and I just couldn't it. Overall a good story with exceptional writing but just [...]

    20. 4.5 stars. Oh-My-Gosh!! This book was so good!! I read it in a day!! I received it through the First, as my April selection. It was high paced, throughout the whole book and reminded me of the joy I felt when reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/Millennium" series!"The Altar Girl" is a prequel to the "Nadia Tesla" series, which I had not heard of, but plan to sink my teeth into ASAP! Fortunately, all three books are available through the Kindle Lending Library for Prime members. Yay!!!

    21. The Altar Girl (The Nadia Tesla Series)I enjoyed reading this book. I'm not sure if the main character of it was as brave as a child as the author portray she was, but it was very well written. I enjoy reading about different cultures and countries. The life that the kids had to live under their father's abuses was so very sad. I would recommend this book to an adult reading group.

    22. More like 3.5 stars.Kindle and audio. After four books narrated by the same woman I still cannot get used to her.

    23. I loved the history that was imbedded within the story. This story helped me understand the Ukrainian culture betteris was free from my prime membership.

    24. Exceptional This is a story of hope. It is also a poignant mystery that wraps you around its theme and leaves you breathless with its twists and turns.

    25. Passed on to me because of the Ukrainian connection. While the mentions of black cherry varenyky, struck a note of familiarness and longing, not much else did. The parents of the main character, and hence the world she grew up in, came for Ukraine at a far different time and circumstance than my relations did (pre WWI vs Soviet era). I found the harshness, and references to the dark side of life disconcerting. The story was decent enough, but my discomfort with this being seen by readers as the [...]

    26. It's easy to create a strong, intelligent, fearless heroine. It's much harder to figure out the story of how she became that way. But that's what Orest Stelmach attempts to do in The Altar Girl.Like the other Nadia Tesla books, this is a murder mystery, interspersed with events from Nadia's childhood. It twists and turns and keeps you guessing, like a mystery should. Unfortunately, for me, it simply didn't have the tension that that made The Treachery of Russian Dolls so difficult to put down. I [...]

    27. Janet Evanovich takes 2nd placeTo those of us who've loved the exploits of Stephanie, Evanovich's prime character, Nadia Tesla is a bright new star in this series about a strong, capable woman. The overall tone is a bit more serious, the situations more dangerous, the characters richer and more fully developed. The level of intrigue cannot be compared, as Nadia, a 1st generation American, weaves Ukrainian and Russian history and politics into her high stakes plots involving powerful individuals [...]

    28. Love it!Very entertaining and addictive reading.I still didn't check all history facts about DPs but history open my eyes on how cruel world can be and how much I should thank God to live in a free country.

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