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Sand Chronicles, Volume 3

Sand Chronicles Volume After her parents get divorced An Uekusa and her mother move from Tokyo to rural Shimane Used to the anonymity of city living An can t get used to the almost overbearing kindness of the people in he

  • Title: Sand Chronicles, Volume 3
  • Author: Hinako Ashihara
  • ISBN: 9781421514796
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • After her parents get divorced, An Uekusa and her mother move from Tokyo to rural Shimane Used to the anonymity of city living, An can t get used to the almost overbearing kindness of the people in her mother s hometown But when personal tragedy strikes, An discovers how much she needs that kindness Can the sands of time bury the pains of the past nbsp Sweet 16 yeaAfter her parents get divorced, An Uekusa and her mother move from Tokyo to rural Shimane Used to the anonymity of city living, An can t get used to the almost overbearing kindness of the people in her mother s hometown But when personal tragedy strikes, An discovers how much she needs that kindness Can the sands of time bury the pains of the past nbsp Sweet 16 year old Ann returns to rural Shimane from Tokyo for the summer, eager to reconnect with her boyfriend Daigo But will the allure of their close friends wealthy brother and sister Fuji and Shika sunder the romantic ties that have bound Ann and Daigo since they were 12

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      257 Hinako Ashihara
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    1 thought on “Sand Chronicles, Volume 3

    1. When I began reading manga (which was only two months ago), I never expected to read something that was truly touching. I thought it would all be fun and cute. This series changes my mind completely about the type of manga I like. Sure, I enjoy reading funny manga like Special A or cute manga like Fruits Basket, but I enjoy reading manga with a realistic story line and deeper meaning much more. It’s just better that way. That’s what this series was for me and I can only hope I’ll find more [...]

    2. What I appreciate the most about the third volume of Sand Chronicles by Miss Hinako Ashihara is she knows how to introduce a new element in the story without doing a gigantic reveal like what most animes and mangas do. I am talking about the introduction of Shika Tsukishima. Yes, she has been introduced from the previous volumes, but she receives a proper introduction as one of the main characters in this volume. Not only does Shika make the cast of characters bigger but she also gives the plot [...]

    3. I really like where they're going with the story in this. This volume added some action too, which I like. It's a very cute series.

    4. No way.Okay, so my last review.I wrote like half an hour ago. No, TWENTY MINUTES AGO. For volume 1.And then in that volume, I said, and I quote DIRECTLY FROM MY REVIEW:It's a good story, don't get me wrong.But I'm not sure if I want to read more of it!Dude, this is the kind of book that will easily get you feeling depressed. After you're done reading it, you're just going to close it, and then slump back to your bookshelf, and put it there, and then sit down right on the floor beside it and just [...]

    5. On her sixteenth summer, Ann Uekusa has visited Shimane, where all of her childhood friends except for Fuji remain. Fuji follows soon after for the Obon festival, but just by being there, troubles stir in Shika's heart when she finds out the truth of her and her brother's birth Meanwhile, Daigo finds out about the kiss between Fuji and Ann. After some heartfelt tears, Ann is forgiven and all is going perfect in their once again long distance relationship, that is, until Fuji makes another move o [...]

    6. lesangdeslivres/20La couverture est très jolie, les couleurs se marient à merveille et nous donnent envie de nous plonger dans l’histoire.Nous retrouvons avec grand plaisir An, Daigo et tous les autres protagonistes de cette histoire.L’histoire reprend tout à fait là où nous l’avions laissé à la fin du tome précédent. Nous nous demandons ce que va être la vie d’An à la suite de ce retournement de situation qui s’est déroulé à la fin du premier tome.Nous comprenons parfait [...]

    7. Wow, this volume is all about drama. Each of the four main characters have major issues. The characters' difficulties are ironic considering that this is set mostly in summer - which should be idyllic, simple, and happy. But it is anything but.The volume starts with Ann and Fuji heading back to Shimane from Tokyo for summer break. At the end of volume 2, Fuji surprised Ann by kissing her and declaring his love for her. Ann is loyal to Fuji, upset, and doesn't know what to do. She confronts Fuji [...]

    8. This is the book that put the series in the Adult section of the library I use. It includes a scene that fades out with the characters mostly clothed, but with the definite statement that they had sex. Why this is more adult than some of the teen novels I don't know. There is an attempted assault/rape scene which could also have pushed it into the adult section. There is a bit of violence including the assault, a punch from one guy to another and a guy stopping the assault. There is a small bit [...]

    9. I love how as this story progresses, the characters compromise their differences and get along, but it bothers me so much that Daigo is alone with Shika at their home town Shimane, and Ann is alone with Fuji in Tokyo.Ann's behavior, (as I probably mentioned in past reviews) still bothers me, how she can be so extremely emotional. And she is 16 years old, right? But it was strongly referenced in this volume that she and Daigo took the next step in their relationship. I'm glad they're both happier [...]

    10. This is the third volume of the Sand Chronicles series. Summer turns to fall, and Ann and Fuji are going to different highschools in Tokyo, while Daigo and Shika remain back in rural Shimane. First of all, I love this series so much! I love Ann I love that she is sensitive like her mother, but so, so much tougher and outspoken.As the seasons change, brother and sister Shika and Fuji are needing Daigo and Ann's friendship more and more, both having grown up in a wealthy family without much outsid [...]

    11. This bittersweet manga continues with Ann trying to cope with living and going to school in Tokyo, while her heart stays is Shimane with Daigo. Meanwhile her friendshi with Fuji deepens, with Ann not really understanding what that means.Back in Shimane, Fuji's sister finds out more about the family secret and it isn't pretty. This sends her into a spiral, and she seeks Daigo for comfort, especially after a traumatic event.Author Hinako Ashihara has given us an accurate, if angst filled portrait [...]

    12. Ann, confused by Fuji's kiss, kisses Daigo more aggressively; Daigo gropes her more intimately than she's prepared for, and they argue. Fuji claims he kissed Ann as a joke, deceiving no one except Ann. Shika finds out she's illegitimate. Ann and Daigo have sex. Shika is in love with Daigo but, feeling it's hopeless, agrees to go out with Endo, since he's kind of nice and Daigo approves of him. When another boy assaults her and Daigo rescues her, she flies into his arms with revealing fervor. Ann [...]

    13. The story is great if you like a romantic type of manga.Its a good love story of Ann and Daigo with some other characters like Shika and Fugi. Tee story has alot of twist and cliffhangers to make u want to know what the next one is about.The soft love story will have a emotional toll on you if u really enjoy the manga. I would recommend this to people that like a love story. It has a nice love story for a manga. I would recommend this to anyone that would enjoy reading this manga in their spare [...]

    14. An Emotional Roller coaster!This manga series is upon one of the best that have ever been drawn. The story is so realistic to the point where you wonder if whats going on is going to happen to you. This is a story about a girl who falls in love with a boy, then the boy falls in love and then they think they will fall in love forever but *SPOILERS*All I have to say is that this manga has LOVE, BETRAYAL, ADULT-STUFF, and DRAMATIC DRAMA!!and I am not surprised that the author has won the 50th Shoga [...]

    15. okay, i will flat out say this, i disliked this volume. so why the 5 stars? ashihara did a fantastic job writing and creating the characters. this is a review, and i can respect ashihara's ability for character development. oh, how mature of me, haha probably not. it was a bit too sad for me. the cicada metaphor, brilliant. you literally watch two characters get hollowed out right before your eyes. you see desperation, guilt, depression, longing, etc. the melancholy cloud has started to sprinkle [...]

    16. Not a huge Manga fan but I am reading them with the special needs girl I take care of because she loves them. I am finding this story is at least getting better. The first one was almost bad enough to make me want to pick a different series but the story is definitely getting a lot better :)quick easy read!

    17. I read this book at the behest of a student. It isn't a genre I usually get into and this book was not exception. It wasn't bad, but by no means was it engaging enough to make me want to read any more of the Sand Chronicles. I don't enjoy the choppiness of some graphic novels (i.e. this one) and am not very interested in the teenage flings of high school. Three strikes

    18. The Sand Chronicles are always a fun read :) I thoroughly enjoy the stories being developed through the characters, and it's always nice to know that after leaving the series alone for so long, that there's enough backstory to catch me back up again! :D

    19. I wasn't to impressed with this series. I really thought I would like it more but nothing about it impressed me very much. Overall the only thing that was good about this magna was the drawing style.

    20. Wow. Did not see that one coming with Shika. O.o Totally can understand how she feels though.Wow. Just wow. To everything.

    21. I'm enjoying these. It's an interesting read. I'm a little concerned about the way Ann's and Fuji's relationship is heading, but I can see why they would be drawn toward each other too.

    22. 4.25/5 starsWith each new volume the series gets better. There's such emotional depth to the story that I can't help but care about each character and worry for them.

    23. Fuji needs to come back! Obviously I am going to have to read the next volume to find out what happens to him. Also, not so happy with the worldly portrayal of "love" herein.

    24. Better in some respects and in others definitely worse then the last one. I do really love the cliff-hanger ending to the one though!

    25. This was the first volume I read in the magazine and it was kind of wierd. The art is good, but eventually i catched on.

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