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The Revolt of the Angels

The Revolt of the Angels Books are missing from the archbishop s shelves and the librarian is helpless to explain until the culprit is revealed Arcade the clergyman s guardian angel has been educating himself Immersion in w

  • Title: The Revolt of the Angels
  • Author: Anatole France
  • ISBN: 9780486794976
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • Books are missing from the archbishop s shelves and the librarian is helpless to explain until the culprit is revealed Arcade, the clergyman s guardian angel, has been educating himself Immersion in works of philosophy and science has convinced Arcade that God is a cruel tyrant Revolution is the only answer, and Arcade joins a host of fallen angels to mount a rebellionBooks are missing from the archbishop s shelves and the librarian is helpless to explain until the culprit is revealed Arcade, the clergyman s guardian angel, has been educating himself Immersion in works of philosophy and science has convinced Arcade that God is a cruel tyrant Revolution is the only answer, and Arcade joins a host of fallen angels to mount a rebellion that proposes to install Satan on the throne of heaven.

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    1 thought on “The Revolt of the Angels

    1. Raining Angels in Paris and WashingtonCan there be such a genre, biblical material excepted, as the anticipatory allegory? If so, Revolt of the Angels could well be a prime example.In this week's NYRB (Nov. 6 2017), Charles Simic has a piece commemorating Trump's election. In it he puts Trump in a literary context: "The only character I can think of in the world literature who resembles Donald Trump is Père Ubu in the play Ubu Roi (“Ubu the King”) by Alfred Jarry that famously opened and cl [...]

    2. I read this book as part of my Nobel Prize for Literature Awardees reading list. As it turned out it is one the longest list I will ever try to finish. Sometimes I too wonder where I found the audacity to attempt to foray in this kind of reading list. The Revolt of the Angels is my initial foray into Anatole France's works, which definitely is not my last one. It was not his first, as France was apparently a poet and a journalist too, but is considered to be his most profound novel. I was a suck [...]

    3. Αληγορικο ως προς τη σχέση εξουσίας και εξουσιαζομενου, με φιλοσοφικές προεκτάσεις. Δηλώνει αρκετά εύγλωττα πως η αλλαγή/επανάσταση/ριζοσπαστικοποίηση πρέπει να ξεκινήσει από ψηλά, αλλά σταδιακά απαιτείται κ η συμμετοχή της βάσης Ωστόσο βαρέθηκα αρκετά πριν το τέλος

    4. Εξαιρετικό. Αντάρτες άγγελοι μπουχτίζουν από την τυραννία του Θεού, ο οποίος παρουσιάζεται να απεχθάνεται τη γνώση, την προσωπική κρίση και την περιέργεια, και αποφασίζουν να οργανώσουν δεύτερο γύρο εξέγερσης. Λίγο κωμικοτραγικές οι φιγούρες (ο ένας είναι φοβιτσιάρης ειρ [...]

    5. Ένα βιβλίο που δεν ήταν καθόλου αυτό που φανταζόμουν και με εξέπληξε ευχάριστα με αυτό που πραγματικά ήταν. Πρώτη μου επαφή με τον Ανατόλ Φρανς και εκτίμησα ιδιαίτερα τόσο αυτά που προσπαθούσε να πει χρησιμοποιώντας ως όχημα μια δεύτερη ανταρσία των αγγέλων όσο και το κομψ [...]

    6. " Σύντροφοι,όχι δεν θα κατακτήσουμε τον ουρανό. Φτάνει που το μπορούμε.Ο πόλεμος γεννάει τον πόλεμο και η νίκη την ήττα.ο νικημένος θεός θα γίνει σατανάς και ο νικητής σατανάς, Θεός.Είθε να μην μου λάχει μια τόσο συφοριασμένη κατάρα. "Αναλογίζομαι πως θα ήταν ο κόσμος αν υπήρχ [...]

    7. This is a book that could only have been written in France. And poor Anatole France got on the Catholic Church's Index of Forbidden Books for his efforts. The Revolt of the Angels is not really a work of irreligion as it is of gentle irony.It all starts when Arcade, the guardian angel of Maurice d'Esparvieu, starts reading books in the famed d'Esparvieu library and decides that the God whom he served was actually a demiurge named Ialdabaoth. He enlists other angels who are living among men to jo [...]

    8. Sách hay. Cứ cuốn nào mà hút ta đọc một mạch từ đầu đến cuối không ngừng nghỉ thì bỏ mặc tất cả mọi thứ sang một bên, đấy là một cuốn sách hay :DNói chứ đọc cuốn này thấy "nhớ" Đỏ và Đen, bởi nó cứ giông giống thế nào đấy, chắc là do cùng 1 người dịch.Nói chung, hãy cứ như anh chàng Maurice trong sách, đại loại là cứ chuyên tâm học cách lẩn tránh việc hiểu sách nói gì, đ [...]

    9. "Vừa ăn miếng bánh mì rán với bơ và jămbong, chàng trai vừa nói với thiên thần của chàng:- Tôi vẫn tưởng rằng tội ác là một cái gì lạ thường. Ấy đó! Tôi đã lầm. Đó là một hành động đơn giản nhất, tự nhiên nhất trần đời.- Và truyền thống nhất, - thiên thần đối đáp"

    10. This book was a bit slow for me. But, didn't allow it to discourage and me kept on. At the end honestly can say was a fantastic read.

    11. It's becoming obvious that many of my bk 'reviews' are actually just excuses for anecdotes w/ just a little bk review thrown in here & there. That's the case here. I've been writing a math humor bk called "Paradigm Shift Knuckle Sandwich & other examples of PNT (Perverse Number Theory)" - in fact, it's more or less finished now: I'm just working on the Glossary & the Index. Part of this bk entails my navigating thru my notes about math bks that I read between, roughly, 2003 & 200 [...]

    12. A clever and mischievous take on the theology of modern society, The Revolt of the Angels follows the path of Arcade, a lowly guardian angel, as he happens upon the ugly truths of his divine master in the library of his human charge. Anatole France takes what could be a very dry polemic against the slavery of religion and makes it into a charming romp with his gifts for characterization and story-telling. As Maurice, the young man abandoned by Arcade, struggles to get his guardian back, we are s [...]

    13. I loved this book. I found it at a Half Price Books and it just seemed to call out to me. It's classified as a satire, but I think that is because atheism isn't something that could be talked about back in the day when this book was first published. The main story is much like the title. A band of Angels wants to revolt against God and heaven. These fallen angels don't think that God is good, or that he is all powerful as he claims to be. They are educated, having read many philosophical books, [...]

    14. This is a manifesto for an individual inner self revolution.Satan has access to d’Esparvieu family library,one of the ‘vastest libraries in the world’.It’s librarian prefers the books to remain on the shelves untouched, lest they may be damaged! But this is not for Satan; he is invisible, so has access to the library and is reading them ferociously .”I have learnt.I have thought.I have lost my faith.”He tells of “the progress his mind had made towards knowledge and liberty, of his [...]

    15. This is a novel about a coup attempt in the heavenly firmament. The angels, frustrated in the politics of God, descend upon Earth to prepare the overthrow of their master.In General, the author is ridiculing the events of 1812 in France. The problem is that if you're not aware of the historical events of the time, it is unlikely to be able to capture the essence of satire, presented by Anatole France this work.If the "Island penguins", the author ridicules the history of France, and we, as reade [...]

    16. Mình phân vân giữa 3 và 4 sao nhưng cũng cho nó 4 sao vì tính nhân văn cao cả.Mình chưa đọc nhiều kinh điển nhưng thấy hầu như quyển nào cũng khó nhai. Quyển này cũng thế, rất nhiều đoạn phải đọc đi đọc lại thì mới hiểu được, khối kiến thức trong sách về tôn giáo, chính trị chủ nghĩa, cũng rất nhiều, cộng với loạt tên nv loạn cào cào thì mình phải lê la đến 3 tuần mới đọc xong (t [...]

    17. This book offers a heartening plot idea: the overthrow of god by revolting angels who have discovered the true origin and function of the universe through science. Ordinarily such a story would provide plenty of good reading and feeling which any intellectual critique of religion can offer to anyone with an open mind. My low rating for the book is not because of the plot but because I just was not captivated by the writing. Maybe it was the translation. It would be great if a new author would wr [...]

    18. I think it's a must read "black humour" political comedy. A smart and unconventional comedy with a deep dive analysis in politics, religion and human nature. The plot was brilliant and imaginative, while the characters are - i believe - intentionally unrealistic and shallow which makes an excellent contrast with the seriousness of the situation and the events that take place - and, of course, makes the book hilariously ironic.

    19. Que puedo decir, una obra maestra que nos muestra la otra cara de lo que consideramos bueno y benevolente, al terminarlo de leer este libro agregó a mi vida otra perspectiva de las cosas, haciéndome reflexionar y cuestionarme.Además cabe agregar que hay rumores de que Beethoven compuso la sinfonía numero 7, en particular el 2do movimiento cuando termino de leer este libró.

    20. I read Revolt of the Angels again for Bibliogoth, practically in one sitting. I really enjoyed it. Revolutionaries disguised as angels and politics disguised as religion. It has old libraries full of books, love affairs, and bombs. It’s a book that hardly anyone has ever heard of but if you can find a copy it’s well worth a read.

    21. Lleno de sátiras, de sabiduría y de reflexiones, este libro es una obra maestra que merece ser leída, nos entrega una visión peculiar, pero no desacertada, de como se desenvuelven las tramas alrededor de la lucha entre los ángeles y los demonios.

    22. Classicamente francese, ammiccante a Dumas e Hugo, irrestibilmente umoristico, divinamente sulfureo, eppure profondo nella sua perspicace analisi del bene e del male e dei rispettivi rapporti.Ma come ho potuto trascurare sin'ora Anatole France?

    23. Phenomenal read and apparently a national treasure in France. The French speaking world is so much more literate than the trite English speaking world. Has that "thing." People looking for a certain type of literature know what that "thing" is.

    24. One of my favorite books. It turns the world of religion upside down. It was part of the inspiration for my novel RAPTUROUS.

    25. If the angels spoke what would they have to say about religion?In the case of Anatole France's talking angels, whether they are fallen angels or heavenly angels; they reveal a great deal about faith, religion, and God's plan for our lives. France plays the devil's advocate in this cynical story that reminds me of The Screwtape Letters, by C. S. Lewis. The big difference is that C. S. Lewis was a Christian believer, and his book very well gave you the ability to compare and contrast belief with p [...]

    26. la historia de una familia noble francesa, lustre iniciado por Alejandro Bussart D´Espavieu, hombre de asuntos políticos y cuantiosa fortuna; según el texto, iniciador de la estirpe.Alejandro D´Espavieu confiaba en las virtudes de los libros y creó una biblioteca de trescientos sesenta mil volúmenes, dejando como misión familiar que cada vez que hubiese una publicación que indicara alguna importancia ya fuera en ciencias naturales, sociales, morales, políticas, religiosas y filosóficas [...]

    27. 2nd readingI still loved it, though the opening was even slower than I remembered (I didn't re-read my earlier review before re-reading the book): those first 36 pages do draaaaaaag. I skimmed over a lot of the chapters with only human characters, because the angel chapters are where the important action is. I love this book for meshing together biblical imagery and modern political discourse in the story of the growing angelic revolution. I didn't care much for the human-only subplots.1st readi [...]

    28. It's not often you come about a well-written, easily read, funny and clever book, which also happens to carry a significant message. If you're a hardcore Christian, this probably isn't for you, but to others - this book was a joy to read. Vivid characters too, thought there isn't necessarily a lot of in depth details on most of them, France still made them very present and lively.

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