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Bare Bear

Bare Bear One stormy night Busby the bear s clothes are blown clear off his line What will he wear the next morning With the help of some forest friends and a giant vegetarian ogre he searches the countryside

  • Title: Bare Bear
  • Author: Miriam Moss
  • ISBN: 9780340882030
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • One stormy night Busby the bear s clothes are blown clear off his line What will he wear the next morning With the help of some forest friends and a giant vegetarian ogre, he searches the countryside and finds his clothes in the most unusual places.

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      422 Miriam Moss
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    1 thought on “Bare Bear

    1. This is one of our families favorite nighttime books! My 7 and 9 year old still love to hear this story!

    2. Bare Bear is a wonderful picture book for very young children under age 7. It is an interactive picture book that tells the story of a bear that must find his clothes that blew away in the wind and makes friends along the way. This is a good picture book. Children will giggle at the fact that the bear is naked at the beginning of the story. I recommend this book as a borrow from the library. It is very good but parents may not want to read it every night and may want to have a limit on how often [...]

    3. I loved this book because not only was it a cute story, but it was written in wonderful rhymes with words chasing each other around each page. The text is a bit longer, but the concept is pretty simple, which makes it a great read for an upper level ECE reader or lower level elementary reader. Great fun with lovely pictures!

    4. A bit long, but I think it'd work in preschool story time if you did it first. Also might work to combine with a felt story (maybe have the bear and the clothing, and add the clothing as he finds it?). I really like the rhyming refrain -- it'll be good to get kids involved, and I also like having to explain the difference between "bare" and "bear", even though the words sound the same!

    5. Some of the rhymes don't flow well (or simply don't rhyme at all, like caught and out) but my boys still like me to read it to them. The illustrations are adorable. I just wish it flowed better to read out loud.

    6. A simple fairy tale style story with lots of repetition and fun characters. I might have liked it more if I had read it out loud with a little kid.

    7. A wonderful story about a bear losing his clothes and searching for them. Great rhyme scheme makes this a perfect read-a-loud. Recommended

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