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Dandelion Moon

Dandelion Moon On Christmas Eve a woman stumbles through a cemetery not knowing who or where she is Myra sat beside Weston staring up at the December sky I remember sitting in this place watching the moon disappe

  • Title: Dandelion Moon
  • Author: Hannah Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On Christmas Eve, a woman stumbles through a cemetery, not knowing who or where she is Myra sat beside Weston, staring up at the December sky I remember sitting in this place watching the moon disappear a little each night, like the head of a dandelion blowing in the wind That was how I felt about my life But you know what happens when those dandelion seeds sOn Christmas Eve, a woman stumbles through a cemetery, not knowing who or where she is Myra sat beside Weston, staring up at the December sky I remember sitting in this place watching the moon disappear a little each night, like the head of a dandelion blowing in the wind That was how I felt about my life But you know what happens when those dandelion seeds spread, Weston said The wind carries them away to be planted and thrive elsewhere You may feel as if you re losing yourself, but your love is planting hope for new life in others On Christmas Eve, Weston Cline frantically searches for the woman he loves, psychiatrist Myra Maxwell She fled her clinic in the middle of the day, and he s heard nothing from her since When he can t find her in the city, he decides to search in her hometown, where he s made enemies in the past and must tread lightly Will Weston be able to find Myra and help her recover her memories, or will his past sins prevent him from reaching her

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    1. "A Series of Mysteries"This is a very touching story of a powerful Christian faith at work in daily lives. The truth of the Gospel is shared in a non-threatening way for those who are seeking. For those who want to help the seekers find the One they are seeking without constantly preaching at them, the author does a great job of sharing how the way we live conveys a message. So much truth is wrapped up in this story of a Christian psychiatrist who has suddenly lost all knowledge of who she is an [...]

    2. 4.5 starsDandelion Moon is a continuation of book 1 (in my opinion). The exception being, the focus of book two is Myra and Weston rather the Joy and Zack; however, Joy and Zack are very much part of this book (thankfully) - and we see their happily-ever-after. Weston was not very likable in book 1, but that all changes in book 2. He is head-over-heels in love with Myra and will do anything to help and protect her, except lie about is faith or lack thereof. Myra is in a state of amnesia. She onl [...]

    3. This is book 2 of the Hallowed Halls series. Even though you can read this one without reading the first. I would definitely recommend reading the first one "Hallowed Halls", its a great read too. You will have a deeper understand of all the characters and their history, if you read Hallowed Halls first.Myra Maxwell has no idea who she is or where she is, As her dear friends try and help her put her life back together and find her memory her greatest fear is what is suppressing it. Even though s [...]

    4. Would Memory Return be a Good Thing?An intelligent psychiatrist found wandering in a cemetery far from her work in a fugue state. She doesn't know her name, her friends, or how she got there. Quite an interesting set-up. Although it could be a stand-alone, the book is best read as part of the Hallowed Halls series because of the emotions that are displayed by characters. These over-the-top emotions can be best understood if one knows the background intimately of the characters as presented in bo [...]

    5. This is the second time I have read this book — this series… and YES, it’s every bit as good as the first time!The husband and wife writing team of Cheryl and Mel — that we know as Hannah Alexander has created some amazing characters.In Hallowed Halls, the first book of the series, we met the main characters of the series — Joy, Myra, Laine, Tressa, Molly, Zack and Weston. In Dandelion Moon, everyone is back, and I was eager to see what’s happening between Joy and Zack, Joy and Westo [...]

    6. Book 2 of the Hallowed Hall series was a great read and continues the stories of the same characters. It's a very well written suspense novel with beautiful romance as well. One of my favorite things about thus book is the strong message of faith. Many Christian novels today mention God, but little else. This book deals with how a Christians faith affects their every day life, how Christians fail, and how God gives them the strength to continue. The characters are very well written, the plot is [...]

    7. Wow! What an awesome book. This is the second book in a series and it can stand alone but I would reccomend reading Hallowed Halls first. Many of the characters in the first book are also in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed both books and I am looking forward to reading the third book when it is published in 2015. One of the things I loved about this book is the way this author presents the gospel and spiritual truth through out the book. I feel uplifted after reading this fiction book. Here a [...]

    8. Dandelion Moon is an engaging tale of suspense and romance! I enjoyed Book 1, Hallowed Halls, and was eager to read its sequel. Although this story can stand on its own, I recommend reading the books in order. Dandelion Moon grabbed my attention on the very first page and my intrigue grew with each page I turned. I loved the medical aspects of the story, as Hannah Alexander’s medical expertise is evident and brings the story to life. I also enjoyed the great characterization, compelling storyl [...]

    9. I learn a lot about medicine, psychology, and people from reading Ms. Alexander's books!Psychologist Myra Maxwell loses her memories--all of them, and finds herself alone in a graveyard at night on Christmas Eve. What shock caused her to go into a "fugue state" and forget her entire past? Her friends Joy, Zack, and Weston help Myra recover her past while struggling through their own issues.Dandelion Moon is sort of a continuation of Hallowed Halls, focused on two of the side characters from the [...]

    10. Myra Maxwell is discovered sobbing in a cemetery by her best friend and mother. She does not recognize either one of them, as she has entered into a fugue state. Joy and Zach are determined to help their friend, but she resists them. Only Weston Cline seems to be able to get through to her. While Weston helps Myra to start regaining some of her memories, Joy and Zach struggle to forgive Weston for the wrongs he did to them the year before. As Myra gains more and more of her memories, she feels s [...]

    11. Hannah Alexander tackles the tough theme of forgiveness with honesty and encouragement in this latest novel. The story also touches on the theme of grieving as the characters come to terms with loss they have experienced in their lives. The second in a series, the story stands on its own, although readers who have read the first book will enjoy getting to know the characters better. Medical topics include fugue state and pharmaceutical interactions, as well as a bit on standard of care. Set at C [...]

    12. This is the second book in the Hallowed Halls series. Since I've read the first book, I wanted to continue the series with this one. I was rather disappointed. This book continues the story of the first, with many of the same characters, with the emphasis this time on Myra, who is in a fugue state. With the help of her friends, she slowly recovers some of her memory and discovers what sent her into this state. There is a very mild mystery and a lot of talk about forgiveness and references to "So [...]

    13. Hannah Alexander did not disappoint in Book 2 of the Hallowed Halls series! The roller-coaster ride starts with a woman in the cemetery who obviously does not know why she is there or even who she is. It continues picking up various people from book 1 'Hallowed Halls'. As we learn who this woman is, we learn much about relationships, forgiveness, God's love and His sacrifice for us. Through many twists and turns, we begin to understand how the events in one's life affect who we become and how we [...]

    14. Hannah Alexander gives a satisfying continuation of the characters from Hallowed Halls. We see resolution of Joy and Zack's story but a surprising element of Myra's and Weston's stories. It gives us some insight into what happens when we experience an unexpected event. Dandelion Moon is glimpse of healing and what expectations of people can do for us. Wonderful story, compelling characters and a great read. I had to finish it so I read through the night. I received an ARC of the book but, I will [...]

    15. This was a terrible book, in my opinion. It was not nearly as good as the first one in the series. My recommendation - don't waste your time.

    16. Dandelion MoonThis is the 2nd in the Hallowed Halls series. Can be read without reading the first one though. Myra loses her memory after getting a phone call with bad news. Weston is worried about her when she just takes off and he don't know where she is. This is a great story for Christmas and anytime, a story about healing and forgiveness. Also about how the Lord can really change a person. I received the book for a honest review. Definitely a good book.

    17. Loved itThese books may be a little predictable but I love the way the characters are developed. I feel like we really get to know them and watch the changes in their hearts. There's always a few twists that are unpredictable, and I like that the characters go through real struggles that I can relate to.

    18. "Dandelion Moon" is Book 2 in the Hallowed Halls series by Hannah Alexander. On Christmas Eve, psychiatrist Myra Maxwell is found having developed a fugue state (where she experiences amnesia-like symptoms). Fellow doctors and friends assist in helping her to recover forgotten memories. I recommend reading Book 1 of the series first ("Hallowed Halls"). I look forward to Book 3!

    19. Wow! No. The writing is clunky, and the story is not very original, but that is not my biggest complaint. I find this a dangerous book. It promotes shaky doctrine as truth, both medically and spiritually. I do think the author meant well, but still

    20. Great story!I loved that the author never depicts Christians as perfectjust forgiven. And her stories always has them witnessing to others by example.

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