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The Iron Necklace

The Iron Necklace The magical wedding of Thomas an idealistic German architect and Irene an English artist brings together the Curtius and Benson families But their peace is soon shattered by the outbreak of war in

  • Title: The Iron Necklace
  • Author: Giles Waterfield
  • ISBN: 9781760111489
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • The magical wedding of Thomas, an idealistic German architect, and Irene, an English artist, brings together the Curtius and Benson families But their peace is soon shattered by the outbreak of war in Europe While Irene struggles to survive in a country where she is the enemy, her sister Sophia faces the war as a nurse on the Western Front.

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      441 Giles Waterfield
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    1 thought on “The Iron Necklace

    1. Two and a half stars. I loved the cover of this book and thought the concept of a family with both German and English members should make for an interesting read. Irene, an English artist marries Thomas, a German architect. Both families are happy. That is until World War 1 intervenes.This had all the ingredients of what should have been an engrossing family story filled with tension. Yet I never really felt involved with the characters. Right from the beginning I struggled to maintain interest [...]

    2. The Iron Necklace is a sweeping family saga that takes us between England and Germany through WW1 and beyond.It’s not a story about the war itself but about the lives of those at home, being it England or Germany, everyone suffered and life was altered forever.The Benson and Curtius families invited me into their homes and their lives. I was privy to their inner most thoughts. I instantly liked the Benson family. Their lives weren’t busy, dramatic or extraordinary but they were interesting i [...]

    3. I have very mixed feelings about this story which opens in 1910 at the wedding of Irene and Thomas.I found it quite hard-going at times and struggled to read it, I didn't really care for any of the characters, except maybe Irene. I thought they were all quite secretive, I didn't know what they were thinking for most of the story and I couldn't get to know them.Their conversations consisted mainly of the war and politics, not surprising I suppose, but it did get boring at times and I wished they [...]

    4. The book opens gently at a wedding between an English and German family pre WW1. The scene is set like a fly on the wall commentry dropping in and out of the different groups to introduce the reader. A quick snapshot of the type of people we are to read about. After setting the scene the book continues with very short chapters on each of the three main protaginists as they navigate their lives and loves against the backdrop of a World War that sets their families on opposite sides. This was the [...]

    5. I won this book through a giftaway, and I was totally thrilled.I found I was unable to put this book down and I read until finished.The style of the story is interesting with differing types to show the two time periods and the letters written.The story moves smoothly through time and I enjoyed the development of the characters, and their interactions with each other.Any negatives - I don't speak or read German, so the use of German language was a bit of a deterrent, but not enough to cause me [...]

    6. They say never judge a book by its cover!! That is the case for me with this book - awesome cover, not so awesome book!!! Wanted to like it and there were a few ok moments in the book, but not many. Didn't make any connections with the characters, didn't feel the desperation of war time either. Sorry

    7. This book was such a disappointment from page one. The short chapters were unfortunately the book's downfall, not only was there little chance to get to know a character, it put a halt to any real flow to the book.There wasn't a single character that grabbed my attention and I felt, even by the end of the book, the reader knew very little about each character. I kept reading hoping the story line would climax at some stage, but by the time I got to the end I was still waiting for that memorable [...]

    8. Drat. SO I won this in a contest but I just couldn't get into it. I really wanted to like it and it had great cover art, but I think my current binge of reading New Adult has tainted me on real books!I'm going to pass this onto another goodread buddy for their read and review :) Sharing the love!

    9. The book opens in 1910, with the wedding of Irene Benson, an English artist and Thomas Curtius, a German architect. We are introduced to their families and siblings. Irene and Thomas go to live in Berlin, and she tries to make a life for herself in a foreign country.In a parallel story, set in the 1960’s, Dorothea (Irene’s daughter), and Pandora (her daughter) are sorting through Irene’s papers and letters, and it is through these letters, and the narrative that the story of the various fa [...]

    10. Set in Europe before the start of the First World War, The Iron Necklace is a story of sadness, sorrow, longing and love. The book follows two families, one English and one German who come together for the marriage of Thomas and Irene, who in peace time already struggle with their new marriage, which is placed under even greater strain when the war begins and sides must be picked. The book is also peppered with the happenings from post Second World War, involving the descendants of Thomas and Ir [...]

    11. A beautifully written family drama set during World War I. It begins with the wedding of a young and wealthy English woman to a German architect in 1910. The story follows them through their lives and their respective families' lives as they learn to cope with the advent of the war and its aftermath.I really enjoyed the style of writing and how the tale is told. The chapters are all quite short, which I think kept the momentum of the story going. It was very interesting to read about the ordinar [...]

    12. It's sometimes difficult to read a book with is told from lots of different perspectives and across time. However, it worked well with The Iron Necklace as it really helped to convey the chaotic times and situations the families at war find themselves in.In 1910, beautiful and wealthy english girl Irene Benson marries up and coming german architect Thomas Curtius to the joy of both families all of whom seem happy witht he match and the melded families. However, with the outbreak of World War 1, [...]

    13. An English girl,Irene,marries a German man,Thomas and they move to Berlin. Irene is generally welcomed by her new German relations. However with the outbreak of World War 1 only a few years later,Irene finds she has divided loyalties between the country of her birth and her adopted country and her husband.The novel looks at the nature of loyalty and the different forms of love.The war affects Irene ,Thomas and their families as they struggle to find their place in the new post war world.I enjoye [...]

    14. Prior to the outbreak of the First World War, the Benson family from England and the Curtius family from Germany come together to celebrate the wedding of Irene Benson, an artist and Thomas Curtius, an architect. The couple’s happy union is soon overshadowed by the looming threat of war between their two counties, England and Germany. It is Irene that feels the pressure the most, living in her new adopted home of Berlin, she is soon viewed as an enemy in the eyes of the German people. The Iron [...]

    15. What a wonderful story, so skilfully told by Giles Waterfield, an author with whom I’m not familiar, but who I will be seeking out in future. I was grateful to be sent a proof copy by Realreaders From the first atmospheric chapter describing the smart London wedding of 1910 which joined together two families, one English and one German, one is immersed in the atmosphere and spirit of the time and of upper middle class life This book is so appropriate as we remember the outbreak of the First Wo [...]

    16. Giles Waterfield knows a lot about history. This is particularly evident in the independent curator and writer’s fourth novel and historic fiction book, The Iron Necklace. The author of The Long Afternoon has had some excellent ideas while developing this novel but the finished product is let-down by his method of execution as the chapters (while short) are slow, nuanced and occasionally boring.The story is about a British family and a German family who are brought together by a marriage. Afte [...]

    17. The Iron Necklace – Giles WaterfieldThis was one of those rare novels where you were swiftly sucked into the narrative almost from the very first word. I’ve often wondered what the conditions are for this to happen as some novels take several pages, even chapters. to truly ‘get into’ it. It isn’t down to any particular writer or style I don’t think, it just seems to be ‘one of those things’. A fusion between the psyche of writer and reader for that particular piece of work, if yo [...]

    18. How difficult it must be to have to choose an allegiance between your country of birth and that of your spouse. In "The Iron Necklace", by author Giles Waterfield, Irene Benson, a young British woman, marries Thomas Curtius, a German, and goes to live in Berlin. The year is 1910 and war clouds have been gathering for years. Irene, an artist, comes from a largish family; her father is a judge and her mother is a social climber. Thomas comes from the same milieu and the families get along at the w [...]

    19. The book covers the period between 1910 and 1933 and tells the story of a German and English family united by a marriage between the respective son Thomas a German architect and the daughter Irene an artist from England. The story goes on to describe the outbreak of the First World War and its effect on the relationship between the couple and their parents. The war and its aftermath make them question their duties and leave them wondering where their loyalties should lie. It also tells the story [...]

    20. Having read the first page I knew I was going to enjoy this book. By the end of the first chapter I was hooked.The premise of a German family and an English family being joined by marriage was inspired, especially as the time span covers the two world wars (more particularly centres around the first world war).The opening chapter is the wedding between the English bride and the German groom - the protagonists. We are fortunate to meet their parents, siblings and other family members. This is a c [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this novel by Giles Waterfield and would like to read more of this author’s work.The book is a sweeping family saga about two, privileged families united by the marriage of the English daughter Irene to the German son Thomas in 1910. It carries on through the First World War, when Irene is forced into the choice of whether to continue living in Germany or return to England, and beyond to the aftermath of both the First and Second World Wars and their effect on Germany.The stor [...]

    22. The Iron Necklace set in England and Germany starting before the First World War and ending in present day. The main characters are Irene, Mark and Sophia Benson. It starts with the marriage of Irene to German Thomas Curtius and follows their lives in Germany. When WW1 starts Irene has to choose between leaving her husband in Germany and returning to her parents in London. She chooses to stay. Meanwhile her brother has joined the Diplomatic Corps and her young sister Sophia becomes a nurse in Fr [...]

    23. From my review blog:themoustachioedreader.wordpreRegrettably…well, that’s never a good word to start any statement with, is it? But, regrettably, this book became the third in an unwelcome hat-trick of books that I didn’t get on with. Following on from “Orkney Twilight” and “A Place Called Winter”, I was fearing the worst as I began this book.I wanted to enjoy it, as the synopsis offered great promise and I was interested in the period of history that the tale covers, yet, like the [...]

    24. Thank you to The Reading Room and Allen & Unwin for my copy of this book. I tried, really I did, to like this book. I took it away on holidays with me and kept saying "just one more chapter" which was a cop out because the chapters were very short. What constitutes a good book for me is the subject matter, whether it engages me straight away and whether I dislike or like the main characters straight away. Unfortunately, I didn't get the point of the iron necklace - I couldn't work out whethe [...]

    25. When I won this book, I truly judged it based on its cover, as amazing as it is. With that said, I also liked the idea of the story that it could hold. It is utterly unique in all of the books that I have read before hand; I loved the idea of a family suffering from both sides, and the age old idea of being torn apart by the ravages of war. This was a wonderful book, and I would truly recommend it to anyone that is interested in this era, or a singularly unique mix of views that show the sufferi [...]

    26. I was excited to receive this book in a First Reads giveaway. It s a completely different style of book to that I have been reading recently in the blur and chaos of young children, work and sleepless nights. However, I found it intellectually stimulating and intriguing on a different level to the easier-reading chick lit etc. It certainly appealed to my high school history background, rekindling interest and stirring old knowledge from years ago. An enjoyable and much appreciated change of pac [...]

    27. Phew! tedious. The book dragged on and on and I felt very tempted to abandon it after about a quarter of it had been read. If it hadn't been a freeby from real readers I would have given up.Quick summary - 2 families connected by marriage (which should not have taken place because she was never happy) and separated by war. A bit 'upstairs' Downton Abbey (which I loved) but I couldn't warm to these characters. The ex lover Julian, might have made it a bit more thrilling, but he was just fleeting [...]

    28. I found this book very peaceful and elegant to read. I enjoyed reading this book, it was not fast paced or full of mystery or intrique but had a good storyline with full characters and plenty of detail.I liked how the book intertwined the individual stories of two families - one English and one German and how the First world war affected the individuals and the families stories and attitudes. Many days after finishing the book I still find myself thinking about the story lines - must be the sign [...]

    29. Set across a fascinating time era we travel from turn of the century England through the Great War from both sides of the channel, into the 20's and beyond until the rancid smell of Nazi Germany becomes too obvious to ignore. So many horrors, yet so much love and richness of detail. Very sensual - clothes, food, wine, music, architecture, art - all provide a feeling of the place and time. Only criticism is that some of the characters did not seem robust enough against the amazing backdrop. Also [...]

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