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Aunt Bessie Decides

Aunt Bessie Decides Aunt Bessie decides that she and her closest friends should have an enjoyable night out Elizabeth Cubbon known to almost everyone as Aunt Bessie has made many friends over the lifetime that she s live

  • Title: Aunt Bessie Decides
  • Author: Diana Xarissa
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aunt Bessie decides that she and her closest friends should have an enjoyable night out Elizabeth Cubbon known to almost everyone as Aunt Bessie has made many friends over the lifetime that she s lived in the village of Laxey, but few have been as close as the ones she s made recently Bessie relied on Doona Moore, Hugh Watterson and John Rockwell to help her through seAunt Bessie decides that she and her closest friends should have an enjoyable night out Elizabeth Cubbon known to almost everyone as Aunt Bessie has made many friends over the lifetime that she s lived in the village of Laxey, but few have been as close as the ones she s made recently Bessie relied on Doona Moore, Hugh Watterson and John Rockwell to help her through several recent murder investigations she s found herself caught up in Now she wants to treat them all to an open air performance of a Shakespearean play on the grounds of historic Peel Castle Aunt Bessie decides that it doesn t much matter what show the troupe is performing as long as she and her friends can relax and have fun Two members have recently left the theatre company Now the troupe has thrown aside its usual repertoire in favour of a play written by one of their own When those two former members appear in the audience, though, someone decides to get rid of one of them for good Aunt Bessie decides to give the show another chance, but a second performance almost ends in a second tragedy With all of the suspects blaming one another, and several of them turning up on the doorstep of Bessie s cottage, it s time for Bessie to decide to solve this murder herself This is the fourth book in the Isle of Man Cozy Mystery Series.

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    1 thought on “Aunt Bessie Decides

    1. Bessie and her friends go to see a play which is awful -- a mass up of shakespeare with no cohesion. During the play, a former player of the troupe is murdered in the dark near where she sat. It is very dialogue heavy but were interesting. I really enjoyed it

    2. Gets off to a slow startI have read all the previous 'Aunt Bessie' books and the one short story so I was a little disappointed to find this book starting out so slowly. The first one-third of the book was difficult to get through because everyone in the group of actors that the story is centered around was so unlikable. I didn't think I would be able to finish it. Finally the story picked up and I was able to make it to the conclusion and the murderer was revealed. I enjoyed the earlier books v [...]

    3. I was disappointed in this one. They kept talking about how the play was confusing and didn't make sense, and I felt like most of the book was the same way - for the first time in this series I couldn't keep the characters (aside from John, Bessie, Doona, and Hugh) straight.

    4. Aunt Bessie Decides, the fourth entry in this cozy series set in the wild and beautiful Isle of Man, differs considerably from the previous three. For starters, Will’s Comedy/Tragedy Players, a travelling Shakespearean performance troupe of American actors, invade the island. Usually, the mysteries featuring Aunt Bessie — more formally known as Elizabeth Cubbon, although she’s called Aunt Bessie by virtually everyone on the Isle of Man — deal with other islanders. I thought the fresh blo [...]

    5. OKThis was my introduction to Aunt Bessie. The story was interesting enough, but not gripping. Everything was told very laid back. There are British words and phrases used, but if you aren't familiar with them the author provides a glossary for those words at the back of the book. While I don't approve of drinking to drown sorry or getting drunk (both of which are present in this book) and I don't like that it appears another character will end up divorced (and, if so, I'm pretty sure who'll end [...]

    6. Somewhere between 3 and 4 stars. On one hand, I liked that this incorporated new people and the plot was interesting. On the other hand, it meandered a lot (especially at the beginning) and the end felt anti-climatic. Also, I'm guessing the Shakespeare troupe were all Americans, but they didn't sound like it and it wasn't clear.Still, this is a cute, enjoyable series and I love Aunt Bessie (who reminds me a bit of my grammy) and well worth a read.

    7. Wayyy too much grinning. Find synonyms. Too much tangential detail. How come the foursome is always together?Too much time spent on rote interviews of suspects with Bessie always oddly present.Always eating; mostly digestives. Why waste ink on that over and over?

    8. Aunt Bessie is at it again!The Isle of Man, friends, thespians and intrigue makes a good platform for murder. And enjoyable romp through friendships, misdirection and red herrings. A book worth enjoying, as well as the others in this series. Believable characters, twists and turn in the plot along with a great location makes this a “must read”. I recommend all of the books in this series.

    9. Excellent readThis is a 5-star read that is well written and very enjoyable to read. The characters are well defined and the four main characters at Aunt Bessie, Inspector John Rutledge, Officer Hugh, and Doona. The four are involved in solving a murder and it is enjoyable to follow their investigations.

    10. I have been to performances of Shakespeare at Peel Castle - and thank goodness none of them were anything like this one! These books are 'comfort reading' for me, and continue to do this job very well.

    11. Aunt Bessie and friends solve another mysteryThe Aunt Bessie series is always good reading. The Isle of Man sounds like a great place to live or just to visit.

    12. This read like an episode of Murder She Wrote, which I had expected. However it was slow and didn't grab my attention.

    13. Aunt Bessie and her friends attend one of the worst theatrical displays of Shakespeare ever and find themselves sitting next to a television star. The actor, who was formerly a member of the troupe on stage, is murdered during the performance. Aunt Bessie joins the investigation team to find the murderer.

    14. A quaint little mystery set on the Isle of Man. I loved the unique settings and language of the people, as well as the suspense and the connections between characters. Mostly, I liked the idea of a grandmotherly figure as the unexpected detective.There are apparently quite of few of these Aunt Bessie books: The Isle of Man Cozy Mystery series.

    15. Aunt Bessie Decides is book four in the Isle of Man Cozy Mysteries by Diana Xarissa. After reading the first three books, the characters are like neighbors . Although they can still be unpredictable as is the plot. Aunt Bessie has purchased tickets to see an Open Air Theater performance of a Shakespearean play. She is expecting a complete Shakespeare play and invites Hugh and his girlfriend Grace, Doona, inspector John Rockwell and his family to join her for a picnic and Shakespeare. When they g [...]

    16. Murder in plain sight!A novel that challenges the imagination, a puzzle that is so clear yet so obscurel the facts are before you: love, jealousy, greed, self importance. who killed Scott?

    17. Aunt Bessie DecidesAnother delightful Aunt Bessie mystery. Aunt Bessie has friends, lots of friends. Of course it helps that she has been around for quite a while and many of her friendships started when those friends were tweens or teens. You see, Aunt Bessie is somewhere between 60 and 100, never married, and sharp as a tack. The unfortunate thing is that she and her core group of friends keep stumbling over bodies.

    18. Aunt Bessie and her friends have planned a special evening out - a picnic dinner watching an American touring company putting on a Shakespearean drama. But then the acting troupe decides to switch things up and do a "new take" on Shakespeare. It's clear that the actors are underprepared and the script badly written, and half way through the show much of the audience leaves. Bessie and her friends decide to stay on to see if the program improves. It doesn't. However, the drama off-stage quickly b [...]

    19. Aunt Bessie DecidesThis is the fourth book in the series. For whatever reason, it was the first one that I picked up. I don't think that it is strictly necessary to read the books in order. This book holds up pretty well on its own. The book opens with Aunt Bessie treating her friends Doona, Inspector Rockwell and family, Hugh and Grace to a performance of Shakespeare. Bessie is disappointed to find out after arriving that instead of one of the Bard's plays, the troupe is going to perform a mode [...]

    20. To me the story was very slow-paced, and even somewhat staid. I was hoping for more of a feeling for the island of Man, but the descriptions were very superficial. Instead of being about a late middle-aged person, it felt like it was one.

    21. Back with Aunt BessieThis time around Aunt Bessie, Doona, Hugh, and Inspector Rockwell are off to see a play in a real old castle Hugh is bringing his girlfriend Grace, and the Inspector is bringing his children.Everyone is having a great time until one of the people in the audience near Aunt Bessie is found with a knife in his back. Then a few days later an actress falls during a performance.So Aunt Bessie, Hugh, Doona and the Inspector all set out to solve the murder. Well written and oIl am l [...]

    22. This a fun cozy mystery series. I had read one other but both out of order so there were numerous characters with no explanation. The series' setting is the Isle of Man, an independent country in the Irish Sea, best known for their tailless cats. There were so many possible suspects. But they were all actors in a theater group putting on plays on the castle grounds so also adept at lying. Their statements to the police seemed true. So I didn't figure out the murderer till Aunt Bessie did! I reco [...]

    23. I'm in the process of working my way through the entire series - which runs aphabetically. The series is as much about the relationship between friends and Aunt Bessie's life as it is about the case. They are forever having Chinese take-away together and discussing the current case. I enjoy the coziness of the series but if you are looking for non-stop excitement, this series may not be for you. Personally, I enjoy returning to familiar places and people and catching up with their lives. No obje [...]

    24. I've read a few of these Aunt Bessie mysteries and this was not as interesting as the others. It basically consists of one quick death & several chapters of repetitive interviews with stereotypical suspects followed by an accident and several more repetitive interviews. Nothing much happens in the book at all and I was left wondering if the author has been rushed into producing more stories for this series than she is ready for. I hope that in the future there is more action in her mysteries [...]

    25. Not as cozy as the previous onesI have been very content snuggling in for a good visit with Aunt Bessie until I became really bored with the very lengthy "sleep over " section and had to skip a lot of pages that didn't seem to add anything. I'd prefer more information about the Island and less conversation since its a delightful way to add geographical and historical knowledge into a good story!

    26. I have to admit this book kept me guessing right to the end. The characters are pleasant and not all that interesting. I liked the first book in this series that I read more engaging. It's a quick and easy read; but it did not capture my imagination at all. No, I could not guess "who did it", but I didn't really care either. Still, I would indeed catagorize this as a cozy mystery and if you are looking for a pleasant, non-thought provoking easy read - here you go.

    27. Cozy and full of old friends, Aunt Bessie continues to stumble across bodies. My husband would criticize it as formulaic, but I think that is what we escape fiction readers crave. I am beginning to love the Isle of Man. In this book, the Laxey/Ramsey CID and Aunt Bessie must see through the acting skills of a Shakespearean troop to find the murderer. And relationships and new friendships continue to form, just like in real life.

    28. Aunt Bessie does it again!I find Cozy Mysteries light, easy, fun reading. And the Aunt Bessie series is definitely one of the best. Bessie lives in a world far different than mine, so in addition to trying to figure out who done it, I enjoy reading about the daily trivia of life on a small island far away. A every enjoyable read.

    29. Delightful story!I've enjoyed the Aunt Bessie stories. They are quite Jane Marple-esque . This story took some unexpected turns and that was interesting. My only disappointment was the never ending returns to the play productions, that just got old for me. I hope the author includes the two vacationing sisters in future stories, I really liked them !

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