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Wild Heat

Wild Heat PART BBW VAMPIRE SERIAL M F MSPOILER ALERT Read Part before you read this descriptionTanya has a huge decision to make To take her chances and risk being snatched by the alpha wolf or to allow her

  • Title: Wild Heat
  • Author: Charlene Hartnady
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PART 4 BBW VAMPIRE SERIAL M F MSPOILER ALERT Read Part 3 before you read this descriptionTanya has a huge decision to make To take her chances and risk being snatched by the alpha wolf or to allow her vampire kings to try and impregnate her making her undesirable to the shifters The last thing she wants is to be mated against her will to the alpha If he somehow managePART 4 BBW VAMPIRE SERIAL M F MSPOILER ALERT Read Part 3 before you read this descriptionTanya has a huge decision to make To take her chances and risk being snatched by the alpha wolf or to allow her vampire kings to try and impregnate her making her undesirable to the shifters The last thing she wants is to be mated against her will to the alpha If he somehow manages to get his claws into her, she ll be used as a pawn against the vampire species and the two males she has come to care for greatly The lesser of two evils must be the right choice then If only it was so freaking easy.Brant and Zane have sort of agreed to both mate with her come new moon but there is still no love lost between the two males A tug of war ensues with her trapped firmly in the middle.What is a girl to do Wild Heat is Part 4 of a 6 part serial and is approximately 20,000 words 79 pages The story contains strong sexual themes language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18 M F M

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      243 Charlene Hartnady
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    1 thought on “Wild Heat

    1. Oh, lordy, lordy, lordy, this author surely knows how to build a story arc. I mean just when I think it couldn't get better--and what else the author could toss at us and our smexy vamps, there is she tossing away. We have a new character Estral and I'm so interested to see how these creatures living aside a modern human world could be so stuff in a rut! They believe in really old school traditions. Women are worshiped and at the same time is a shame threat that seems to hang over their head. It [...]

    2. Great balls of fire! I am so in love with this series! It just gets better and better! Exciting! Action Packed! Smart! Original! Mysterious! Suspenseful! Powerful! Gripping! Riveting! Thrilling! Addictive! Captivating! Arousing! Romantic! Sexy! Steamy! And did I say hot? Oh yeah! This story has it all. Ms. Hartnady has once again demonstrated her exceptional talent by delivering a masterpiece of wonder, thrill and entertainment. Both the story and dialog flow beautifully, twisting and turning wi [...]

    3. The weak book of the series so far.While I am on the whole enjoying this series this book felt somehow a little flat, it's only 68 pages long and if I'm being totally honest it felt a bit like filler, I'm not saying nothing happened but not enough to justify a book/novella but that's only my opinion. I am of course hooked into the series at this point but since they're all available and on kindle unlimited it's not a problem.This book is Tanya, Brant and Zane trying to get along and find some ki [...]

    4. Loved the plot twist in this one. Poor Zane. Or perhaps: poor XavierNow I'm left thirsting for the fifth installment, which will, fortunately be out in only a little wile. I wonder who the lucky guy is? I'm sure he'll be very proud of himself;-)One thing though, I truly hope this is the last book where I will have to deal with the "face TAUGHT with desire" typo. What is the author trying to tell us, that the kings have been schooled in a certain lustful, royal facial expression? Come on, use the [...]

    5. This part 4 of Chosen by the Vampire Kings. I am so hooked. Thankfully, the books are fulfilling and if I stopped it would be okay.However, I don't plan on stopping. The author has peaked my interest in her story and I anxiously await the next part.I also like the fact that the cost is very, very reasonable for a mulit-part series.Keep up the excellent story telling, Ms. Hartnady.

    6. I'm still head on heels for this series from Charlene Hartnady, it's filled with love, lust and war. My problem still is that these short stories are too short! Can't wait until next book to know more about her pregnancy and who's the father? And to know what they have in mind for the elven princess :)

    7. Another great chapterThe guys cannot catch a break, as the evil alliance is broken, but now they have an elf princess and no vampire king for her to mate with. Bryant is really having a hard time learning to share and it is getting painful to read. Also is that the latter of little feet we hear!!!????

    8. The kings are starting to work out the agreed to arrangement when a monkey wrench is thrown their way. What will they do? Though the story continued, it lacked the excitement from book 2 & 3n't misinterprete book is still good.

    9. Still 5 StarsWhat can I say love the book, it just gets more interesting as it goes on? You just enjoy the characters and feel for them and want to know what happens to the other people; that are mention in the story. Keep writing, it just gets better and better.

    10. OMG!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Hot crazy mess it is, but a damn good one it is!! A lot is going on in this read and series. She loves them both! I love them both! Crazy cliffy and want the next one out already!! Now, I am loving this kindle select through amazon. So worth it for me. Great read!

    11. Awesome Twistwell, there was quite a plot twist with this one!! And, as usual, I'm left wanting more. seemed like there was more cussing in this latest installment. and now I'm thirsty!! (you'll understand once you read it)

    12. Keeps getting hotter. When one leaves for business the other is cold. When he returns a new twist occurswhat will happen when the Elf king gives them his daughter to mate? Will one have to give up what he wants? And man it ends on a major cliffhanger lol - part of Kindle Unlimited.

    13. Chosen by the vampire kingsWow fighting everywhere and a friend taken. Now they are given an Elvin princess. Oh yea she pregnant. So now what can happen

    14. Great 4th bookthis is a great read even thought short. if you don't like short reads wait until it becomes a box set. if your like me I can wait the three weeks between books.


    16. Love the series that Charlene Hartnady has start with the vampire kings and what will happen next with Tanya. Her choice between her 2 vampires

    17. Stars: 4Overall: The Tug of War starts between the Alpha Vampires and Tanya. She decides that she isn't going to choose just one of them, that she is going to choose both. At first both men are not happy with the decision, but Zane seems to come to terms with it a little more quickly. Brant on the other hand isn't having it, but he tries for the sake of Tanya. In the midst of all this a vampire female is taking by the wolves and the other inhuman are trying to take out the vampire covens. This s [...]

    18. " Blood - Tingling Vampire Romance!"You will get so hooked on this series you will hate to see it end!. If the Romance does not get you hooked the suspense and action will !. Word of the two covens joining to become one has spread. So the elven King calls a meeting with Zane. The Elven King pledges his alliance and insists Zane take his Daughter to mate, but Zane only wants Tanya. The Elven King insists The Elven Princess must mate with one of the Vampire royalty. Neither Zane nor Brant will hav [...]

    19. I am going to lump the whole series review together because to separate one from the other is like torture. Plus, I could not put the books down long enough to write it until the end.This series is Amazing! I literally read the whole series in one night. I was up until 5 AM! Every time I tried to put the books down and sleep, my thoughts were full of who would she choose, would they fight to the death, would she find happiness, and so on. So, I would pick it up again. It has been a long time sin [...]

    20. This is a good addition to the series, with the war being a lot more heated and the relationship between the three main characters is growing.The main characters are Tanya, Zane and Brant; the two vampire kings and their mate. The boys are still coming to terms with sharing Tanya between them and both of them want to get her pregnant first meaning that Tanya is pretty much exhausted. The secondary characters are the same as in the previous books.The storyline is not the most original but quick a [...]

    21. This one wasn't bad. War had broken out and Tanya has gone into "heat" making Zane and Brant need to be with her to get an heir. So far no word on the pregnancy for the majority of the book. Then there are alliances being made with the Elves and all sorts of things going on.I definitely liked this book but was wondering why Zane didn't spend more time with Tanya when Brant had to leave. Never really explained.

    22. More hotness- I dunno how I can take it! These stories are just so well written and sexy I can't stop loving them At first I wasn't sure the author could keep this going book to book to book with interesting novellas- I was way wrong! This is a must read if you love m/f/m (without interaction) and lots of spiciness! Great story!

    23. This fourth book in the series is short, but tantalzing. Still love the overbearing, sex-crazed, alpha Kings. My only complaint is it is a rather short installment and doesn't delve too much farther into the plot. Most of this book is taken up with the act of "mating" and is not very diversified or complex.

    24. Dreaming about Zane and Brant Finally both vampire men decided to both mate with Tanya and save both covens. It is funny to read about brants jealousy moments and hot when they both take her. Still loving the series so much I am doing a short review to get on to the next book.

    25. Problem with formattingThis would have been a good read except there's a problem with the kindle formatting. The font changes. It skips apart of the book or repeats paragraphs depending on where you are. Please fix it.

    26. Loved this series. small books easy to read when you are ready.I look forward to read one of the other series from this author!p.s. to bad the main character didn't get her ultimate vampire sandwich :(Just taking turns is not it!

    27. This series just continues to get better and better. I'm glad I went against my initial feelings and kept on with these books. The characters are in some pretty intense relationships and each book has ended with a cliff hanger, making the reader want more.

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