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Tales from the Back Row: An Outsider’s View from Inside the Fashion Industry

Tales from the Back Row An Outsider s View from Inside the Fashion Industry Funny and fearless Tales from the Back Row is a keenly observed collection of personal essays about what it s really like to be a young woman working in the fashion industry In Tales from the Back Ro

  • Title: Tales from the Back Row: An Outsider’s View from Inside the Fashion Industry
  • Author: Amy Odell
  • ISBN: 9781476749754
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Funny and fearless, Tales from the Back Row is a keenly observed collection of personal essays about what it s really like to be a young woman working in the fashion industry.In Tales from the Back Row, Cosmopolitan editor Amy Odell takes readers behind the stage of New York s hottest fashion shows to meet the world s most influential models, designers, celebrities, edFunny and fearless, Tales from the Back Row is a keenly observed collection of personal essays about what it s really like to be a young woman working in the fashion industry.In Tales from the Back Row, Cosmopolitan editor Amy Odell takes readers behind the stage of New York s hottest fashion shows to meet the world s most influential models, designers, celebrities, editors, and photographers.But first, she has to push her way through the crowds outside, where we see the lengths people go to be noticed by the lurking paparazzi, and weave her way through the packed venue, from the very back row to the front And as Amy climbs the ladder with tips about how you can, too , she introduces an industry powered by larger than life characters she meets the intimidating Anna Wintour and the surprisingly gracious Rachel Zoe, not to mention the hilarious Chelsea Handler, and .As she describes the allure of Alexander Wang s ripped tights and Marchesa s Oscar worthy dresses, Amy artfully layers in something else ultimately this book is about how the fashion industry is an exaggerated mirror of human fallibility reflecting our desperate desire to belong, to make a mark, to be included For Amy is the first to admit that as much as she is embarrassed by the thrill she gets when she receives an invitation to an exclusive after party, she can t help but RSVP yes.

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      337 Amy Odell
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    1 thought on “Tales from the Back Row: An Outsider’s View from Inside the Fashion Industry

    1. Book provided by publisher in exchange for honest reviewI wasn't sure what to expect when I picked this book up but I actually really enjoyed it. It was pretty funny and really insightful into the fashion industry. I couldn't really relate to anything and fashion isn't something I'm interested so it felt more educational then fun to me but I did learn a lot and I really enjoyed reading Tales from the Back Row. I highly recommend it if you like fashion or are interested the fashion industry.

    2. I have received a copy from the publishers in exchange for an honest review!Tales From the Back Row: An Outsider's View from Inside the Fashion Industry by Amy Odell is an interesting, witty and fast paced read about the New York fashion industry.The moment I have received the book I immediately started reading and it was really hard to put it down. At first I didn't know what to expect, but Amy's writing style was really capturing, fun and easy to follow.In this book Amy shares some pretty inte [...]

    3. meh.fun title, but pretty boring. Which is too bad because I thought it would be so much better!! I'm looking at reviewsnda perplexed as to who the recommended audience should be??I like fashionor shall I say I like clothes!!!! I'm not super all over fashion coverage, I don't really read fashion mags, don't care about designers or fashion week, but I read a handful of fashion blogs. this book really gave me no extra insight - you can watch a few tv shows or read a few articles and get the gist o [...]

    4. ARC for review. A nice little piece about someone who might have started as an outsider but quickly found a nice little niche within the fashion industry. The blurb says "ultimately this book is about how the fashion industry is an exaggerated mirror of human fallibility-reflecting our desperate desire to belong, to make a mark, to be included," and I guess that if you squint really hard you'll see some of that here, but it's mostly just anecdotes of fashion events strung together to make a book [...]

    5. As another outsider who once had an inside view of the industry (I worked at a regional fashion/lifestyle for 5 years), I was really excited to pick up Tales from the Back Row and hoped for a humorous validation of our seemingly shared experience maybe something more like The Devil Wears Prada but with less drama and more reflection. That is to say, I wanted to love this book.Unfortunately, Odell didn't find her stride until chapter 5 ("Editors: The Time I Refrained from Barfing on my Idol, Anna [...]

    6. This book deserves more stars. As an audiobook reader, there's something I wish I could tell every single author. Every new author, ever seasoned author. I wish I could sit down with them, take their hand, look them in their eye. We want to like your book. We, the audiobook readers, want nothing more than to listen to your book, and escape reality and fall into the rabbit hole. None of us want to be bored, or irritated, or frustrated. We just want to love you. And the one thing. The one thing. T [...]

    7. So many of these books tend to be a bit samey, but I quite enjoyed reading Tales from the Back Row because Amy Odell is unapologetic about her style, voice and what she thinks of fashion, and that she can treat the ridiculous and the over-the-top fairly (and admit it when she doesn't.) There's a lot of hilarity in the book, yes, but Odell doesn't treat her work as not being serious, and that's what I really enjoyed. Read it just for the brilliant bit about her interviewing with Anna Wintour.

    8. Although I am usually interested in behind the scenes accounts of industries alien to me, this is just a chatty and obnoxious memoir of being a fashion blogger, acting dumb at shows, borrowing stuff from sample closets and once buying designer sweatpants while high.

    9. This was a funny book. I remember Amy Odell's columns in NY Mag's "The Cut"She got a funny tone. You can tell she's not taking herself or fashion too seriously. If you're a fashionista or just a fan of fashion, you'll like enjoy this book.

    10. The glitz, the glamour, the bizarre designer clothingI can't seem to get enough of fashion industry memoirs. Thank You to Simon & Schuster for an advanced copy of Amy Odell's Tales From the Back Row in exchange for an honest review. PLOT- Fashion editor and blogger, Amy Odell, recalls her industry experiences that range from standing in the back at fashion shows, to being invited to sit in the front row. She experiences fashion highs, like interviewing with Anna Wintour and lows, like discov [...]

    11. “The beauty of fashion industry is that while everyone in it judges everyone, in a way, they also judge no one.” Brilliant writing, keen observations about the fashion industry and sharp humor. That’s Tales From the Back Row in brief. It’s fresh, it’s funny, but best of all, it’s relatable. Even if you’re an outsider whose experience with the industry amounts to passing each other by like ships in the night.The world of fashion is a peculiar place inhabited by ethereal models, stre [...]

    12. A high fashion memoir from someone who has a regular person outlook on the world of fashion but an insider's knowledge? Yes, please! If you've met me or seen pictures of me, you know fashion is not a personal love of mine as far as my own clothing is concerned. I'd much rather spend my money on books and art supplies than on upscale clothing, shoes, and purses. But I'm also still a woman and while I'm not as particular about my personal wardrobe, I do have an interest in fashion as a thing to lo [...]

    13. I liked the authors writing style, but ultimately she just didn't have enough to write about so that made this book a complete bore. If I hadn't been sitting poolside with it I likely wouldn't have finished it. She claims to be a fashion outsider but with access enough to have experience around what the fashion industry is like. But there is none of that. She writes 40 pages about getting backstage access to the Victoria Secret show to do interviews but tells us nothing we haven't read in any ot [...]

    14. I figured that a book by a humorous former fashion blogger would be a perfect fit for me since I read a humorous fashion blog daily, but I was sadly mistaken. Through reading about Odell's experiences, I did gain some insight into the fashion industry, but it took a while for the book to fully capture my attention due to a slow, unexpectedly dull start. At times it feels like Odell is trying way too hard to be funny, her writing is prone to go off on wild personal tangents, and some of her stori [...]

    15. *Book provided by publisher in exchange for honest review*Read full review at myriadinklings.wordpressI don’t read a lot of non-fiction because I honestly find that a lot of non-fiction books are a little dull/lacking personality. However, I found that Tales From The Back Row was really humorous. I really loved Odell’s voice as she told her stories that gave us glimpses into working in the fashion world. I enjoyed the formatting of the book as well, it was easy to pick up and put down at my [...]

    16. I usually love behind-the-scenes exposes of flashy industries, and the fashion industry is one that feels particularly foreign to me. While I appreciated some of Odell's humor, her specificity, and her intentions, I ultimately felt that this book lacked much purpose. She's an outsider, yes, but only for about ten pages. The book is mostly a collection of essays about fashion SHOWS, not the industry as a whole. It's a breezy read if you like fashion blogging, but for me, it didn't have the heft i [...]

    17. Even if The Devil Wears Prada is the extent of your fashion knowledge, you'll love this book. Amy Odell's Tales from The Back Row is smart, funny, a must for anyone who is fashion curious. I'm not fashion savvy, so I wasn't sure what to expect when jumping into Odell's book, but Odell's re-telling of her time in the back row, was more than I could have hoped. So give into your inner fashionista and read this book.

    18. Amy Odell is hilarious and this book is a treasure. It's a good, juicy, behind the scenes read about fashion from someone who is not part of the world and so she dishes on all the things a non-fashion person wants to know about. This is a book I'll read more than once because the stories are so damn good. A++++

    19. Amy's journey from fashion outsider to industry insider is inspiring, revealing, and (most of all) hilarious. If you want to learn what it's like to interview celebrities on the red carpet, interview with Anna Wintour, or catch the attention of street style bloggers, this book is for you. Or, if you simply enjoy laughing out loud, this book is also for you. I couldn't put it down.

    20. I couldn't have been more excited when I received an email asking me if I'd like to review Tales From the Back Row, a book written by Cosmopolitan's editor, Amy Odell. This book is a first hand account of how Amy rose from being the party reporter for New York Magazine to the editor of the largest community of women online.The book is split into several snappy chapters detailing the different stages  of her ascent and the people she met at each one. It starts with Bloggers, which as a blogger [...]

    21. I read this as part of a reading list. I never would have read it otherwise. I thought it was witty and funny but also a bit rambly. I don't follow fashion (mainly because I'm not a size 00 nor do my incredibly wealthy parents bankroll my existence) so the book may have more of a base with a fashionista. All in all, I wouldn't necessarily recommend the book but I wouldn't discourage its reading either.

    22. 2.5 StarsI don't know what I was expecting, but this book just didn't do anything for me. Maybe I'm just not as "fashion savvy" as I thought I was. I used to be a personal assistant and reading this book about being in the fashion industry just reminded me of all the bad experiences I had as a personal assistant.

    23. It's basically a fun book filled with little, conversational essays that mimic the tone and voice that echos throughout Hearst Tower. As a long-time Cosmo reader, I loved getting inside the head of one of its star editors.

    24. A good insight into the fashion world. I think its a good read for anyone interested in working in the fashion industry. Would be good to have photos to go along with the stories.

    25. The first thought that came to my mind when I started reading this book was: I'm jealous! Being in any chair at fashion week, or working with a fashion magazine or in the fashion industry in general is something that I would sell a kidney to do. I know, I know, "Well, then Evin why aren't you doing that?" Rest assured my dear friends, I am currently working on it and finding a way to turn things in that direction. (Part of that process was starting this blog! It basically opened my eyes to what [...]

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