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Thieving Forest

Thieving Forest On a humid morning in seventeen year old Susanna Quiner watches helplessly from behind a tree while a band of Potawatomi Indians kidnaps her four older sisters from their cabin With both her par

  • Title: Thieving Forest
  • Author: Martha Conway
  • ISBN: 9780991618507
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • On a humid morning in 1806, seventeen year old Susanna Quiner watches helplessly from behind a tree while a band of Potawatomi Indians kidnaps her four older sisters from their cabin With both her parents dead from Swamp Fever and all the other settlers out in their fields, Susanna rashly decides to pursue them herself What follows is a young woman s quest to save her siOn a humid morning in 1806, seventeen year old Susanna Quiner watches helplessly from behind a tree while a band of Potawatomi Indians kidnaps her four older sisters from their cabin With both her parents dead from Swamp Fever and all the other settlers out in their fields, Susanna rashly decides to pursue them herself What follows is a young woman s quest to save her sisters and the parallel story of her sisters new lives Over the next five months, Susanna tans hides in a Moravian missionary village escapes down a river with a young native girl discovers an eccentric white woman raising chickens in the middle of the Great Black Swamp and becomes a servant in a Wyandot village longhouse The man who loves her, Seth Spendlove, is in pursuit after he realizes that his father was involved in the kidnapping Part Potawatomi himself but living a white man s life, Seth unwittingly sets off on his own quest to reclaim his birthright He allies himself with a Potawatomi named Koman, one of the band of men who originally abducted the Quiner sisters, but who now wishes to make his own retribution Together they canoe through the Black Swamp and into enemy territory looking for Susanna, and while they travel Koman teaches Seth about their shared heritage Fast paced and richly detailed, Thieving Forest explores the transformation of all five sisters as the Quiners contend with starvation, slavery, betrayal, and love It paints a fascinating new picture of pioneer life among Native American communities, while telling a gripping tale of survival.

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      257 Martha Conway
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    1. Susanna and her four sisters have recently lost their parents to Swamp fever. They decide to continue their small store that is attached to their house out in the wilderness. Then the sisters are taken in an attack from a group of Potawatomi as Susanna hides. After the abduction Susanna takes off after her sisters and their abductors. The story takes Susanna to a weird Missionary village where she stays for a few months and then into the Black Swamp.That Black Swamp and all that Susanna does to [...]

    2. I love me some old-timey, pioneer-type stories. Tribes of natives, living off the land, seeing the promise of 'Murrica paying off, or tasting it sour in one's mouth: all that speaks to me. And this story did not fail to deliver exactly what I was looking for.A gaggle of recently orphaned women are taken all secret-like by a bunch of natives. What follows is a story of attempted rescue, of severe and forced adaptation, and of redemption or lack thereof. I loved it. The descriptions of how day-to- [...]

    3. Loved the story! Wasn't crazy about the narrator. Lacked emotional depth to her voice, although her pronunciation of tribal names was beautiful. Probably would be best enjoyed just reading oneself. The storyline was wonderful. Will be reading more of Conway's books.My in-depth review of Thieving Forest can be found on Audible.

    4. A good read about a group of sisters trying to survive alone after their parents are taken by swamp fever. When her sisters are captured by Indians, Susannah, the sister who is left makes it her mission to find out their fate. A fast moving and interesting where things are not as they appear on the surface. Life in a mission camp and of course the thieving woods. Just not sure a young girl would have set out virtually alone during this time period. Still the authors includes enough history and p [...]

    5. 2.5/5It's always so disappointing when you come across a book with a great idea but poor execution. Unfortunately that was the case with this book, I found the plot to be super interesting, but it just wasn't enough to make up for the amateur writing and poor character development. Maybe in a few more years or perhaps with a tougher editor I am sure that this author will improve.Buy,Borrow or Bin Verdict: BinNote: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

    6. Thieving Forest is an ancient forest crowded with decrepit elms and maples and oak, too many of them fallen for a comfortable crossing, a place settlers generally go around rather than through. It got its name after a band of Sauk Indians tried to hide some stolen horses there. Severne sits on its southern edge like a fly on the rimof a saucer. On the other side of the forest lies theGreat Black Swamp---a dark wooded bog nearly the size ofConnecticut---and beyond that is Lake Erie. Rumors circul [...]

    7. Thanks to Martha Conway for this give-away and a sneak peak at her new novel!! It's no secret that I love Historical Fiction, so I was very happy to win this book, but it was so much better than I was expecting! This is the story of a family of 5 girls living in a small "village" in 1806. Their parents have just recently passed. Another younger sister has been living in Philadelphia with an aunt and the girls are trying to decide whether to stay and try to run the family store or leave and join [...]

    8. Susanna Quiner hid while she watched four of her sisters being violently torn from their home by a party of Potawatami warriors. Is this the opening scene of a propaganda piece designed to show us how savage the original inhabitants of North America were? Thieving Forest by Martha Conway may seem that way initially, but this story line is more complex than readers might think. It takes place in early 19th century America. The novel’s portrayal of the period is neither utopian nor dystopian. Ma [...]

    9. The story is compelling and the history is interesting but I couldn't quite connect with any of the sisters, except Susanna. A harrowing journey to find her kidnapped sisters leads Susanna through dangers of the wilderness , Indians both peaceful and not , a friendship with an orphan Indian girl, a man who loves her and the realization that her life is not her sisters'.A satisfying ending gets this book a generous three stars .Thanks to Smith Publicity and NetGalley .

    10. I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you NetGalley!3.5 StarsSet in 1806 Severne, Ohio, the Thieving Forest is a tale of survival for Susanna Quiner and her 5 sisters as they learn to care for themselves and decide the fate of their future after the loss of both of their parents to Swamp Fever. After a morning of bickering over what they should do, Susanna goes outside to tend to the chickens. After hearing and seeing some savages come through [...]

    11. This book hit a lot of marks for me. Pioneer living by white and native Americans in the wilds of Ohio in 1805, check. Adventure tale involving snake bites, starvation, slavery, cruelty, kindness from unexpected quarters, and courage, check. Strong women characters meeting challenges and overcoming difficulties, check. Well researched, well written historical fiction, check.The bare bones of this novel begins with the kidnapping of the 4 Quiner sisters, witnessed by the 5th sister, Susanna, who [...]

    12. When Susanna looks down at the peapods again she sees the new black lace on her cuff. Her parents died almost two weeks ago and only one day apart, Ellen first and then Sirus, as unexpected as two suns setting in the same evening. Susanna, who is superstitious, has put a piece of rowan wood in the pocket of her black dress to guard against ghosts, although she misses her mother, and would almost chance the frightening encounter in order to see her again. She's lonely for her. She's lonely for bo [...]

    13. Riveting and incandescent as it is meticulously researched, Thieving Forest is an extraordinary novel woven out of the lore of Indian captivity narratives. After losing their parents, the orphaned Quiner sisters face the daunting prospect of making their family’s store thrive in the tiny settlement of Severne on the edge of Ohio’s Great Black Swamp. The sisters’ lives are suddenly turned upside down on a summer day in 1806 when a band of Potawatomi Indians raid their home and kidnap all bu [...]

    14. What a marvellously accomplished and compelling book this is! Meticulously and painstakingly researched, carefully paced, with a cast of realistic and intriguing characters and with a plot that makes the novel a real page-turner, this is one of my reading highlights for this year. It tells the story of five sisters whose parents have died and who are coming to terms with their possible future in Severne, Ohio at the turn of the 19th century. Then one day they are captured in an Indian raid and t [...]

    15. In the early 1800's the four Quiner sisters are red-haired, rather rude, a bit spoiled anddnapped! Although all the girls have a story, Susanna is the main character we follow through her sustainability in the wilds of Ohio amongst various Native American tribes. Their fates are an interesting and sometimes tragic blend of passion and survival. A very good look at a time period and circumstance you don't find very often.

    16. Rated 4.5 - Also posted at TBRMountainRange where you can find more of my reviews by category tags.A great pioneer story that takes place in Ohio and celebrates its rich history with a grand adventure of survival of the fittest.I was so happy to find this book because I absolutely love, love, love Ohio history and to find a novel about the early inhabitants near the Black Swamp in Northwest Ohio that includes the Potawatomi, Wyandot, Shawnee and Ottawa Indians in the early 1800s just added to my [...]

    17. Intriguing novel of early frontier womenThis is a story of five young women, sisters, in the Ohio frontier and how their lives were turned upside down one summer day when they were kidnapped by Indians. Strong characters and a good plot made it very enjoyable. Chapters and sections are told from different character's points of view, but the author keeps the pacing tight and consistent, with a satisfying conclusion. Violence; no sex, but adult situations are referenced; no foul language.

    18. I really enjoyed how this story portrays women as strong and able to fend for themselves during a time when it wasn't common. It was entertaining and had a good story.

    19. Before I get into why I liked this book so much even though I’m not a fan of historical fiction, I’m going to explain why fans of historical fiction will love it.First, it’s got the "historical." Conway did her research, and the result is an incredibly detailed account of life in early 1800’s Ohio. And not just life in any one white settlement or Indian tribe, but across a wide range of diverse groups. Second, it’s got the "fiction." If you like stories, here are five: four sisters kid [...]

    20. I loved this novel from the first page to the last. I haven't read any pioneer stories since Little House, but this made me want to devour more of them. 5 sisters. Their parents newly dead. One goes out to feed the pig, and while she's out sees her sisters carried off by Potowatomi Indians. This launches an amazing story as she sets out into the nearby forest to try and get them back. Conway does a masterful job of going into the heads of the different sisters and also some more peripheral chara [...]

    21. Delighted to read a new novel by Martha Conway, whose 12 Bliss St. I also enjoyed greatly Thieving Forest is a compelling historical quest novel that introduced me to much about the relationship between Europeans and Native Americans, as well as the ways and challenges of life, in 19th century Ohio. But the characters are at the heart of this story -- and the Quiner sisters' are a lively, intelligent, competitive brood whose forthright views get them into sticky situations that are historical, b [...]

    22. Thieving Forest is an excellent work of historical fiction. It manages to sensitive characterizations with a taut, high-powered plot, all while digging deep into a fascinating historical era in ways that are engaging, believable, and extremely well realized. One of the elements I look for in historical fiction is realistic portrayals of clashes of cultures that go beyond the simple good/bad or black/white that is all too common in plot-driven historical fiction. Thieving Forest follows a family' [...]

    23. A sweeping tale of loss and love and coming home again. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. A very well written tale of sisters separated by greed and tragedy. Amazing research into Native American culture and tribe placement. I often found myself wondering what else can go wrong and how much more can this woman suffer. At each turn, you are rooting for her to turn back, save herself. These are some extremely well fleshed out characters. You feel for each and every one of them and all the tribu [...]

    24. I won this book in a giveaway. This book was very entertaining. It kept me reaching for it every chance I had. It's one of those books that I don't want to end but want to know how it ends. I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in this genre. Even if you're not, give it a try. Ending was kinda of cliff hanger type, possibility for a sequel. If not, wish it ended a little differently. Still, excellent book! Great job, Martha Conway! Thank you for the free autographed copy of this book [...]

    25. Thieving Forest is probably one of my favorite reads for this year. I love this time period and not many authors tackle writing during this time. The story tells of sisters being kidnapped by Native Americans in the Ohio frontier. I absolutely loved the character of Susanna. I admired her determination to reunite with her sisters and her will to survive. I thought this book reminded me of those written by the fabulous authors, Jody Hedlund and Laura Frantz. A great, clean read. 5 stars.I receive [...]

    26. Boring I have read so many quality books about Indian abductions and this one just could not measure up. I was excited to read about Indian abductions in the area where I live, but the story was unbelievable, unrealistic character interactions more of a young adult, child story.

    27. Thieving Forest is a very compelling story with a strong female protagonist. I felt the ending was a bit abrupt and wanted to know more about (view spoiler)[Susanna's return home (hide spoiler)], but overall I really, really enjoyed this novel.

    28. A beautifully written historical novel set in the wilderness, full of character-driven turmoil. Conway's writing had me turning the pages!

    29. Seventeen-year-old Susanna Quiner’s parents have just died of the swamp fever, and there’s little time for grieving; she and her four sisters have to make a decision. Should they stay and run their dry goods store on the frontier, or return to Philadelphia? Tempers are getting high, and Susanna can’t stand it a moment more. But when she goes outside to get away for a bit, she finds herself witnessing a terrible event - her sister’s kidnap by a band of Potawatomi Indians. Desperate, she b [...]

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