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Not a Book Warning This book contains violence excessive language and strong sexual content It s intended to be read by mature audiencesSierra Winters never planned on falling for the most powerful man in Sydn

  • Title: Not a Book
  • Author: NOT A BOOK
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
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  • Warning This book contains violence, excessive language, and strong sexual content It s intended to be read by mature audiencesSierra Winters never planned on falling for the most powerful man in Sydney One minute, she s an everyday twenty eight year old, working class office girl The next, she s being blackmailed by Sebastiano Morassi, Sydney s influential crime familWarning This book contains violence, excessive language, and strong sexual content It s intended to be read by mature audiencesSierra Winters never planned on falling for the most powerful man in Sydney One minute, she s an everyday twenty eight year old, working class office girl The next, she s being blackmailed by Sebastiano Morassi, Sydney s influential crime family boss, to settle her brother s debts Sierra knows she should never have gone to him to save her brother but she is captivated by him His monstrous size, his malicious evil glare and frightening is the scar, which marks his left cheek Never has she met or seen anyone like him The time she spends with this frightening yet captivating man, the harder it becomes to want to escape Sebastiano Morassi is pure danger So why does she crave him He can make her tremble with fear and make her hairs stand on end, but he also has a sweetness to him, which tugs at her heart Sierra soon finds herself merged into his world full of murder, revenge, and deceit.

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    1 thought on “Not a Book

    1. These authors are thieves. There is quite a bit of direct plagiarism in this book. I will never read any piece of work by these people and I hope they get what they deserve. myblogdarhower/2016/03/** I did not DNF this book. I never started it and never will. But I had to attach it to a shelf in order for GR's to allow me to rate it.**

    2. This book plagiarized from a book called Monster in His Eyes by J. M. Darhower. Don't buy books from or support authors that plagiarize!

    3. Note: *Readers Beware* I have not read this book(thankfully)--The Don: Sebastiano by Elle Raven & Aimie Jennison-- but it reportedly contains plagiarism of one of my favorite books. That's not only uncool, it's also illegal. See message from author JM Darhower myblogdarhower/2016/03/ for details. If you haven't read the original story, check out Monster in His Eyes now and support the real author that deserves compensation.If you already bought a copy of this plagiarized work, sounds like it [...]

    4. So I received something from a friend of mine on GR that shows this has been plagiarized by JM Darhower. So I'm amending my review because really That's complete bullshit! It did seem familiar but after reading so many books they all start sounding the same. I don't think anyone's hard work should be taken and it sucks big balls when it does happen. Sure people get ideas off other people but don't steal her exact words. If you have to do this in order to write, well than DONT BECOME A WRITER ! G [...]

    5. PLAGIARISM ! This book is NOT AN ORIGINAL WORK, IT IS A COPY OF ONE OF J.M. DARHOWER WORK. I' disgusted with the authors of this book! SHAME ON YOU ! Guys, please check this post myblogdarhower/2016/03/

    6. ***Obsessed by Books arc copy given in exchange for an honest review***Add to your #TBR now now nowonce started I could not stop till had I had finished it amazing 5 star read.I do not have the words to express the rollercoaster of a ride this book iswow! Read it because it has a hot older alpha male that loves kinky sex, is rich, powerful and may be a monster (define monster!?!) It has a beautiful but slightly naive sassy love interest that will go to any lengths to protect her baby brother. He [...]

    7. Sebastiano Morassi is the Don, you don't mess with him or he deals with it swiftly. Sebastiano goes though women rapidly, there is no date, drinks or anything of the like they are there for one reason only, sex. When one of his closest men betrays him, he sets out to teach him a lesson.Sierra Winters can't believe her younger brother has gotten himself in trouble with the mafia. Battered and bruised, Sierra decides to clean up his mess and goes to appeal to Sebastiano. Sebastiano sees Sierra and [...]

    8. I loved this book! Sebastiano is panty melting HOT. He had me swooning with his dirty mouth and kinky side. Add his Italian phrases and boom, I was hooked!"How about you try out some new lip-gloss, sweetness. Sebastiano style.""we all need to feel loved, even monsters."Mafia, hot alpha, MUST READ!!

    9. I have a honor to get this incredible first book into the series as ARC. And I don't know where to start and how express all my feelings. Probably from the start.Sierra finds out her beloved younger brother, Paulie, hurt and all bloody in their home. Finding out that this was punishment for stealing money from his mafia crime boss. The Don: Sebastiano Morassi. So Sierra scared decides to meet Mr.Morassi and find arrangament that could safe Paulies life, thinking that Mr.Morassi can't be that unr [...]

    10. DNF @ 20%.This story was a disaster. The h is sexually harassed all the time at work by her boss. The H has his right hand-man go get her and is furious that the boss would disrespect her. As soon as she comes to the H he shoves up her skirt and moves her underwear aside to see if her carpet matches the drapes. Of course the h doesn't mind bc she is so turned on that the H is hot while she is disgusted by her boss bc he is ugly. The h first seemed like a girl that would not bow down to this man [...]

    11. KARIA’S RANT…Okay…I was reading reviews from GR friends and community and was in a funk this weekend (all last week really)…and I thought, Ya! That’s what I need, a good dominant, Italian stallion to heat up the pages. Add in the warning…hot damn!Well…I was slightly disappointed at the less than full on dominant lover Sebastiano could have been. His “kink” was just weird to me and I don’t believe I will ever look at my MIL’s rosary beads the same way evah! That said, it was [...]

    12. Well I know his name is Sebastiano but since I hate typing out long names I'mma just call him Seb and I loved him right off the bat, "shhh.n't be scared, sweetness. I'm not going to hurt you." Was I going to hurt her? Now, wouldn't that be entertaining. "I just want to play with you a little, baby." He's not one for proper manners, "Sebastiano," I growled at her. "Eff, woman, I just made you come with the flick of a finger, and you call me Mr. Morassi? You address me by my name, you got that?" Y [...]

    13. myblogdarhower/2016/03/That's enough for me. An entire MS doesn't have to be stolen for it to be plagiarism. Any part of it just has to be stolen.Monster in His EyesJM Darhower

    14. Make no mistakeere is a lot of hotness between the covers of this book but, there is something in there that was waaaaaaayyyyyy past my comfort level. If you enjoy dark, erotic and taboo give it a try.

    15. Paulie Winters made two big mistakes when he decided to 'borrow' money from Don Sebastiano Morassi, the number one mafia kingpin in Australia. The first was thinking he could get away with it. The second was letting Don Sebastiano know he had an attractive single sister who would do anything to save her brother. Sierra Winters has always looked out for her baby brother so when she finds out he's stolen money from his boss she steps in to fix things before Paulie ends up dead. Little does she rea [...]

    16. Sierra goes to Sebastiano to try and save her brother's life. He stole money from the Don and was beaten to make a point. Sierra knows exactly who Sebastiano is and is actually intrigued by him. Sebastiano finds out about her and once he meets her knows that he has to have her. He agrees to forgive her brother's debt if she will agree to be his mistress. She agrees and with time gives her heart to this man. For Sebastiano trust doesn't come easy. What begins as possession and obsession turns int [...]

    17. OkI thought hard about my rating for this and eventually felt it warranted a 3. I eagerly anticipated this book after reading ARC reviews and unfortunately I felt a little disappointed when I was finished. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story but it felt a bit lacking. Exactly what I can't quite put my finger on. It was just lacking something :( I felt the writing style was a touch juvenile and that it needed more maturity to it than it has. Sierra kind of peeved me off, she just kind of took [...]

    18. Sierra comes home to find her brother Paulie covered in blood from being beaten and tortured by some of Sebastiano Morassi's men. The head of the most powerful mob family in Australia. Paulie had stolen money from him. Sierra thinking that she can just talk to him and work out some kind of payment plan calls to set up a meeting. His payment isn't quite what she was thinking. He wants her as a mistress.I got to read an ARC. What can I say but WOW, what an awesome read. Granted there is a lot of v [...]

    19. 2.75 starsPoor character development. Fun slightly kinky sex scenes. Monster in H troupe. Simple writing. Liked how the H treated the h. He wasn't abusive.

    20. When you mix together mafia richness, a loving sister, a brother in over his head, and famiglia what do you get? The Don Sebastiano! This is a book that is filled with crime and passion Oh my the passion and lust between a middle age crime boss and a loving young woman makes for some very interesting reading. When Sierra's younger brother Paulie gets in over his head Sierra makes the decision to contact the Don to try and help him out. This is the start of a very interesting relationship for all [...]

    21. The Don, the first joint venture by Elle Raven and Aimie Jennison with The Stud Mafia series is truly a perfecto beginning. Sierra Winters has a few problems; a leary boss, financial worries, family troubles and a brother, Paulie, whose now angered the most powerful man in Australia. Sebastiano Morassi Aka The Don - head of the Mafia in Australia. Not a man to mess with if you want to survive, he's ruthless, demands loyalty, you give him your respect and never, ever steal what's his or be prepar [...]

    22. 4 starThis story has heartbreak, betrayal, pain, crazy ex, spoiled daughter, weird rosary bead kink, and disappointment. This is Sierra and Sebastiano’s (The Don) story. Sierra contacts the Don in order to save her brother. Little does she know she plays right into the Don’s hands as he was already is looking for her. He wants her and she can help pay off her brother’s debt by becoming the Don’s mistress. The more times she spends with the Don the more she wants and needs him. Can the Do [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this story, it was action packed with some hot and I mean hot sex scenes and there were quite a few omg moments. The authors go into great detail in this book and for me I thought that this bought the characters and the story to life. Sebastiano is the head of the mafia and I have to say he was one sexy alpha male, but at the same time he could scare the living daylights out of you, he was a person that you did not want to cross, and he was someone who you had to treat with resp [...]

    24. 3 & 1/2 StarsI given an ARC for an honest reviewI thought Elle & Aimie did a wonderful job writing this book together. I have read a few with joint authors & you guys pulled it off!While I enjoyed The Don: Sebastiano, I just didn't enjoy the italian phrase dropping as much, I have read a lot of mafia books in my time & I just felt like it too much. Other than that the story was good, I loved all the characters & how they were written. Was still a good mafia book & I can't [...]

    25. OMG , I absolutely loved this book ! I'm a sucker for a hot, sexy, alpha mafia boss. Sebastiano is a very powerful Don in Australia, who is divorced & has a daughter who is his whole world. When Pauly steals $50,000 from Sebastiano the Don is out for blood but he changes his mind when he finds out Pauly has an older sister named Sierra. He decides he'd rather have Sierra as his very own. Sierra's world is turned upside down when the Don tells her she is now his & she will be moving into [...]

    26. ♦♦♦♦ I received an arc in exchange for an honest review ♦♦♦♦You seriously have to have this on your TBR list as this is one of the most brilliant books I have ever read.Hands down fantastic, a book that will have you glued to the pages right to the very end.I'm in love, in love with Sebastiano, the sexy Don. This book has everything you need from the awesome, sizzling, kinky sex to the Knight in shining armour.Oh I will I had one of my very own Sebastiano.The series title says it [...]

    27. I received this book early for an honest review. I abso-fucking-lutely loved The Don!!! Elle and Aimie are the perfect pair of cowriters! They compliment eachother perfect with the dark side and the sex side. I couldn't get enough once I started reading. The Don is powerful and sexy as hell. Sierra is one hell of a strong woman. They are the perfect power couple!!! Bring on book 2!!!

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