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Fiercombe Manor

Fiercombe Manor In this haunting and richly imagined dual narrative tale that echoes the eerie mystery of Rebecca and The Little Stranger two women of very different eras are united by the secrets hidden within the

  • Title: Fiercombe Manor
  • Author: Kate Riordan
  • ISBN: 9780062332943
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this haunting and richly imagined dual narrative tale that echoes the eerie mystery of Rebecca and The Little Stranger, two women of very different eras are united by the secrets hidden within the walls of an English manor house.In 1933, naive twenty two year old Alice pregnant and unmarried is in disgrace Her mother banishes her from London to secluded Fiercombe ManorIn this haunting and richly imagined dual narrative tale that echoes the eerie mystery of Rebecca and The Little Stranger, two women of very different eras are united by the secrets hidden within the walls of an English manor house.In 1933, naive twenty two year old Alice pregnant and unmarried is in disgrace Her mother banishes her from London to secluded Fiercombe Manor in rural Gloucestershire, where she can hide under the watchful eye of her mother s old friend, the housekeeper Mrs Jelphs The manor s owners, the Stantons, live abroad, and with her cover story of a recently deceased husband Alice can have her baby there before giving it up for adoption and returning home But as Alice endures the long, hot summer at Fiercombe awaiting the baby s birth, she senses that something is amiss with the house and its absentee owners.Thirty years earlier, pregnant Lady Elizabeth Stanton desperately hopes for the heir her husband desires Tormented by the memory of what happened after the birth of her first child, a daughter, she grows increasingly terrified that history will repeat itself, with devastating consequences.After meeting Tom, the young scion of the Stanton family, Alice becomes determined to uncover the clan s tragic past and exorcise the ghosts of this idyllic, isolated house But nothing can prepare Alice for what she uncovers Soon it is her turn to fear can she escape the tragic fate of the other women who have lived in the Fiercombe valley .

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    1. The Girl In The Photograph by Kate Riordan was a beautifully written historical fiction novel that grabbed my attention from the very beginning, the characters of Alice & Elizabeth were well crated & written.Set in two different eras, Alice in 1933 & Elizabeth in 1898 tell the story of 2 women in the same circumstances centuries apart Alice gets pregnant by John Elton a married man, her mother is so shocked by what her daughter has done she sends her to Firecombe Manor in the Cotswol [...]

    2. 3.5 An old manor house, a hidden journal, a summer house with a secret room, a glass house falling apart and a 40 year old mystery. These are the things that Alice finds when she is sent to Fiercombe manor in 1933. Sent by her mother after a one night sexual relationship , leaves her pregnant.Love the gothic tone of this novel, the slowness of the story and the secrets and the way they are revealed. What did happen to Elizabeth Stanton and her daughter Isabelle? In alternate voices, we hear from [...]

    3. I requested The Girl in the Photograph from Netgalley and then I found an interesting book called Fiercombe Manor on Edelweiss and requested it. A while later when I had been granted access to them both did I realize that it was the same book. The Girl in the Photograph is the English book and Fiercombe Manor is the title for the book in US and Canada. I chose to read the Fiercombe Manor because the text was formatted better in that version.The year is 1933 and twenty-two-year-old Alice arrives [...]

    4. This is definitely a book Kate Morton fans will inhale. I'm having a tough time putting it down.Update: This turned out to be a fun gothic romp and I was riveted for the most part and a little creeped out in places. Riordan has written a delicious homage to Victoria Holt (creepy English manor setting with a smidge from the "Had-I-But- Known" school thrown in), Kate Morton (dual storyline and dark secrets), Sarah Waters (spooky ghostly touch--which may or may not be real), and Daphne du Maurier ( [...]

    5. It is 1932 and when Alice finds herself unmarried and pregnant, she is sent on a long visit to Fiercombe Manor in the Cotswolds, a lonely mansion in the bottom of a remote valley, where the housekeeper, Mrs Jelphs is an old friend of her mothers. Under the pretence of being widowed she is to stay there until the birth of her child and then return to London. Alice is immediately drawn to Fiercombe in this atmospheric and haunting read. In particular she feels compelled to learn about its history, [...]

    6. It is 1932 and Alice is a young woman feeling constrained by life. Despite making her father proud by doing well at school and getting a good office job, her mother is disapproving about her lack of possible husbands and insists that she will be left on the shelf. Unfortunately, the one man Alice is interested in is already married. Young and naïve, she believes his tales of divorcing his wife and finds herself pregnant and alone. If her mother was disapproving before, now she is shocked and di [...]

    7. Two women, each of them pregnant.Alice is a 22 year old typist living with her parents in the year 1932. Alice is wondering when her real life will begin when she falls pregnant to a married man and is sent to live at Fiercombe Manor (Fiercombe Estate) in Gloucestershire, where an old friend of Alice’s mother is the housekeeper.The other woman is Elizabeth, she is pregnant and it is1898. She is the wife of the sixth Baronet of Fiercombe Estate - Edward Stanton. Edward has built Stanton House o [...]

    8. Time separates two women linked through similar challenges. Dark secrets revealed, a journal discovered. Richly atmospheric, enough of a mild gothic edge to add a chillingly eerie feel as the mystery is unraveled.Riordan does an outstanding job providing details of the manor both inside and outside. The lush grounds, the vast interior of the manor all captured in the reader’s mind. As you travel alternately through the past and present you are aware of social propriety, the oppression women fa [...]

    9. Just finished this and it was such a good emotional evocative read. Full review will be published (along with an author Q&A) around time of release. For now though you can find out about the inspiration behind the novel from one of my recent blog postszlovesbooks/lizlovesbook

    10. This is a story of two women told in two time periods and the events that occur are a result of the societal attitudes of the time. It is also a story of the relationship between mothers and daughters. Both women, Elizabeth in 1898 and Alice in 1933, are expecting a child.Elizabeth already has a daughter, Isabel, but after suffering two miscarriages is hoping this pregnancy will result in a baby boy to provide her husband Edward with his much longer for heir. Alice, a secretary, was seduced by a [...]

    11. Why the booktrail?Even the title is mysterious – just who is the girl in the photo? We wanted to know straight away!Story in a nutshellThe Girl in the Photograph is a haunting and atmospheric novel that tells the tales of women in two different eras – the 1890’s and 1930’s – and how their lives seem to be entwined by fate.Place and setting Fiercombe Manor in Gloucestershire where Alice arrives at in disgrace is a beautiful house but one which is to hide her shame from society and keep [...]

    12. For someone who isn’t a fan of ghostly elements in books it is amazing how I have now read three books in quick succession that feature them in various degrees, although the ghosts in this book are in many ways ephemeral beings. For Alice Eveleigh newly resident at Fiercombe Manor the feeling that the house was host to those who’d lived before that made the former Lady of the Manor, Elizabeth Stanton’s life so intriguing and a welcome distraction for the exiled pregnant young woman who had [...]

    13. ‘Fiercombe is a place of secrets. They fret among the uppermost branches of the beech trees and brood at the cold bottom of the stream that cleaves the valley in two. The past has seeped into the soil here like spilt blood.’In 1932, twenty-two year old Alice Eveleigh finds herself pregnant by a man she thought she loved but is already married to another. In an attempt to spare the family scandal, her mother sends her to stay with an old friend, Mrs. Jelphs, at Fiercombe Manor in the English [...]

    14. I find it difficult to resist period romances set in country houses, especially when there’s a hint of suspense or a touch of the gothic, and ‘The Girl in the Photograph’ promised all of that.This is a story is told in retrospect, recalling events that had happened just a few years earlier.‘I could never have imagined all that would happen in those few short months and how, by the end of them, my life would have altered irrevocably and for ever’In 1932 Alice was young, and she was hold [...]

    15. Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for my review copy.It is England in the 1930s. It is not the done thing to be become pregnant outside of wedlock. Alice is packed away, to stay with her mother’s old friend, Mrs Jelps, in the country and to give birth to her illegitimate baby. Mrs Jelps is the housekeeper at Fiercombe Manor. Alice becomes fascinated with stories of the past concerning Elizabeth. Mrs Jelps used to be Elizabeth’s personal maid. Elizabeth is quite an enigma and Alice finds [...]

    16. There's just something about stories set in old manors and houses that draws me in like a fly to honey. I really loved the descriptions of Fiercombe Manor and the Stanton House, and though I went in expecting this to be a haunted house story, I wasn't disappointed when it wasn't. I feel as though I read a good number of books with alternating storylines, and, once again, I enjoyed that aspect of the narration. Like Alice, I found myself looking forward to reading Elizabeth's journal entries. Thi [...]

    17. When in the late spring of 1933, 20 year Alice Eveleigh arrives at Fiercombe Manor in a Gloucestershire valley she is nearly 6 months pregnant by her married boyfriend. She has been sent there in disgrace from London by her parents. The housekeeper Mrs Jelphs is an old school friend of Alice’s mother and has been told that Alice is newly widowed and needs some peace and quiet for the duration of her confinement. From her first arrival at Fiercombe, Alice feels a disturbing presence and a sadne [...]

    18. Maudlin, trite, slow. Takes itself so seriously heaven forfend there be any moments of levity. The idea behind it is good but you can't transplant modern ideas and thinking into the mind of historical characters. Bottle it up, stiff upper lip, wasn't just what British people were told it's what they *believed* You can't just transplant someone with attitudes from what looks to be the 1990s into the 1930s. What utterly strips this of all it's stars is that the author is a absolute chuffing imbeci [...]

    19. FIERCOMBE MANORKate RiordanFIERCOMBE MANOR is the story of two women of different eras living in the manor house. One woman is depicted in the 1930’s and the other in the 1890’s and they have pregnancy in common. The book is described as haunting and will appeal to readers who loved REBECCA.I, personally, am very tired of reviews that use the beloved REBECCA as a selling point and especially when the book or books don’t even come close to the comparison!The novel has a housekeeper (probabl [...]

    20. - My Description -The year is 1933.Alice Eveleigh is in love with the man of her dreams, or so she thinks.John is married. He tells her he plans on leaving his wife for her. (Never ever believe that, girlfriend. Lol)After a brief tryst, Alice discovers she's pregnant. He informs her he's changed his mind and is not leaving his wife. Alice decides not to tell John about the baby. Young Alice is unmarried and pregnant. This was quite the stigma for young women back then. (view spoiler)[Alice almos [...]

    21. The atmosphere in this book is perfect; the way that Riordan tugs the story out into the open is unhurried and neatly; and the emotional turmoil is there from the beginning, tugging at the reader.This is the heartbreaking story of a very real feminine plight that so often one turns a blind eye on.Alice is a strong but not overpowering female lead, easy to like and easy to follow in her curiosity to seek out the answer to the mystery of Elizabeth, and later little Isabel.The life of Elizabeth, it [...]

    22. I love stories that go back and forth in time, with creepy old houses, secrets and best of all-asylums! However, this book did not fully live up to its potential, sadly. The book was slow for the first half, then only moderately picked up pace in the second. I like when an author takes on a topic that is not very openly discussed or made aware. In this case, post-partum depression and anxiety were a very present subject of the story. It was so sad to read, what I already knew to be true, of how [...]

    23. Meh. It was fine. It was predictable. I read it, and that is all the energy I'm going to put into it.

    24. My! What a book!!! There were parts in it which were dismal and depressing but the atmosphere of eeriness was so real that one started getting it inside one's own skin. So were the characters all portrayed with their flaws and sins and not too apologetic about it. The main character a young girl ends up in a remote Manor due to certain unfortunate circumstances in her life. There she unravels the life of the old mistress of the Manor who had lived there half a century before. Both their fates se [...]

    25. There's something about cold weather that makes me want to pick up books about stately manor homes that hold secrets. I managed to sneak this one in before the end of 2014, and while it wasn't a page turner, it somewhat hit the spot. To be honest, I'd almost given up on this genre after some pretty awful reads in the past year, but I'm glad I gave Fiercombe Manor a shot. Unwed and pregnant, Alice finds herself exiled to the Gloucestershire countryside and the care of a family friend who also dou [...]

    26. ‘The Girl in the Photograph’ by Kate Riordan began with great promise but I thought the pace a little bit too slow and that it wound up fizzling out a bit towards the end. The story is told by two women, Alice in 1933 and Elizabeth in 1898, who both live at the Gothic and secluded English country estate, Firecombe Manor. When Alice became pregnant to her married boyfriend her mother sent her away to stay with her childhood friend, Edith Jelphs, who works as a maid at Firecomb Manor.Alice soo [...]

    27. It is the 1930s and Alice is sent to the country in disgrace. She is staying with her mother's old friend Mrs Jelphs who is housekeeper at Fiercombe Manor in Gloucestershire. Uncomfortable with her situation, Alice feels that there is something wrong at the Manor. Mrs Jelphs is reluctant to answer Alice's questions about the history of the house and who exactly Elizabeth was. Alice keeps thinking she sees something or someone out of the corner of her eye.Interspersed with Alice's own narrative t [...]

    28. This historical mystery thriller set in the nineteen thirties is about Alice, a young woman who finds herself pregnant after a short affair. Her mother devises a plan for her to be sent away to the Gloucestershire countryside to a childhood friend to have the baby without scandal, but whilst Alice is at Fiercombe Manor, a stately home with much history, she finds herself intrigued with the Manor's ill-fated history and in particular with Lady Elizabeth Stanton the wife of the previous owner, who [...]

    29. "The Girl In The Photograph" is one of those books that creeps up on you slowly and then refuses to let you go. I liked it from the beginning, but it wasn't until the second half of the book that I found myself unable to put this book down anymore.There are two main stories: That of Alice, a young woman living in London in the 1930s, and that of Elizabeth, another young woman living on an estate in rural England thirty years earlier. When Alice becomes pregnant after a short-lived (and ill-fated [...]

    30. Right from the get go, the atmosphere is set –somber in tone, with the feeling that something awful is about to happen. This feeling practically haunted me throughout the reads. I didn’t like this feeling but at the same time, I did! I never like reading something where I knew something bad, really bad, is going to happen. I’m one of those who like getting the bad stuff done first thing so it was a bit of a torture and yet… it kept me guessing and that’s what pulled me through the whol [...]

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