🔍Read Full Article Full Speed Ahead!

Full Speed Ahead!

1 Comment 🕔16:00, 31.Aug 2011

Hi Everyone! This weekend I popped into London with Jan and saw THRILLER live and it was EPIC. Lots of people sitting in the audience with MJ hats and white gloves. My hands hurt so much afterwards from clapping! If you love music and fancy a trip to the theatre then this is the show for you.   As we were so close to the M.A.C. pro store we popped in for a look. I was super happy to

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Tiger Tiger! @ Porchester Place

0 Comments 🕔12:27, 23.Aug 2011

Hi Everyone! Okay so I thought, if the summer heat won't come to us (yup, it's raining outside...) then its time for some bright nails! It almost feels like Autumn is drawing in already and technically I always think of September as Autumn anyway so we're only just over a week away!! Nails Inc: Porchester Place Konad Special Polish: Black Konad Image Plate: M62 I was feeling a french konad tip and went for this tiger stripe design! I do

🔍Read Full Article Time for a Mojito! Ciate Nail Enamel

Time for a Mojito! Ciate Nail Enamel

2 Comments 🕔18:53, 17.Aug 2011

Hi Everyone! :) I thought it was about time to try out the polish I received in my glossybox this month although I wasn't so sure about the colour at first, being green and all, but I know it'll be a great polish for nail art that I don't already have. Ciate: Mojito Application: I love the lid/handle, its nice and long and has 250 bristles. It took 3 coats until I achieved the opacity I was after. Finish: This polish is a

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Day trip to London & Haul

2 Comments 🕔18:34, 10.Aug 2011

Hi Everyone! :) I was going to post this at the weekend but due to the circumstances I thought it wouldn't be in good taste posting about shopping in London with all that was going on. The trouble in London seems to have hopefully died down now. *touch wood*. The weekend before last I took an afternoon trip into London for a spot of shopping/window shopping at some of my favourite London haunts. It's difficult to find

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London Riots 2011

1 Comment 🕔12:52, 09.Aug 2011

With such violence in London and now around the country, with my friends scared and caught right in the middle of the rioting I can't bring myself to post about make-up or nails today. This footage was taken by my friends in Woolwich last night from their bedroom window (be warned there is some swearing, understandably so). Rioters set fire to her workplace and the shops below their flat. This is unbelievable, I'm still in shock, I

🔍Read Full Article Color Club: Raspberry Rush & Wicked Sweet

Color Club: Raspberry Rush & Wicked Sweet

0 Comments 🕔12:56, 07.Aug 2011

Hi Everyone! :) Here's a very quick post to as I thought I'd drop the swatches to the other two colours of the Wicked Sweet Mini Set that I picked up. Raspberry Rush  Wicked Sweet  Application: Like the other scented polishes I used 3 coats on these polishes for even coverage. For mini polishes the brush size was okay, not too small. Finish: These polishes are very soft when dry and used without a topcoat; they show off marks and knocks, but

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July Favourites

2 Comments 🕔15:19, 02.Aug 2011

Hi Everyone! :D It's time for July Favourites. It seems July was a bit of a wash out weather-wise but come 1st August the sun is blazing! Instagram First up for my top monthly favourites is an app called Instagram. Yes I'm a little late to the party on this one, a friend introduced me to it but I think its fab. What is it? Well: "It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of

🔍Read Full Article Blue Brown Glitter Fun!

Blue Brown Glitter Fun!

4 Comments 🕔14:04, 01.Aug 2011

Hi Everyone! :) Today I really couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my nails, so I picked up a couple of colours I thought would look nice together and this is what was born! Nails Inc: Jermyn Street comes out a little darker than the bottle I find, but I still think it's a lovely milky-chocolate-y colour. Nails Inc: Jermyn Street Barry M: Blue Glitter Seche Vite top coat Fun Fact: I bought this blue glittery polish in