🔍Read Full Article Gaming Gals Make-up Musts!

Gaming Gals Make-up Musts!

5 Comments 🕔15:46, 30.May 2011

Hi Everyone! :) Today I wanted to try something a little different, combining my two passions; video games and cosmetics! Outside the adventures and/or being rescued, these girls in video games always know their own style and how to look good. I wanted to think about what the girls would wear if they lived in the "real world", what brands would they choose and what would be their holy grail item? What polish would they wear? What perfume?

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Mario’s Magic Mushrooms

4 Comments 🕔19:40, 24.May 2011

Hi Everyone! :) I had a meeting for work yesterday with a certain video games company and wanted to do some themed nails and came across these mario mushroom nails from cute polish and thought they'd be perfect! :D I thought i'd try the red mushrooms instead as I don't have a great green colour like her (guess i'll have to get one!). OPI: Alpine Snow Nails Inc: Eccleston Mews Seche Vite Top Coat Do check out Cute Polish's tutorial

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Black Pearl Chic

1 Comment 🕔23:01, 21.May 2011

Hi Everyone! :) The world didn't end, yay! As we get to live another day, I thought I'd play with glitter. I decided on a rock-chic look and reached for my bottle of Chanel Black Pearl and my Lancome glitter topcoat from the spring collection. I added a few gems to both thumbs for good measure. Chanel: Black Pearl Lancome: Disco Silver (Spring '11) Silver nail art gems Have you created any "its not the end of the world" manis? If so then

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OPI Muppets Collection

2 Comments 🕔22:04, 19.May 2011

Hi Everyone! :) I heard some exciting news via all lacquered up about some really exciting new polishes coming up from OPI. Thats right, Muppets Holiday Collections! One such line that super excites me is the glitter line. I don't have any official information on this line yet- these are some images I found on the grapevine. When I have the official information I'll update! :) Images & info credit: zonkosworld Until next time, have fun! :)

🔍Read Full Article A Crackled Peach

A Crackled Peach

0 Comments 🕔12:02, 17.May 2011

Hi Everyone! :) Hope you are all well and enjoying the month of May (my birthday month, yay!) I keep reaching for my bottle of Illamasqua Purity but I wanted to try something a bit different and thought I'd give it a bit of a twist with crackle polish and black french. Illamasqua: Purity Barry M: Black shatter polish George: Deceit (Black) I'm really tempted to pick up the other Barry M crackle polishes, especially the pink and blue, i'll have to take

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Blog Sale!

1 Comment 🕔14:28, 12.May 2011

Hi Everyone! :) I'm having a blog sale :D You can find it here! Until next time, have fun! :)

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Girly Glitter Type

4 Comments 🕔09:59, 08.May 2011

Hi Everyone! :) I really can't believe it's May already, this year has flown by!! After a lovely 11 days off with the bank holidays its back to work. I absolutely can not believe I went a whole week without painting my nails!! Well its back to it! I picked up the M.A.C Little Girl Type polish from the quite cute collection and received the quite cute limited edition badges with my purchase! :D While stock lasts