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Master of Many Treasures

Master of Many Treasures The good news was that Summer had found true love The bad news was that while the object of her affections was sometimes in human form he was last seen in dragon form flying east So she undertook ye

  • Title: Master of Many Treasures
  • Author: Mary Brown
  • ISBN: 9780671876937
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The good news was that Summer had found true love The bad news was that, while the object of her affections was sometimes in human form, he was last seen in dragon form flying east So she undertook yet another arduous quest.

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    • Free Download [Poetry Book] ✓ Master of Many Treasures - by Mary Brown ¶
      182 Mary Brown
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    1 thought on “Master of Many Treasures

    1. Having read Pigs Don't Fly, I was ready to move on to the sequel. Overall, I think it's better than the first, as Summer's journeys take her west after her dragon-man lover Jasper. Once again, Summer collects stray companions, and once again, her quest story is a lot of little encounters strung together, but as Summer has a direction of her own in this book, the plot has more coherence. I especially liked her magical friend Ky-Lin, companion of the Buddha and provider of a lot of necessary plot [...]

    2. I promised Bookelfe I would read this. Thanks! I think.She reviewed a remarkable book, Pigs Don’t Fly, in which a rather unlikable heroine goes on a quest with six companions to make the mystical seven: a blind amnesiac knight, a horse princess, a cockney mutt, a Turtle of Love, a farm boy named Dickon, and The Wimperling, a winged pig who flies by farting. I am not making this up. I commend you to her hilarious review before you read mine, since this review is of the sequel, which she challen [...]

    3. Not as good as the first one in so far that the character's development does not continue, and the formula of adding companions on her "quest" feels perfunctory. The romance element is also a trope that I have never really enjoyed in these sorts of tales, unless it is ironic or a funny parody of conventional romances. I will say that the end did redeemed, to an extent, a book I was getting tired of reading. Without revealing any spoilers, the tone change was much welcome.

    4. Toward the end of this book a comment is made to the main character that she has grown up. And really, after all of her travels and adventures you would have expected her to have done so. But she almost seems like she was more grown up at the beginning of this book, as far as her planning and decision-making skills go. In the first book you expected her to make poor decisions because of her inexperience, but even by the start of this book she had months of travel/adventure experience under her b [...]

    5. this is a sequel to "Pigs Don't Fly" and while not as funny it still has a lot of humor to it. IT wraps up the story well and leaves the ending with enough to speculate - just like a proper fairy tale that may - or may not - have ended happily ever after for the main characters. =D Apparently there are two others in this series now Dragonne's Egand The Unlikely Ones Which must continue the tale for those other than Summer and Jasper. =)

    6. I couldn't engage with this book as well as I did with "Pigs Don't Fly". The story was a little slow-moving and there wasn't much to the overall story. It still contained the charm that only Mary Brown can deliver, so that eased the slower storyline.I'm still a little confused on how the book concluded, but since I've read "Dragonne's Eg" already, I can piece together what I know of that tale to figure out what exactly happened at the end of this one.

    7. The interaction between the heroine and the other characters was fun to see unfold. I was disappointed with how this portion of the story ended, but I wasn't the author. It will be interesting to see what the next in the series brings.

    8. A very solid follow up to Pigs Don't Fly with just as much adventure and romance. I loved it just as much as PDF. I should mention that I read Pigs, then this one, and only then did I read the chronologically first book - The Unlikely Ones - to this series. I think the series is stronger that way.

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