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Morning Light

Morning Light New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson presents the first novel in her contemporary romance series featuring the Harrigan Family Born with second sight Loni MacEwen has vowed to ignore

  • Title: Morning Light
  • Author: Catherine Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780451222770
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson presents the first novel in her contemporary romance series featuring the Harrigan Family Born with second sight, Loni MacEwen has vowed to ignore the visions that have brought her so much heartbreak Then she meets Clint Harrigan and realizes she has no choice but to warn the handsome cowboy that his son is in dangeNew York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson presents the first novel in her contemporary romance series featuring the Harrigan Family Born with second sight, Loni MacEwen has vowed to ignore the visions that have brought her so much heartbreak Then she meets Clint Harrigan and realizes she has no choice but to warn the handsome cowboy that his son is in danger A hardworking, no nonsense rancher, Clint doesn t believe the pretty stranger especially since he doesn t even have a son But then he sees the drama Loni predicted unfolding on the local news An orphaned boy is lost in the dense Oregon wilderness, and according to Loni, only Clint can save him Loni and Clint forge into the woods to find the lost boy As long nights follow exhausting days, their feelings grow stronger, and what began as a race against time becomes a shared journey of trust, understanding, and unexpected love

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    1 thought on “Morning Light

    1. Catherine Anderson is one of my favorite authors and I usually love her books, but I have to admit that this one was a bit of a disappointment for me.At the core, I liked the storyline - Loni, a clairvoyant, has a vision that a young boy is lost in the wilderness and only horseman Clint Harrigan will be able to save him. There's also the fact that the boy is Clint's biological son - which Clint doesn't know. After some disbelief on Clint's part, the two head out on horseback to rescue young Trev [...]

    2. The latest in the series tells Clint Harrigan's story. We met him briefly in his sister Samantha's book, Sun Kissed. He came off as a hot head, but of course a gorgeous hothead, in that one so I was interested to learn more about him. Clint is contacted by psychic, Loni, who tells him his son is in danger. What? He doesn't have a son. They begin a wilderness hunt for the child and end up falling in love. I was a little disappointed that there was only the single love scene, but then the characte [...]

    3. Okay, first off, I want to state that I am a HUGE fan of Catherine Anderson. I count down the days until another of her books is released. I own every single thing she's ever written, and they are all treasured keepers. But this book is going right in my "trade for credit" box. I cannot believe that this is written by the same author who wrote the moving reads of Annie's Song, Comanche Moon, Seventh Heaven, Baby Love or Phantom Waltz, just to name a few. People have complained about the heavy-ha [...]

    4. Another wonderful book by Anderson and once again I am reminded of why she is one of my favorite authors! Everything about Loni MacEwen and Clint Harrington was absolutely adorable! The paranormal aspect added a twist that I really enjoyed! Loni left her old life and moved to Crystal Falls where nobody knew of her psychic abilities. Ever since she was a little girl she’s had visions of a dreamy cowboy and would fantasize about him romantically. But now all grown up, and being unlucky in love, [...]

    5. 3 stars.This is the story of the oldest Harrigan brothers, Clint. I liked the psychic elements. However, similar to the previous bookSun Kissedthat featured the only Harrigan sister, Sam, there's a bit too much talk of religion and horses in this book for my taste. Hopefully this trend doesn't continue with the rest of the Harrigan brothers.

    6. Let me first say that I hate Inspirational or Religious books of any kind. They are always too preachy for me. I'm not the least bit religious.I loved this book. I stayed up all night to the point of grabbing my magnifying glass once my eyes went all fuzzy. I loved the story line ! Some people have review they didn't like the aspect of the mom tuning in and spying on her daughter. Come onwhat mother wouldn't like to peek into the life of her daughter?? I thought it was rather funny. Another revi [...]

    7. This book was a bit of a mixed bag for me. There were things I liked about and things that made me uncomfortable. Before this I had never actually read any books in which one of the primary characters was a clairvoyant. Add to that, both the male and female protagonist were devoutly christian and you have a book which is a bit of a departure for me. I don't really know why but I was more able to deal with the clairvoyance than the religious overtones. I think there was a little too much going on [...]

    8. This one was sort of a mixed bag. I like that this one didn't rely on the usual cliches: a playboy cowboy who never wants to get married ever, the heroine needing to be rescued from an evil stalker ex, the hero teaching the heroine it's okay to trust men again. Instead, we have a woman whose gift of clairvoyance has been a curse rather than a blessing, and her Big Trauma was being unable to save a kidnapped child instead of a rape or a failed marriage. Loni was no Laura Townsend, but I liked her [...]

    9. Loni, seorang cenayang mengalami penglihatan tiba2 ttg koboi ganteng, Clint Harrigan yg akan menyelamatkan putra kandungnya yg selama ini tidak pernah diketahuinya.Awalnya Clint menganggap Loni orang gila. Tetapi setelah mengetahui ttg kecelakaan tsb, Clint langsung menguber Loni dan membujuk Loni utk ikut serta dlm pencarian anak itu. Dlm pencarian tsb, Loni dan Clint saling curhat dan memutuskan saling jatuh cinta. Walau secara tema seharusnya bisa diusung dgn lebih menarik, entah kenapa kesan [...]

    10. Quando iniciei a leitura deste livro estava muito entusiasmada, pois era um livro de uma autora que criou histórias pelas quais tenho uma carinho muito especial. E inicialmente estava a gostar muito e mesmo quando cheguei ao fim o saldo foi positivo, mas a história não me encheu as medidas. A escrita continua, como sempre, cativante e envolvente e a autora mantêm a capacidade que têm de falar de sentimentos e emoções de uma forma que apela ao coração do leitor e faz com que fiquemos env [...]

    11. This book was disappointing, compared to the other Catherine Andersno books I've read. Since this book featured a clairvoyant, I expected to like it quite a bit, because I am drawn to paranormal stories, but I just wasn't drawn into these characters or circumstances. Loni, the daughter and granddaughter of gifted seers, didn't seem believable to me. She shouldn't have been an untrained bundle of nerves with two living generations of clairvoyants behind her. I thought, perhaps, there wasn't a way [...]

    12. Morning Light is the first in a new series featuring the Harrigan family that is slightly connected to her Coulter Family series (the Harrigan daughter married a Coulter son in the last Coulter book). Clint is approached by Loni with the news that his son is in danger, lost in the Oregon wilderness, and he is the only person who can save him. Problem is that he doesn’t have a son. He doesn’t want to believe the beautiful woman has the second sight because it goes against all his religious be [...]

    13. Loni MacEwen was born with second sight but she had promised herself that she would not stir up the waters again with her visions after all the trouble she had in the past. That was until she saw Clint Harrigan's son in danger and he was the only one who could save him. Clint was not a stranger to her since she had dreamed about him since she was a child but she was definitely a stranger to him. First of all, he did not have a son, and second, his religion did not believe in visions.This is a st [...]

    14. For this series, this isn't my favorite but it isn't the worst. One change I noticed was that there was a lot of biblical references and faith was a huge part of the relationship between the hero and heroine. This is a huge change from Anderson books that I have read. I am not a fan of christian romance but this was ok because it wasn't overtly religious. However, it was enough to distract me from the story. The second-sight portion of the book was pretty interesting and the search for the boy w [...]

    15. Não é dos meus favoritos, muito religioso para mim mas claro que a história é bonita e o toque paranormal deu um tom diferente à história da Lone do Clinton e do Trevor. Mesmo assim gostei ;)Apesar de gostar da familia Harrigan, ja sinto saudades dos Coulters.

    16. I won't tell you about the book. It is one that you should read. Even though Loni is a clairvoyant, you feel like God is leading her with the help of her powers

    17. Another slow burn but amazing story with a hint of paranormal. Love that CA mixes faith and God into her romances. It's like now a days it's a bad word or people are ashamed but this reader unapologetically loves God and loves he created romance and writers. Clint and Loni were made for each other. I loved seeing them slowly fall for each other. So much family and friendship connections as usual. Just adore this authors work. Safety (100% Safe) but other spoilerish info (view spoiler)[Zero om or [...]

    18. Another good romance story from Catherine Anderson. This one is about Loni MacEwen who was born with second sight. But her visions have brought her heartache. When she meets Clint Harrigan, she knows she has to warn him of the impending danger for his son. Clint doesn't believe her. But he takes a chance and follows her lead to save the boy. A good read!!

    19. Loni has dreamed of Clint her whole life. She has had a difficult life and when she actually meets him takes off. Then she decides to tell him of his son. A son he doesn't know he has. A son lost in the wilderness. Read and see how it all turns out.

    20. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is the psychic thingI just couldn't wrap my mind around it. Otherwise it's nice like all CA stories. <3

    21. Fast pacedA lot of dialogue and interaction with main characters. Still kept my interest mainly because I have horses and have been trail riding around the country.

    22. I read reviews of this book before I bought it and I decided that I would wait to purchase it until I had extra money because most of the reviews were scathing and I found very few intelligent ones that had anything positive to say. Usually that would turn me off completely but I own every single Anderson novel I could get my hands on so I decided to give it a chance. I ended up having the extra money, I bought it and I read it over the next few days.[return][return]I should have spent it on som [...]

    23. Morning Light ของแคทเธอรีน แอนเดอร์สันเรื่องนี้เป็นเล่มที่แปดในชุด Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan ซึ่งเป็นชื่อตระกูลสามตระกูลที่เกี่ยวพันกันผ่านการแต่งงานของตัวละครใน เรื่อง (เคนดริทแต่งงานกับคูลเตอร์ แ [...]

    24. The heroine comes from a along line of women gifted with the Sight but she's never welcomed her gift until that is she began to dream of the hero. The cowboy has haunted her visions since childhood and now she's finally met him. At first she flees in a fit of cowardice but soon realizes that the visions will no go away until she convinces him to find his son. The hero immediately rejects the heroine s help, thinking she's crazy or delusional or both but soon it becomes apart that her predictions [...]

    25. In Morning Light, we find that our heroine, Loni MacEwen has the gift of second sight. It's something she's fought and suppressed most of her life, but when she meets Clint Harrigan, she can't turn her back on her gift. In a vision after an accidental meeting, Loni sees Clint's son in grave danger after an accident on a river. The boy's parents drowned, but he was saved by his loyal dog. When Loni finally works up the courage to find Clint and tell him, he turns her away as a mentally unstable p [...]

    26. When I saw the "Never Before In Print" text on the back cover, I suspected that this one would be a dud. I was right. It's so much worse than Anderson's usual that I'm tempted to give it just one star. Usually I finish her books in one or two sittings. This one, I read on and off for over a week. That says A LOT, because I usually love books about female clairvoyants.Basically, Loni's a psychic who's been dreaming of this cowboy all her life. When she meets him, she *sees* that his son is in dan [...]

    27. Pada awalnya sungguh sangat membosankan membaca buku ini. Bahkan saya sempat berpikir ingin stop ditengah jalan. Tapi saya putuskan, membaca ditengah jalan terlebih lagi untuk sebuah karya Catherine Anderson, sangatlah mubazir. Akhirnya saya memutuskan membacanya hingga akhir. Terkadang kau tidak menyukai awal sebuah permulaan, tapi kau akan puas terhadap akhir dari permulaan tersebut. Saya rasa kalian pasti sering mengalami hal itu :3 Beginilah perasaan ketika saya membaca akhir Morning Light. [...]

    28. RATING STAR: 2,5 (actually)Terkadang memiliki sesuatu yang sangat berbeda dapat sangat mengganggu. Terlebih jika hal itu adalah suatu yang tidak dapat diterima oleh sebagian besar masyarakat.Itulah yang di alami oleh Loni McEwen. Setelah mendapat penglihatan mengenai anak dari koboi impiannya, dia memutuskan untuk menemukan anak itu, walau hal itu akan mengirim ingatan buruk yang tak pernah Ia lupakan seumur hidup. Bersama Clint Harrigan, seorang 'koboi' impian yang adalah peternak kuda, pergi m [...]

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