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Fractured A compelling emotional debut from a brilliant Australian author that brings to life a new mother s worst fears Tony is worried His wife Anna isn t coping with their newborn Anna had wanted a child

  • Title: Fractured
  • Author: Dawn Barker
  • ISBN: 9780733629853
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • A compelling, emotional debut from a brilliant Australian author that brings to life a new mother s worst fears.Tony is worried His wife, Anna, isn t coping with their newborn Anna had wanted a child so badly and, when Jack was born, they were both so happy They d come home from the hospital a family Was it really only six weeks ago But Anna hasn t been herself since.A compelling, emotional debut from a brilliant Australian author that brings to life a new mother s worst fears.Tony is worried His wife, Anna, isn t coping with their newborn Anna had wanted a child so badly and, when Jack was born, they were both so happy They d come home from the hospital a family Was it really only six weeks ago But Anna hasn t been herself since One moment she s crying, the next she seems almost too positive It must be normal with a baby, Tony thought she s just adjusting He had been busy at work It would sort itself out But now Anna and Jack are missing And Tony realises that something is really wrong What happens to this family will break your heart and leave you breathless.

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    1 thought on “Fractured

    1. This was a fabulous read from start to finish.Anna has always wanted to have a baby and experience the joys of being a parent. So when she and husband Tony find out they are expecting their first child they are both thrilled to bits. They end up having a healthy baby boy whom they name Jack. Of course being a first time mum can be overwhelming for any woman which Anna quickly learns.Tony starts back at work not long after Jack is born which means he is gone all day as he leaves for work early in [...]

    2. This was an enjoyable read for me, I wasn't bowled over, or overly excited by it. Great debut for author and child psychiatrist though, Dawn Barker. This is a serious platform, post natal psychosis and the tragedy that follows when Anna isn't sleeping and doesn't appear to be coping too well. Husband Tony goes straight back to work, mistake number one, and mistake number two, doesn't follow through with thoughts he has in regards to her appearing to not cope. He thinks she'll be fine, it doesn't [...]

    3. I finished reading Dawn Barker’s Fractured last night and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Yes, it’s a detailed examination of a mental health issue that is common in our disconnected society, but also a full blooded psychological thriller, written with relentless pace.Fractured should be required reading, not for mothers-to-be, but-fathers-to-be. Fractured made me feel guilty that I didn’t do more when my children were babies, that I was the one who slept through while my wife was awa [...]

    4. Anna and Tony were thrilled by the birth of their beautiful baby boy, whom they named Jack. He was adorable, and Anna couldn’t wait to get home from hospital and begin being the mother she had always wanted to be. But Jack wouldn’t settle, he seemed to be always hungry, and so the routine began with Anna feeding him every two hours or so, not sleeping when Jack slept, and determined to do everything on her own. She wanted to breastfeed, she was determined to be a GOOD mother, and refused the [...]

    5. This was an awful read - well executed, because it certainly made me want to keep reading, but just terrible to read about Anna, not coping with her new baby and just so dreadfully, dreadfully tired… I don’t want to say too much for fear of giving away details, but I’m glad I don’t have children and if I ever feel like I wish I could have a baby, I think I’d be cured if I came back and re-read this. It is haunting.I originally gave this 4.5 stars, leaving off half a star because there [...]

    6. BAYILDIM. Tam da bu tip roman arıyordum. Belirsizlikler. Harikaydı. Suç sadece Anna da değil aynı zamanda Tony'de. Kesinlikle Tony Anna'ya bebek doğduğunda destek olabilirdi. Ve de en önemlisi olaylar birbirini kovalarken Emily bile Anna ya destek çıkarken Tony bunu yapmadı. Böyle kocanın CANI CEHENNEME!!!!!Evet Anna bir sure bunalım yaşadı. Kötü bir sey yaptı ama bu onun elinde değildi. Bir de üstüne Ursula'nın yaptığı terbiyesizlikler var.

    7. Kitabın konusu baştan sona kadar sürükleyiciydi. Üstelik psikolojik terimlerde vardı. Yani benim sevmeme gibi bir durumum olamazdı fakat sonu tam olarak istediğim gibi bitmedi şaşırtmadı sarsmadı ama güzeldi

    8. Fractured is a devastating portrayal of a young family shattered by tragedy from debut author, Dawn Barker. When Anna is found bruised, battered and uncommunicative on a seaside cliff, her husband, Tony, imagines she has been attacked, perhaps car jacked. While he is relieved she has been found safe, their newborn son, Jack, is still missing and Anna can't, or won't, tell them where he is. Structured along two alternating timelines that eventually meet, Fractured begins with the day that Anna an [...]

    9. Cidden çok iyi bir psikolojik gerilim kitabı Kırık Dökük. Okuduğum için memnunum, ayrıca sanki hava hiç sıcak, bunaltıcı, iğrenç değilmiş gibi beni biraz da terletti. Gerilim okumak başlı başına ter dökmek demek ve bunun üzerine bir de psikoloji eklenince otuz beş kez duş almak istememe neden oldu.Yorum için; kraliceicinkitap.

    10. Something in the prologue of this book warned me that something terrible was about to be revealed. I recognised the room (I have been a social worker/youth worker/refuge worker in the past and knew where that room was, what it was.) My interest was stirred but I was hesitant to proceed, in fact I did procrastinate quite a bit before picking this book up again. I do not enjoy reading “lifelike” tragedies- I feel too much. And this book certainly made me feel. My chest tightened as I read the [...]

    11. What an incredible debut from new Australian author Dawn Barker. I loved this book from the very first page and from that very first page I was catapulted through each and every page at a rate I just couldn’t stop. This novel is POWERFUL! It is also DEVASTATING! The tragedy that grips this family was just so intense and the feelings that Dawn can just put down on paper dragged me through the wringer also, so much so that I was trying to cope with the emotions myself that this story pulls you i [...]

    12. Yazarın ilk romanı olmasına rağmen müthiş sürükleyici ve anlatımı harika bir romandı. Betimlemeler, karakterlerin içinde bulundukları benlikler ve düşünceler teker teker çok iyi anlatılmış. Daha kitabın başında bu fark ediliyor ve kitabın içine girmemeniz için hiçbir neden kalmıyor.Anna ve kocası Tonny her zaman bir bebek istediler. Bebek sahibi olmanın getirdiği zorluklar tek başına Anna’nın üstüne yığılıyor. Tonny ona ne kadar yardım etmeye çalışsa [...]

    13. Fractured tells the story of a healthy, highly functioning woman who has a much anticipated pregnancy and a very wanted little baby boy, Jack. But in the weeks following her son’s birth she experiences sleep difficulties and mixed feelings about her baby and she develops a postnatal psychosis with devastating effects on the young family. Told mainly from the viewpoint of her husband Tony, the reader is also privy to the impact on the paternal and maternal grandparents as well as the unfolding [...]

    14. Fractured is the first novel I've read which deals with the issue of post-natal psychosis - an issue which is often sensationalised and misrepresented in the media. Fractured explores the tragic implications of this illness with sensitivity, in a page-turning story which I read in a couple of sittings.Dawn Barker captures very accurately the bewilderment and sense of being completely overwhelmed that new mothers feel, as well as the emotions of a new father, who is aware that his wife is struggl [...]

    15. Günün birinde hamile kalırsam bu kitabın bilinçaltımda derin bir yara oluşturduğunun farkına varmam umarım. Doğum sonrası psikolojisi, stresi ve sorunları iyi bir şekilde işlenmişti. Peki ya o son? Sonrası okuyucunun hayal gücüne bırakılışı bir parça rahatsız etti *-*

    16. Oh my! What a great first novel. Easy to read, kept me thinking a few twists and turns. Did not like the husband's mum. Kept thinking how could she of done this, but hormones play a huge part, why would this happen to some people and not others. Great read.

    17. When Tony’s mother calls him during a meeting to tell him that his wife isn’t home, Tony immediately becomes worried. Tony and Anna welcomed baby Jack six weeks ago and it’s clear that Anna has been struggling a little with the constant broken sleep. Tony had told Anna this morning that his mother would pop around to help her out, maybe watch Jack so she could have a sleep so it’s very strange that Anna isn’t there.Tony rushes home and while his mother waits at the house, he goes searc [...]

    18. There are many reported examples of post-natal (puerperal) psychosis and the consequences suffered by the affected mother, but none brings them closer to home than Dr Dawn Barker in this, her debut novel, in which she has written a bold account of one couple’s tragic journey into parenthood and the complex realms of the mind.Tony is certain that there is something wrong with Anna, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. So, the house is a mess with washing hardly being done, clothing not be [...]

    19. 3.5Fractured is an insightful portrayal of mental illness and its devastating effects on a young Australian family. After desperately trying for a baby for a long time, Anna and Tony finally welcome their firstborn son Jack into the world. But for Anna both the birth and the weeks following are not as she had expected. Jack is a fretful baby who wakes every two hours, and with Tony working long days Anna is soon in a state of total exhaustion. And though Tony is worried about his wife, he puts h [...]

    20. This was a riveting, psychologically compelling, tragic and well told story told along two time lines which do meet. One time line is leading up to the event and the other after the event. This is about a woman who has a much wanted baby and suffers from postnatal psychosis after the birth of her son, and the devastating impact it has on their life. This story stayed with me for many days after finishing it and is a book that I would suggest many mums and mums to be should read as well as the me [...]

    21. This book is a wonderful debut novel from an Australian author. THe story of a woman who suffers postpartum psychosis and whose actions have lifelong consequences, is a sad but thought provoking one.Dawn Barker's experience as a psychiatrist really shows in this tale - the depression, stress, remorse, guilt, anger and despair felt by all the main players, are described very realistically. I certainly could feel nothing but sorrow for Anna, the new mother, as her story unfolds. I liked the way th [...]

    22. A young family with a first born suffers the worst disaster imaginable. Clever and insightful writing which keeps the reader's interest, I read it in a day! I had initially thought the topic may be too tough, but it is so deftly told, so human, so real that I wanted to see how Anna fared.The characters are believable and we care what happens to them. Tony, the husband and father, is shown to get off more lightly (if that is possible in this situation) than his wife, Anna. This, whilst sad, does [...]

    23. There are very few books that make me want to skip ahead to find out what is going to happen next. I found myself constantly doing this in Fractured. Dawn Barker's handling of narrative tension is superb - you can't help but sneak a peak at the next chapter, not just to find out if what you think is happening really is happening, but to find out how it happened and, more importantly, why?I loved this book - especially the scenes about a new mother coping with those god-awful days of having a new [...]

    24. In this brilliant psychological drama, I found sincere empathy for each of the 6 main characters, and the relationships between them. These characters are Anna, the tortured young mother; her non- understanding husband, Tony; Wendy, Anna's mother, who has had mental problems of her own; Ursula, the mother-in-law, whose main concerns were only for her own children; and Ursula's conforming husband. The real crisis begins with the birth of Jack. Indeed, if the characters themselves had found more e [...]

    25. This review is kindly brought to you by Wild Colonial Girl blog:wildcolonialgirl.wordpressIn the past couple of months, I’ve started a new series — where I review someone’s book, and they review mine — and we put them up at the same time. My idea was for it to be a kind of ‘two of us’ of books/authors, where we find the connections between our work — and our lives. The first wonderful exchange was with Walter Mason (I reviewed Destination Cambodia: Adventures in the kingdom and he [...]

    26. Fractured by Dawn Barker was an incredible book. It was heartbreaking to read, but it gave good insight to a mental health issue within society.Tony and Anna have the perfect life, and they have just welcomed their newborn son into the world. However, Tony can't seem to ignore that his wife, Anna, is not acting like herself.rely she is just tired from the needs of having a new baby. Happens to everyone, right?Anna is suffering from post-natal psychosis, and what happens to her family will break [...]

    27. I had high hopes for this book and it just did not deliver on it's potential. At the book's outset, new father Tony receives a call while at work: His wife Anna and their six week son are missing. Hour by hour, day by day, the details behind what went so tragically wrong in the story of a young mother unable to cope. This is a book about post postpartum psychosis (think: Andrea Yates) and it's devastating aftermath. I went into this more than a little impressed with the courage of an author will [...]

    28. I have only given this book one star because although it was about a real mental health issue that is so rarely spoken of, some aspects of the writing and characters I had issues with.First of all I am going to talk about the writing style. I couldn't really connect with the words - at all. I felt like this was just a bunch of words put together to tell a story and move it forward; rather than stories and emotions translated by carefully chosen words. For this reason I felt like everything in th [...]

    29. Fractured follows the story of a young woman affected by severe postnatal psychosis and at the same time revealing how her actions affected everyone in her life, not least of all her husband.I've had personal experience with this disease and admit that it is a story that must be told if only to help others affected by this debilitating illness to feel that they are not alone and will eventually survive the ordeal.But, I squirmed through many parts of the narrative as I found Tony's family stereo [...]

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