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The Bible Repairman and Other Stories

The Bible Repairman and Other Stories Gathering darkly fantastic short fiction previously available only in limited editions this collection explores the mysteries of souls whether they are sacrificed on the pinnacle of Mount Parnassus o

  • Title: The Bible Repairman and Other Stories
  • Author: Tim Powers
  • ISBN: 9781616960476
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gathering darkly fantastic short fiction previously available only in limited editions, this collection explores the mysteries of souls whether they are sacrificed on the pinnacle of Mount Parnassus or lodged in a television cable box In a Kabbalistic tale of transformation, the executor of an old friend s will is almost duped into housing his soul In a tale of time travGathering darkly fantastic short fiction previously available only in limited editions, this collection explores the mysteries of souls whether they are sacrificed on the pinnacle of Mount Parnassus or lodged in a television cable box In a Kabbalistic tale of transformation, the executor of an old friend s will is almost duped into housing his soul In a tale of time travel between 2015 and 1975, a tragedy sparked by an angel falling onto a pizza shop is reenacted and the event is barely, but fatally, altered The cornerstone of the collection is a postscript to the harrowing novel of the haunting of the Romantic poets, The Stress of Her Regard Once Byron and Shelley break free of the succubus that claimed them, their associate, Trelawny, forges an alliance with Greek rebels to reestablish the deadly connection between man and the nephilim Fans of Powers s renowned secret histories will delight as he deftly weaves an array of fantastical creatures into richly layered narratives of the past.

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    1 thought on “The Bible Repairman and Other Stories

    1. For me as a reader, Powers's ideas and his storytelling style seem best suited to something between a novella and a full-on novel. It's fun to indulge in bite-sized chunks of his peculiar vision of the secretly magical world, but I came away from these stories either wishing I could have spent more time within them, or scratching my head and wondering, "So.?"The eponymous story, "The Bible Repairman," has all that wonderful crunchy Tim Powers goodness (the man knows how ghosts work, I'm convince [...]

    2. Having read two novels and one novella and now a book of short stories by Tim Powers I can say confidently (if not authoritatively) that I enjoy his shorter work better than his longer. These were some of the most imaginative short stories that I've read in awhile. In short stories you don't have as much time to develop characters and universe. These stories grab you from the start. I was reading this in Starbucks last night and a friendly fellow patron notices me reading and asked (harmlessly) [...]

    3. I tend to prefer Tim Powers' longer works, and that is reflected as how I would rank the stories in this collection: from longest (best) to shortest (slightly-less good).It's still Tim Powers work, even at its shortest.

    4. Powers has an amazing command of the short fiction form. Even if you aren't exactly sure at the start of the story where he's going with a story in the beginning ("The Hour of Babel") if you enjoy a "twist" and a "What THE?!" type of ending to your short fiction, I can't recommend this book highly enough!Not only that, but his themes of lost opportunities and what really defines the concepts of "family" and "friendship" ("Soul in a Bottle" and "Parallel Lines") that make you realize times in you [...]

    5. I really wanted to give this collection 3.5 stars. The ideas in this book are wonderful and the writing is ambitious, literary in quality. Yet somehow the stories themselves rarely “gel.” To give one example: there’s a story based on the idea that an overthrown angel rips through the fabric of space and time as he falls. Then it adds a time cop agency, a couple of innocent bystanders, and a Lovecraftian sense of creeping doom. (It could almost be a pun: “the angles are wrong,” and so i [...]

    6. I've always loved Tim Powers' longer works, and these short stories are just as compelling. As so often happens when reading his work (and other stuff like it), a weird synchronicity occurred: I'm rewatching the Firefly series and shortly after reading the title story here I saw some great scenes with River and Shepherd Book where she's trying to "fix" his Bible, "e parts of it are wrong" He tries to explain that parts may be wrong, but that people still take it on Faith, and that, "you don't fi [...]

    7. I think I have a new favorite author. These stories were haunting, frightening, enticing, skin pricking and imaginative. I have never read anything quite like them. The stories were not grotesque. They required thinking and patience, but were worth the effort. Each story left me wanting another. I cannot recommend this book too highly.

    8. While all of the stories in this anthology have an interesting and innovative premise (maybe none more so than the eponymous repairman), I wasn't really drawn in by any of them. Dating ghosts, turning immortal and switching souls with a cat are all intriguing, but I didn't actually care about any of the protagonists nor was I riveted by the plots.

    9. For the most part this was an average collection of short stories. Nothing really grabbed me as all that interesting or surprising or enlightening. The last story I didn't make it through - just not interested at all. OK at best

    10. The Bible repairman isn't one, really; he's more of a Bible breaker, a (selective) Bible burner. But that's what you should expect from Tim Powers' stories—situations are never straightforward, never as mundane as they might appear at first. Magic, time travel, quirks of physics, unexplainable intrusions of the surreal these are Powers' stock in trade. The offhand brush of an angel's wing. You can call it urban fantasy, if you want to pigeonhole. Powers likes to explore the niches, those overl [...]

    11. Tim Powers is always fun. Most of these stories are set in California and involve ghosts, possession and magic. The longest one is set in Greece after Byron's death in Missolonghi and connected to Powers's Nephilim novels The Stress of Her Regard and Hide Me Among the Graves. Yet again it mixes actual historical details with fantasy. Late addition, and digression: Around the time Declare came out I read some online interviews with Powers and only then learned that not only was he deeply Catholic [...]

    12. Despite what my reviews seem to say, I'm not a literary snob. For every book I've read, there are ten-thousand I haven't, and 90% of what I read doesn't stick with me later. I wouldn't say that it goes in one ear and out the other, but reading to me is like taking an afternoon tea. You enjoy it while it lasts, it's brief and refreshing, satisfying in its own rights, but it isn't fulfilling enough to be considered a meal. Reading for me is like taking a mini-vacation from the real world, and I do [...]

    13. I usually like Tim Powers, but I wasn't big on this collection of short stories. Half of them felt like fragments from novels rather than stories in their own right. The other half like mild ghost stories - not the scary ones of M. R. James, but ones that are mildly threatening. The former all seemed to start in the middle of the action, in a world that you don't really understand, and then come to some kind of indefinite conclusion. This was especially true of "The Bible Repairman" and "The Hou [...]

    14. There's something wonderfully unique and strange about the imagination of Tim Powers. This collection of stories is not the best introduction to it, however good they might be. Th final story of the book is a companion piece to Powers' novels The Stress of Her Regard and Hide Me Upon The Graves dealing with the Nephalim, romantic poets and non-traditional vampires. It was originally written as a bonus for a limited edition of Regard and really needs a working knowledge of that book to be fully a [...]

    15. The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers is one of my favorite books, so I was decidedly intrigued when I learned that he had written a postscript novella, A Time to Cast Away Stones. Tachyon Publications has released a new collection of stories by Powers, including the novella, entitled The Bible Repairman and Other Stories. I was tempted to jump straight to the end to read the novella, but I opted to save the best for last. Upon reading I found that the introduction by the author and his comment [...]

    16. Tim Powers has been called "the master of secret history". This book is just one in a long line of exciting and very interesting books. Powers has been publishing since 1976. I reviewed this collection at the time of its publication. A portion of my review: "Mr. Powers is called alternatively a sci-fi writer, a dark fantasy author, an adult historical fantasy author, and a writer of “secret histories.” In each of these attempts to define Mr. Powers’ writing, there is an acknowledgment that [...]

    17. Finally, I finished this. Tim Powers is the living author I admire most. The title story of this collection has all the Poweresque virtues: an eye for exotic cultures and beliefs; a sad-sack protagonist stumbling into redemption; and, above all, a deeply weird cosmology.The "Bible repairman" refers to a magician following a bizarre Californo-Mexican folk religion who fixes things in the spiritual realm for his customers and great personal cost to himself. That could mean, hilariously, installing [...]

    18. I find Tim Powers excels in longer fiction while his short stories leave something lacking at times. In this volume, I loved three stories, disliked two stories and the rest were alright. That said, even his "alright" tales are superior to the average short story one picks up today. I never feel this short stories are just failed beginnings of attempts to write a novel - a feeling I sometimes get even with authors as well respected as John Gardner.Powers' focus remains, I find, centered on souls [...]

    19. Talk about wrong time and wrong place - this book, I suspect, did not completely work for me because of the general mood I was in the past couple of days/weeks. Sure - I did try to like it. Author's introduction made me happy with explaining how he likes to have things clear, only to have the stories be a bit too obscure for me to fully enjoy - this seemed to me really a case when you have to pay a hundred per cent of attention to get everything.Of course there were bright spots. The atmosphere [...]

    20. I really wanted to give this 2.5 but that's not permitted. This was an intriguing collection. All of the stories had very different characters and kinds of magic but Powers kept things consistent with how he told the story. I liked that the magic in them wasn’t always the same. I think the twin story was my favorite.My big complaint is that, save for the last tale, this was a very California-centric collection. As a born and bred east coaster, I felt like I was missing something because I bare [...]

    21. I really wanted to like this more than I did. Don't get me wrong: these are excellent stories. It's just that, somehow, Powers at less than novel-length just isn't as satisfying somehow. We've got the usual eclectic mix of magic, ghosts, and science fiction that Tim Powers fans know and love. The title story, in particular, is quite memorable. Fans of his novel, Stress of Her Regard, will be pleased to note the presence of, "A Time to Cast Away Stones," which serves as a postscript to it, detail [...]

    22. If you're new to Tim Powers, I'd recommend starting with one of his brilliantly entertaining novels, like The Anubis Gates or Expiration Date. His big, boggling ideas benefit from a larger canvas to spread out on. But if you're already a Powers fan, you will almost certainly enjoy this collection! All six stories are delightful, and all exhibit Powers' wild and gently macabre imagination. It's only by comparison to his novels that they seem in any way inferior, simply because you're always left [...]

    23. I have a love/hate relationship with Tim Powers. He has amazing ideas and nothing he writes is like anything I've ever read before. But he's also ambiguous as all get out. He excels at the short story format because the brevity requires him to plot things more tightly, which means there are far fewer loose ends to tickle your brain. However, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't left wanting more at the end! The only story I didn't care for was "A Time to Cast Away Stones", which ties in with The [...]

    24. Oh how I have longed to read this book for no better reason that it contains several short stories i have been searching for by Tim Powers. Now be warned if you are not familiar with his works more importantly those of Earthquake Weather and Expiration Date you may miss some of the finer details but these are as much a window in to the creative world of these works as they are fascinating stories where the new myths and legends are being born in the motel rooms and dusty sidewalks. A great book [...]

    25. I'm not drawn to short story collections, though i usually enjoy the ones i do read,. And this is Tim Powers, whose novels i read all of at least once. The tales in here are short and fun. The Trelawny one was the weakest for me, though it does make me want to go back and revisit "The Stress Of Her Regard". Solid bit of Powers to tide you over. I liked the ghost tales the best, especially Soul in a bottle.

    26. Always a treatThough I don't find Powers' short stories as consistently evocative as his novels, they still brim with the crazy ideas and inventive merging of fact and fantasy that no other author manages even half as well. The highlight of this collection is really "Soul in a Bottle."

    27. A great, spooky read. I love The whay Powers' handles ghosts, as they have a much more profound effect on real life and echo poetically through the timeline of the character's lives.I think my favorite story in this collection was "A Soul in a Bottle", because it managed to be kind of creepy and romantic at the same time.

    28. I'm a huge Tim Powers fanhis works are not for the faint of heart or for those not willing to struggle through multiple characters and some tongue twisting nomenclature. A compilation of short stories is hard to rate accurately because this contains some terrific ones and some not so. Still a good read for a fan.

    29. A rather weak collection of stories. Powers is definitiely a better novelist, than short story writer. The book also ends with the weakest of the stories, "A Time to Cast Away Stones", which is a postscript to his worst novel ("Stress of Her Regard"). Disappointing.

    30. Estupenda colección de relatos de este autor, entre los que destacan el de un fantasma que quiere volver a la vida; y el último en el que recupera a un personaje secundario de un libro suyo anterior y en el que regresamos con Keats, Shelley, etc. A leer si te interesa este autor. B+

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