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The Real Witches' Garden

The Real Witches Garden Whether readers have acres of plants or only a window box real Witches can cultivate a powerful garden that expands and deepens their magic

  • Title: The Real Witches' Garden
  • Author: Kate West
  • ISBN: 9780007163229
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whether readers have 20 acres of plants or only a window box, real Witches can cultivate a powerful garden that expands and deepens their magic.

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    • ☆ The Real Witches' Garden || Ñ PDF Read by ↠ Kate West
      138 Kate West
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ The Real Witches' Garden || Ñ PDF Read by ↠ Kate West
      Posted by:Kate West
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    1 thought on “The Real Witches' Garden

    1. This book It is geared more for those just starting on their path however I still found it provided ideas and inspiration. From a gardener's perspective not a lot of real useful information. Most of it was pretty general. There are however hundreds of books on gardening that one can access. Iv been wanting to create a more spiritual space in my back yard and found this book did provide a way of getting started thinking about exactly how I want to use my space. I did enjoy reading this book.

    2. This book's a winner! I have designed my elemental based garden with the direction in this easy to read and highly enjoyable book! From consecrating your space to plants for ritual, magic and healing, to seasonal blessings. Covers a wide array of the garden witches' concerns.

    3. Another book I am fond of! This book goes into different gardening tips in which to grow one's own magical garden. Plants and dedications are easy to use and easy to grow. An easy to ready book without being preachy. Another book I am proud to display in my Library!

    4. Meh, I mostly skimmed this one. There's not much actually gardening or witchy plant information here. There are about two rituals per chapter, which I just skipped over. In general, I just didn't find enough meat in this book.

    5. This book was very interesting and informative for a relatively rookie green witch like me, but I found this was best as a companion to the Real Witches Kitchen. This one informs you of how to grow your herbs and which ones to grow and use for what, whilst the Kitchen book gives you advie and instructions on how to produce lotions and potions (;)) with them.But then again, as stated before, I'm a huge West fan so that's just my opinion. I have very green fingers though, so for me, this book is a [...]

    6. Not really what I was exepecting; I was hoping for something more substantial. The information within was adequate. Quick read

    7. Very basic,and a lot of it was common sense. Overall a book on herbs or plants would have been better and then just apply ideas / principles.

    8. Mildly entertaining, and much the same as her other books. The section on gardening with children has good advice.

    9. This is an enjoyable light, easy read with some pretty interesting and inspirational garden ideas but slightly repetative with information from other books by her.

    10. This is really interesting and useful. It teaches you how to plant a magical garden and what to do when you have your plants all organised. Loved it.

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