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Little Tree

Little Tree The Barnes Noble ReviewA classic poem from e e cummings is given sparkling treatment from the talented author illustrator Chris Raschka We couldn t be happier that Cumming s little tree poem is back i

  • Title: Little Tree
  • Author: Chris Raschka E.E. Cummings
  • ISBN: 9781423103356
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Barnes Noble ReviewA classic poem from e e cummings is given sparkling treatment from the talented author illustrator Chris Raschka We couldn t be happier that Cumming s little tree poem is back in the spotlight for the holidays With glorious wonder, Raschka uses the poem s tribute to a small Christmas tree as a cause for colorful celebration Rewriting theThe Barnes Noble ReviewA classic poem from e e cummings is given sparkling treatment from the talented author illustrator Chris Raschka We couldn t be happier that Cumming s little tree poem is back in the spotlight for the holidays With glorious wonder, Raschka uses the poem s tribute to a small Christmas tree as a cause for colorful celebration Rewriting the story of a little tree destined for stardom, Raschka presents a flowing tale of true holiday spirit A little tree, in the green forest, finds comfort in his home But he often dreams if he ll find his own family, and his own house to brighten as a Christmas tree When a truck arrives to take him away, the tree knows he is on his way Standing on a streetcorner in a busy little city, a lively family look for that perfect tree And when they see little tree their search is over They take him home and adorn him with ribbons and lights The little tree lifted up his little branches, like little arms, to show off all the little ornaments He had finally found his place in the world.This touching story is brilliantly matched with stunning watercolor illustrations in geometric shapes While in some hands the use of geometric shapes would be harsh, Raschka s illustrations shine Warm emotion and jubilant cheer bounce off the pages Simple shapes allows readers to pick up the cozy sensibilities of a wash of color, and the play of forms Enriched by the added beauty of the color and design e e cummings s little poem never sounded or looked so stunning Amy Barkat

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    1 thought on “Little Tree

    1. What first attracted me to Little Tree was the vibrant colors on the eye-catching cover. When I opened it up, I was quite happy when I saw that it was based on a Christmas poem by e.e. cummings (which has the same title as this book). I believe that it's a great idea for poetry to be part of children's lives, and I like the idea of using picture books to make poetry more accessible. What I expected coming in was the text of e.e. cumming's poem with accompanying illustrations for each line or two [...]

    2. This is a cute book that meets all the basic requirements of a good children's book. My only problem is with the illustration style. Its too geometric for my taste. I like the story and the colors are good but let's curve a few of those lines. Less square, more round. =)

    3. I wrote a special post that included this poem by e.e. cummings for Poetry Friday in December. The poem has special meaning for me in a memory of my grandfather reading it. It's a lovely one about Christmas trees. In this board book, the poem is at the front, but Chris Raschka tells his own "little tree" tale, and adds the expected, wonderful illustrations.

    4. An enjoyable book derived from the E.E.Cummings poem by the same name. We enjoyed the use of 'little' in the book, talking about how it can mean different things and the illustrations are a great invite to art!

    5. What an odd little book. I thought it was going to be the poem, illustrated, but instead it was a story inspired by the poem. I don't think that story was super successful. And I really liked the cover illustration, but after a few pages of the same style, I found the illustrations disorienting.

    6. I loved e.e. cummings' poem, "little tree," which was featured in its entirety at the beginning of the book. Basically, the narrative of the poem is from the viewpoint of a child who is greeting a little tree that is about to be specially decorated for Christmas in his home. It ends with " and my little sister and i will take hands/and looking up at our beautiful tree/we'll dance and sing/'Noel Noel.'"In Raschka's retelling of this poem, the focus is on a little tree that has a "little dream" of [...]

    7. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Happy Holidays Week, Day 7: Merry Christmas, everyone! Our book today was Little Tree, based on a poem by e.e. cummings with story and illustrations by Chris Raschka, a lovely Christmas tale of a little tree and all the joy it brings to the world.A little tree sits in a little forest, waiting for the day it will become something more. Then one day, a little truck comes and drives the little tre [...]

    8. In this book a little tree wants to be a Christmas tree. He soon gets his wish. A little man sees the little tree on his hill and he puts him in his little truck, then he gets put in a train, and then he gets put down on a sidewalk by an apartment. Then this family who lives in the apartment go down the stairs and they are looking for a tree for Christmas and they see the little tree and they love it.

    9. ee cummings is one of my favorite poets. He gets the Mr. Word award.Chris Raschka is so good at painting music like Paul Klee. I'd like to think maybe I do that also.I like Deborah Kogan Ray's golden pictures better in Little Tree because of the family relationship they portray and the proof that you can have lots of love without fancy stuff

    10. A little pine tree's greatest wish is to become a Christmas tree. The story by Chris Raschka is based on the poem LITTLE TREE by E.E.Cummings. The poem is included in its entirety as the first page in the story. The art work is really nice and resembles stained glass work. Like in the poem, at the end of Raschkas' interpretation, the little tree gets its wish. A classic story.

    11. I loved this short poem about a little tree who dreams of being a Christmas tree in a city far away. In the end he finds his perfect little family with a little house in a little big city, with a little dog. The poem is repetitive with words, simplistic and very well done. I could see this becoming a holiday favorite for children. Particularly good for kids K-2.

    12. This Christmas story inspired by e.e. cumming's poem "Little Tree" focuses on a little tree who fulfills its destiny by becoming one family's Christmas centerpiece.The text is poetic and makes for a great read aloud. The watercolor illustrations give readers a kaleidoscope vision of the Christmas season with vivid colors and fragmented views of the scenes. PreK-2.

    13. Two little children pick up a tiny pine tree to decorate and make it pretty. They place it in their tiny window of their apartment for everyone to see and enjoy. The children take so much pride in their tiny tree.It doesn't take majestic beauty to explain that magical feeling that comes at Christmas. It just can't be bought.

    14. Unique and cool art, love the poetry/story combo. The story amplifies the poem.Would make a great Christmas gift."put up your little armsand i'll give them all to you to holdevery finger shall have its ringand there won't be a single place dark or unhappy"

    15. This is a nice poem with interesting illustrations. I'm not sure how well it entertains children, but I liked it and we've read it a few times. It's a good way to introduce younger children to poetry.

    16. Very lovely book with Raschka's art and simple story about a Christmas tree finding its home with a family in a big city. cumming's poem appears at the beginning of the story. Perfect for the child (or the adult) that gets very personal about a Christmas tree. So good!!

    17. I found this book to be incredibly boring. While E. E. Cummings poem is cute, it is shorter and paced. The illustrations were interesting but they just did not communicate the feelings of the holiday season.

    18. Great Christmastime poem to memorize. DID NOT like the prose or illustrations following. Just print a copy of the poem and avoid this book. . .

    19. I love the e.e. cummings poem in the front and the illustrations are fascinating. There is always something new to see in them.

    20. I liked it, but I think the illustrations aren't up to par with the poem.I'd check it out again for the kids.

    21. Chris Raschka expands upon e. e. cumming's poem, "little tree" and brings is to life with his bright geometric art.

    22. wonderful illustrations about a little tree that has his wish fulfilled-being a Christmas tree. book opens with the poem by ee cummings

    23. Dulcie tells me (now) this is her favorite book. I like it too. But what happens to the tree when Christmas is over? I'm disturbed by this thought.

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