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In Search of Schrödinger's Cat: Quantum Physics And Reality

In Search of Schr dinger s Cat Quantum Physics And Reality Quantum theory is so shocking that Einstein could not bring himself to accept it It is so important that it provides the fundamental underpinning of all modern sciences Without it we d have no nuclea

  • Title: In Search of Schrödinger's Cat: Quantum Physics And Reality
  • Author: John Gribbin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Quantum theory is so shocking that Einstein could not bring himself to accept it It is so important that it provides the fundamental underpinning of all modern sciences Without it, we d have no nuclear power or nuclear weapons, no TV, no computers, no science of molecular biology, no understanding of DNA, no genetic engineering In Search of Schr dinger s Cat tells the cQuantum theory is so shocking that Einstein could not bring himself to accept it It is so important that it provides the fundamental underpinning of all modern sciences Without it, we d have no nuclear power or nuclear weapons, no TV, no computers, no science of molecular biology, no understanding of DNA, no genetic engineering In Search of Schr dinger s Cat tells the complete story of quantum mechanics, a truth stranger than any fiction John Gribbin takes us step by step into an ever bizarre and fascinating place, requiring only that we approach it with an open mind He introduces the scientists who developed quantum theory He investigates the atom, radiation, time travel, the birth of the universe, superconductors and life itself And in a world full of its own delights, mysteries and surprises, he searches for Schr dinger s Cat a search for quantum reality as he brings every reader to a clear understanding of the most important area of scientific study today quantum physics In Search of Schr dinger s Cat is a fascinating and delightful introduction to the strange world of the quantum an essential element in understanding today s world.From the Trade Paperback edition.

    • Unlimited [Crime Book] ☆ In Search of Schrödinger's Cat: Quantum Physics And Reality - by John Gribbin Ý
      472 John Gribbin
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    1 thought on “In Search of Schrödinger's Cat: Quantum Physics And Reality

    1. um- i read this book- i didn't read this book- i read this book and didn't read this book- i read this book in one universe and didn't in another- this book didn't exist until i read it gribbin's great because he won't dumb down but genuinely wants you to understand this stuff. and b/c he believes in time travel. yay!

    2. this book is f******n awesome.i read it in highschool and then again in college - because while you're reading it it's like having a really good teacher who holds your attention and makes you understand unusual ideas but as soon as you finish and put it down you're like "wait, how does that work again?" so for me at least, i have to be reading it to maintain that state of enlightenment. maybe after a certain number of reads it will stick - because i am not naturally good at this sort of subject. [...]

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    4. اضافة للريفيو القديم انا كل م اقرأ حاجة ف الفيزياء ، ايا كانت نسبية او ميكانيكا الكم او حاجة ملهاش علاقة بيهم ، بفتكر الكتاب ده وبفتكر كل كلمة فيه وبكون عايزة افتحه وابص فيه و واخداه م مرجع ليا ، بس هو تايه وسط كتب التابلت :Dاي حد عايز يقرأ عن الفيزياء ، يبدأ ب الكتاب ده بجدكتاب [...]

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    6. Okay, so to best describe this book, I need to first describe Schrodingers cat. Keep in mind that this an illustration of what Schrodinger saw as the problem with the Copenhagen idea of Quantum superposition. Imagine a box with a cat inside. A vial of a deadly chemical which will instantly kill the cat is placed inside with the cat, sealed so the feline is safe. A hammer is set up with a rig to smash the vial but only if the following occurs. A small amount of radioactive material is inside a ge [...]

    7. Gribbin seems to have a sound understanding of quantum mechanics, and his writing is rather well crafted, but sometimes I think he'd rather have been a historian than a physicist. The first half of the book is mostly intricate historical accounts of the key players of the story of quantum mechanics over the last century. Gribbin reveals the concepts very slowly, which might not be a bad thing, so this may seem a bit tedious at first. However, by the end, the concepts are clear and complete. At l [...]

    8. 4 stars for science nerds, 3 stars for everyone else. An in depth discussion of the birth of quantum physics, where it is now and what it means for the future. Not much math and fairly accessible but not as easy to read as Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. I enjoyed it for the survey of physics giants in the early 20th century from Einstein to Heisenburg. The last 1/3 of the book were a series of explanations of experiments used to prove some of the theorems which were fascinating. I think a g [...]

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    10. هذا الكتاب يسرد مراحل نشأة وتطور الفيزياء الكمية تاريخيا، ويناقش نظريات العلماء وتجاربهم وأبحاثهم وخلافاتهم في تلك الفترة حتى يصل بك إلى التفسيرات الفيزيائية المحتملة التي يتباها علماء هذا العصر. ستتعرف على أبطال الميكانيكا الكمية واكتشافاتهم واستنتاجاتهم الغريبة خلال ا [...]

    11. Doğru düzgün fizik temeli olamamış biri olarak anlamakta zorlandığım yerler oldu. :( Ama son kısım harikaydı. Tam beklediğim şeydi <3

    12. Este libro me permitió asomarme un poco al no intuitivo mundo cuántico. Desde ya que entendí poco y nada. Pero se deja leer.

    13. I'm reading this again after a few years so that when I give it to my girlfriend to read and EXPAND HER MIND I will be able to help guide her through it. So far, it has been a great intro to quantum mechanics. It's supposed to be for the layman, and it appears fairly basic, but I have some background, so it's hard for me to judge that.EDIT:Well, it wasn't as good as I remember it. Maybe it was the passage of time and the advancement of science, maybe it was my own further studies in the field, m [...]

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    15. This must be the 10th time I have re-read this book. I met the author way back when I was a kid and have always been fascinated with solving the quantum mysteries and physics. This book and others from Gribbin were exceedingly well written in language that didn't require a PhD. It was spellbinding and quite enjoyable to re-read.

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    17. I really enjoy history, and if you are looking for a book that gives much about the history of the development of modern Quantum Mechanics this is a wonderful read. It also simplifies many principles to make it more accessible to non mathematical minds such as myself. Besides that I just kind of loved it and you might too.

    18. I wish I'd writtenA Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney . In particular, Figure 2 the best Feynman diagram joke I've ever seen!

    19. The writer was quite positive towards his attempt in explaining quantum theory. His approach was quite neat & clean , comprehensive . However , it made me sad in the end ~

    20. Thankkkyou John Gribbin.Okay I finally finished the book. "I don't like it, and I'm sorry I ever had anything to do with it"-Erwin Schrödinger. Well, first of all I really believe that 'science does not need dressing-up in the hand-me-downs of someone else's philosophy'. And this book wasn't doing that throughout the most part of the pages, at some points it was irritating when Gribbin was actually doing what he considered as a bad habit of science "popularizers"; I'm guessing more like a marke [...]

    21. Amidst a plethora of books purportedly dealing with "explaining Quantum Theory to the layman" this book stands apart, as well as taller, by virtue of two qualities: -1. It's really really well written, even by the high standards of popular science set by the luminaries, and remains deliciously readable even after more than three decades since its publication.2. It's unapologetically forthcoming, and NEVER tries to dumb down things in an effort towards becoming more "accommodating" and "plebian", [...]

    22. I first read this book when I was a freshman in college (a business major at the time). Until then, I had never given much thought to the sciences, but this book was so fascinating for me that it eventually lead to me changing my major. I thought the book was as easy of a read as physics can be. The author did a good job of making it understandable for the layperson. The concepts in here are so mind-boggling that it's often difficult to even begin to imagine them, but that's what makes the book [...]

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    24. Awesome Book, recommended for a better background on Quantum Mechanics's well written and neatly presented, with a great historical,theoretical and technical insights about the beauty of the Quantum world, with lots of fundamental aspects and termonolgy of the theory and all you want to know about the different interpretations and thought experiments which i think are my favorite part of the book, even though the chemistry related parts were boring (i don't like it), but overall, its great!!Coll [...]

    25. This was one of the best books I have read on Quantum Physics. It turns out to be a slow read, because it gives you examples, and then to fully understand the examples you find yourself working out the aspects of it. It is only about 250 pages, but it took me the better part of six months to get through. Awesome book!

    26. The cat a) exists in a superimposed state of dead and aliveb) is dead in one universe, and alive in anotherc) what cat? The cat doesn't even exist unless observed.Read this book for mysteries of quantum physics.

    27. Made my head hurt. Or didn't make my head hurt. Or made my head hurt and not hurt simultaneously.

    28. As my parents are moving out and I'm packing all my old books, I'll be finding and rating ones that I have read a long time ago, and likely have mostly forgotten. Skimming this book as I boxed it up tonight, I remember understanding or being unsure about a few concepts; but for the most part, my memory of the book is of confused excitement of being introduced to some concepts, which other books have helped me understand better.

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