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Grand Livre Des Peurs (Le):Petite Souris

Grand Livre Des Peurs Le Petite Souris Spiders Little Mouse is afraid of them arachnophobia Shadows Little Mouse is afraid of those sciaphobia In fact Little Mouse is afraid of everything Join her as she faces her fears and records them i

  • Title: Grand Livre Des Peurs (Le):Petite Souris
  • Author: Emily Gravett Elisabeth Duval
  • ISBN: 9782877675314
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Spiders Little Mouse is afraid of them arachnophobia.Shadows Little Mouse is afraid of those sciaphobia.In fact, Little Mouse is afraid of everything Join her as she faces her fears and records them in her journal and discovers that even the biggest people are afraid of some things.

    • ☆ Grand Livre Des Peurs (Le):Petite Souris || À PDF Read by ↠ Emily Gravett Elisabeth Duval
      272 Emily Gravett Elisabeth Duval
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Grand Livre Des Peurs (Le):Petite Souris || À PDF Read by ↠ Emily Gravett Elisabeth Duval
      Posted by:Emily Gravett Elisabeth Duval
      Published :2018-08-23T18:58:41+00:00

    1 thought on “Grand Livre Des Peurs (Le):Petite Souris

    1. Beautiful artwork. I read this with my 3 year old nephew but this could be read with older children as there is some harder text on some of the pages. This book has a beautiful map, newspaper articles, adverts as well as the main and simple story.

    2. I think this unique and unusual book is absolutely brilliant. It’s hilarious and serious both. It can be appreciated on so many levels, by many different readers/listeners-viewers, including very young children (without the names of the phobias) and readers of all ages through adulthood.It would make a fabulous gift for anyone undertaking a new, scary endeavor, or any phobia sufferer.The last page is a hoot.The illustrations, including a pull out map, are just wonderful. Note: Readers are enco [...]

    3. What a peculiar book! Not really a story, not really non-fiction, but something in between. A little mouse lists the things he's afraid of. Most of these phobia words I've never heard of. What captures your attention is Gravett's cute, clever illustrations. Little Mouse's pencil gets shorter and shorter as he gnaws the end in fear. Bird feathers turn into monsters; some pages are torn, burnt, or dog-eared on the edges. I'm not sure that children will get the connection between fear of heights an [...]

    4. I WISH I COULD FRAME THIS BOOK!This book was gorgeous but I was expecting more.Physically this book was just splendid. One of the most beautiful children book I have had the pleasure to read. The illustrations top notch! The expression of the little mouse very well done. It is mostly a mixed media composition and I ADORE mix media so I couldn’t get enough if these pages. The color palette, MY color palette.The interactive features are just fantastic! Look at this gorgeous map of the Isle of Fr [...]

    5. This is a fantastic offer from a truly creative mind, and I believe also, from a team of designers and editors who put in so much in carrying out all the ideas: from the nibbled cover and pages, to the flip-the-flap effects, to the completely black page (yes, I was fooled in thinking, 'huh? this is the end of the book? No way' and found out, to my great delight, that there is still half of the book to go and plenty more of information to come!) And of course, Gravett's talent in illustration is [...]

    6. Emily Gravett's book is definitely worth checking. 'Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears' is directed to young readers in order to make them aware that people might have different types of phobias. I very like that fears are depicted in a humorous way, therefore every child might go through the pages of this book without feeling distressed. The character of a little shy and skittish mouse is really appealing to me. As it goes through all the terrifying phobias, it looks scared itself, which might be [...]

    7. I highly recommend this book, because it is as captivating as the rest of Emily Gravett’s works. Although “Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears” has the look and feel of a horror book, it is in fact an amusing picture book for children. Not only will it provide you with a set of different types of phobias, but it will also leave you with a warm sense that those who we are afraid of are usually scared of something as well.

    8. We felt this book would be best presented as a 1:1 read, instead of a whole class read as the intricate details are so essential to the story itself. The photos add a depth to the story and add a fun element to the book. The fears were well represented through a range of colour, framing, scale and the positioning: showing the control the fears can have on the mouse. The pictures in this book offer more than the text which would be great for inclusion and discussion purposes. In terms of the impl [...]

    9. Little Mouse’s Big Book of FearsReview by Anastasia HutsonThis adventurous book is about a mouse who is scared of everything! Little Mouse takes us through all of his fears and worries of everyday life. This picture book is like a little journal that the mouse keep his fears in while also educating the reader on different fears that people can have. The plot of this picture book is in a journal type format that is very interactive with the reader. It has a story but a looser structure that all [...]

    10. I found it interesting that some names of actual phobias were in the book such as Teratophobia, the fear of monsters, Clinophobia, the dear of going to bed, Panophobia, fear of everything, or Sciaphobia, fear of shadows. Even though it is more of a "scrapbook", and there is not much action going on, it could be a good book to read when talking about fears.

    11. Abrir este libro es encontrarte con una edición preciosa. Desde la portada ya vemos cómo hay un hueco (donde se ve el ratoncito) como si alguien hubiera recortado esa página. Además, el mismo libro está lleno de ilustraciones y diversos formatos que la hacen parecer un libro antiguo. Realmente es maravilloso abrirlo sólo para disfrutar de todo el arte que tiene. El principal objetivo de este libro es que los niños reconozcan sus miedos y que vean que no son los únicos que los tienen, el [...]

    12. I loved this book! It was very good and fun to read. It's basically a book of all a little mouses fear with a very relatable twist. This book was hard to categorize as it didn't have much plot but wasn't non-fiction it was more just something to be read and enjoyed for what it was. The pictures in this book were awesome, I would even go as far to say this book would be nothing without them. The pictures and interactive pages added so very much to the story. The book was all taken from the perspe [...]

    13. 1. Little Mouse is afraid of almost EVERY THING. In this interactive book, Little Mouse takes you through his diary of fears. He is afraid of cats, dogs, the dark, knives, heights, getting lost, and so much more. The book ends with Musophobia, the fear of mice. Little Mouse writes "She's afriad of ME!" and is happy that he is no the only one who is scared of things. 2. This book would be good for grades k-4th. 3. This book could be used in class to help students identify their fears and understa [...]

    14. Another winner from the creative mind of Emily Gravett, this picture book gently and informatively pokes fun at several common fears while tossing in the words for the fears themselves; for instance, arachnophobia (fear of spiders), rupophobia (fear of dirt), and the witty whereamiophobia (the fear of getting lost)all are examined through text and illustrations. Like all of us, Little Mouse has quite a few fears, and she can barely make it through the day because of all those fears--until the su [...]

    15. This is my third five-star review of the day, but I have been reading some outstanding books lately! I heard the delightful Emily Gravett speak at NCTE last month and immediately ordered two of her picture books. She shared with us her sketchbook that she used as she was creating Little Mouse, and I knew I had to have the book! I am a huge fan of collage, and this book is filled with quirky, detailed illustrations made from a variety of materials. The vocabulary is also intriguing. Each page pro [...]

    16. The story within Emily Gravett's second Kate Greenaway medal winning Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears is cleverly hidden beneath a layer of ingeniously illustrated dictionary of common phobias. Accompanying exhibits of Little Mouse's fears are technical terms for them, written above a "Use the space below to record your fears" line. This instruction is unfortunate for a couple of reasons: there's little room to add much on many of the pages, which are elaborately filled with mixed media artwork [...]

    17. Being that I was an extremely anxious kid myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this fun twist on common and some uncommon fears that kids and adults may experience. The interactive book includes incredible illustrations and even a pop out map! Great way to educate kids on phobias in a interesting, fun, and light-hearted way. The book provides the scientific terms of the fears but describes them through the text and illustrations, making them easy to understand, and even relate too. I plan on incorporati [...]

    18. This is an odd book, with many different cutouts and interesting details that help describe the many fears a little mouse has. Each page has its own dedicated page, with lots of space and invitations to write about your own fears, too. The illustrations are nicely detailed, with fun cutouts, flaps and a creative use of mixed media. Overall, there's not a lot of story, but still the book is entertaining. I, too, was fooled by the all black pages; could this possibly be the end of the book? Nope! [...]

    19. I must admit that Emily Gravett has her own distinct style of creating picture books and I am fascinated with it. Her books are intriguing and well-crafted. The illustrations and additional stuff included in the books are amazing. When it comes to the “Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears”, I really appreciate the map included which is something that one can analyze for a long time. I also like flaps and booklets because they make the book even more interesting. Even though the book presents d [...]

    20. Ah, the dust jacket has a hole gnawed through it by the mouse. I love the design, and the PandaBat appreciated the reinforcement of the idea that everyone is afraid of something, and many people are afraid of many things. Gravett is awesome, as is the design of this book. Did I menntion how cool the design is?

    21. So clever and funny and brilliant! Dear mouse, please be my friend. I will not tear out the pages of your little book, unlike the kids in my public library. I shall protect you from all scary things and feed your cheese.

    22. Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears is both a powerful message and a beautiful display of creativity that children will be captivated by. I gave this book a 4 star rating.This story comes in the form of a scrapbook made by the main character, Little Mouse. Little Mouse is afraid of a lot of different things. He is just a small mouse in a big world and theres just so much to be afraid of, how is he supposed to think about anything else? The mouse outlines various fears that mice will have that are r [...]

    23. Olha, este livro tem um buraco e está um ratinho assustado lá dentro!O Grande Livro dos Medos do Pequeno Rato (no original, Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears) é um álbum ilustrado único, da autora e ilustradora Emily Gravett, publicado pela primeira vez em 2007.O livro chama imediatamente a atenção pela sua edição tão original, toda ratada e rabiscada, com páginas roídas, onde os buracos nos deixam espreitar o que está na outra página e as dobras no papel revelam novas informações [...]

    24. This book has brilliant illustrations by representing each fear the mouse is expressing that it has. Each page is extremely unique, Gravett has shaped pages differently to make them look torn and added some flaps - this book reminds me of a scrapbook. I really liked that this book 'normalised' fears subtly implying that it is normal to have fears because the mouse has fears and so does the human at the end.

    25. 'A fear faced is a fear defeated'Holes in cover and torn pages - interactive - resembles a wreck it journal Different types of fears - vocabulary Overcoming fears through artFlap, collage, scrapbook, map, postcardLots of different textures

    26. As a child, there are things that you might be afraid because either you do not understand them or they just plain creep you out. "Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears" is written and illustrated by Emily Gravetts, and it brings humor to phobias that people of all ages might have. It follows the story of a little, unnamed mouse who goes through all of his different fears from hydrophobia (fear of water) to whereamiphobia (fear of getting lost). Each page introduces the reader to a different fear and [...]

    27. APA: Gravett, E. (2008). Little Mouse's big book of fears. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.Review: As much as everyone hates or FEARS mice, did you know they are scared of a lot more things? We take a different perspective in life, but through the eyes of a little mouse. It’s interesting to see some of the things he is scared of. Some of the things are relatable to us. For example, the little mouse is afraid of spiders, what’s under the bed, and being alone in the dark [...]

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