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A Boy Called Slow

A Boy Called Slow Anxious to be given a name as strong and brave as that of his father a proud Lakota Sioux grows into manhood acting with careful deliberation determination and bravery which eventually earned him

  • Title: A Boy Called Slow
  • Author: Joseph Bruchac Rocco Baviera
  • ISBN: 9780399226922
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Anxious to be given a name as strong and brave as that of his father, a proud Lakota Sioux grows into manhood, acting with careful deliberation, determination, and bravery, which eventually earned him his proud new name Sitting Bull Being named Slow and growing up in the shadow of a great warrior hardly dwarfed the prospects of this protagonist

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      366 Joseph Bruchac Rocco Baviera
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    1. This beautifully ilustrated picture book by the Native American storyteller, Joseph Bruhac, is the story of the famous warrior hero of the Lakota Sioux tribe, Sitting Bull. As a child, "Slow" was slow at everything he did. He wished he could have a stronger name. His mother and father told him that he must earn a better name by brave and wise actions. "Slow" gradually proves his bravery, but it takes an encounter with the enemies from the Crow tribe before "Slow" is able to earn his new name. Th [...]

    2. Much educational value in terms of exposure to the traditions of the Lakota tribe, and specifically Sitting Bull's humble beginnings and [generically addressed] significance in history. Though I wasn't really "sucked in." Perhaps an inherent consequence of it being written for third graders? Note: I have no children and don't otherwise find third graders particularly relatable, so take any remarks on its inability to engage me with a grain of [delectable pink Himalayan] sea salt.I also wish it w [...]

    3. I didn't know what to think of this book just by looking at the title, but that is what captured my interest. This story is about a little boy in a Lakota tribe. Each child gets a name for how they act. Since this boy did everything slow, that is what his name was. The only way to change the name is by having a "dream" when he gets older. He admires his dad, who has several names because of his wisdom, and his bravery. When Slow turns 14 he is able to go on a war party with his dad and fellow tr [...]

    4. The story of the man who would become known as Sitting Bull, told from when he was a child. A good book to sit down with an individual child or small group of children to read aloud to. May not be good for large groups; the illustrations are extremely dark. A shame, because they were otherwise nicely done. This gives children a look at a famous person as a child, and can serve as a nice springboard book.

    5. Genre: BiographyGrade Level: 3This is a picture book, but it is long! This is why I think it would be best for older grades. The story itself is very informational because it talks a lot about the culture of Slow's tribe. I thought the illustrations were good. I also thought the story was a little slow (no pun intended), but overall it was a good, educational book.

    6. Genre: Historical Realistic FictionReading Level: Primary (2-3)I like the different point of view this book gave. It was encouraging how the boy adjusted to his name and it became a good thing for him and then he got his name changed when he lead the warriors.

    7. Plot Summary:This book recounts the true story of how the well-known Lakota Sioux Indian, Sitting Bull, acquired his name. Having been named Slow (Slon-he) as a child, Slow’s determination to earn a praiseworthy name like his father, Returns Again, motivates him to become a great warrior. He learns to become an excellent horse rider and hunter with bows and arrows. As a result of his persistence, Slow leads a successful raid against the Crow warriors thus meriting him the name Sitting Bull (Ta [...]

    8. This children's book tells the coming-of-age story of Sitting Bull, a Hunkpapa Sioux leader who inspired his people to resist confinement to reservations. I do not know enough about Sitting Bull or the Sioux to comment on the book's accuracy. But one thing this story taught me is the many nuances of some Native persons' names. The same word or phrase can take on various meanings as one's personal history unfolds. Sitting Bull was first called "Slow" because he did not eat his food quickly. Nor d [...]

    9. Fountas-Pinnel Guided Reading:Characters: Slow (Sitting Bull), Sioux members Setting: The setting takes place in the region of where the Sioux Indian tribe lived. POV: The point of view is told by the narrator’s perspective.A Boy Called Slow is about the Sioux chief leader Sitting Bull and his childhood. When young members of the tribe are young, they receive names that fit with who they are and their personalities. Sitting Bull received his name, Slow, from his parents because everything he d [...]

    10. "A Boy Called Slow" by Joseph Bruchac and illustrated by Rocco Baviera is one of those amazing books that you will remember. It is the biography of Sitting Bull, from the time he was born until he was 14 years old when he earned his new name of Sitting Bull.In the Hunkpapa band of the Lakota Sioux, a child was named from the way they acted, so the child who would grow up to be Sitting Bull was first named Slow because his actions were always slow and thoughtful. As Slow was growing up, he patien [...]

    11. Grade/interest level: K-4thLexile level: 690LGenre: Informational, Biography Characters: Slow, his father, and the people of his villageSetting: the village of the Hunkpapa of the Lakato SiouxPOV: omniscientA Kunkpapa family is excited to welcome in their first son, who is expected to follow in the footsteps of his great hunter father. The young boy was given the name Slow because he moved so slowly. He resented his name and longed for a chance to earn a new and much cooler name. he got the chan [...]

    12. Grade: 4th grade-5thLexile Measure:690LGenre: Biography Historical FictionCharacters: Slow Setting: It is about the true life story of Slow setting variesPOV: The point of view is told by the narrator’s perspectiveThis story is about a boy whose name is Slow. Slow was a leader of Lakota Sioux. His parents named him slow because he did things slow all the time. The only reason his name can change is if he has a powerful dream or if he does something brave. Slow becomes a hero by killing one of [...]

    13. I found this story to be a little like the titleowI also found the illustrations to be too dark and not very detailed. Author Joseph Bruchac tells the story of a Lakota boy nicknamed Slow because he does everything at his own pace. Despite being labeled as slow, Slow takes the opportunity to build his talents as a horsemen and warrior. At the end, his name is replaced by his father and he becomes Sitting Bull, a name that everyone has heard of. This story is all about proving yourself, even if i [...]

    14. Book Title: A Boy Called SlowAuthor/Illustration: Joseph Bruchac/Rocco BavieraReading Level: 4.3Book Level: 4-8Book Summary: This biography of Sitting Bull is based from his childhood and how he earned the name Sitting Bull. In the Lakota tradition childhood names are based off of the child's traits. The name Sitting Bull was first given was Slow. It was not until his bravery against the Crow that he received the name Sitting Bull.The writing trait is word choice. The author uses many Lakota wor [...]

    15. “A Boy Called Slow” by Joseph Bruchac talks about how a boy who used to be named Slow grew into one of the greatest warriors. The story is a little bit insipid. However, I like some pictures in the book very much. When the story talks about Slow is like his father with the ability to talk to animals, the picture shows that Slow and his father is communicating with a eagle on the winter snow day in the forest with pink morning light. I also like the picture that a big bull buffalo came to giv [...]

    16. I really wish there had been more pictures with this story. It was pretty text heavy, which considering the interesting biography of Sitting Bull wasn’t a bad thing, I just think more pictures would have given readers more entry points into the story. The chalk pastels (?) used in the illustrations were really great for showing shadow and light and made the story pop off the page in a magical way. In terms of interest, telling the story of childhoods is always a good way to help kids make a co [...]

    17. This story is the story of the famous Sitting Bull. Before Sitting Bull became the tale Native American's cherish today, he was merely a little boy that everyone called Slow. He knew he had to prove his worth to the people that he was brave. As he grew he became bigger and broader and finally was able to prove himself as a man at the Crow war party.This will help enrich my text set by showing the importance of names and roles in Native American culture. It will also help them understand the back [...]

    18. I love to find quality biographies about incredible Americans who are not white males. This masterfully written book tells the story of how "A Boy Called Slow" became known as Sitting Bull. I have had difficulties finding well written picture books on Native Americans, this one is definitely a keeper! The illustrations are lush and inviting at times and almost melancholy at others. They are all definitely beautiful. So, if you would like to add to the cultural diversity in your US history, check [...]

    19. Excellent! A great story of the early life of this Lakota Sioux hero with beautifully painted illustrations. The illustrations have a dark tonal palette, so they aren't the best for story-time, but I enjoyed the atmosphere they created. The story was well told and it would make a great selection for learning about the Native American people. My only issues with it were that the text on one page hard to read due to the color and I do wish there was a pronunciation guide and more bio information a [...]

    20. I will use this book in the classroom for its social studies connection, as the Boy Called Slow grows up to be the chief called Sitting Bull. I will also tie it to another book we read in 4th grade, Mystic Horse, by Paul Gobel. The connections are many and I think the students will enjoy this story a lot. They will like the fact that the boy didn't like his name and wanted to develop into a man who earned a name he liked better. The book contains some interesting information about the life of a [...]

    21. Joseph Bruchac retelling traditions of the Lakota Sioux tribe and how they must earn their name by their actions. Slow is called slow by how he acts in a very slow manner. He hated being called this name so his parents told him he would be able to get a new name by being brave and wise. Through his now brave actions, Slow earns a new name of Sitting Bull. This book will demonstrate perseverance and how one has to work hard for something and it is not just given to them.

    22. What I loved most about A Boy Called Slow was how well it showed the life of Native American Indians in the mid-1800s. Their beautiful and sometimes brutal culture was so unique and unlike anything I am accustomed to seeing that it seems like fiction or otherworldly. The narrative focuses on a young Tatan’ka lyoya’ke, or Sitting Bull and his longing to prove he is more than his childhood name of Slow (or Slon-he).

    23. This book was great because it is about an actual Native American Historical story, so I think it would be a good book to use in the classroom for a Native American unit. It would be a great resource for the students to look at the illustrations and see how they used to live and their customs. The illustrations are very good and detailed, I would just say they get a little dark sometimes.

    24. "Slow" was given his childhood name as a reflection of the deliberateness of his actions. Slow longed for a different name, but would not be given one until he had a vision or performed a brave deed. After showing courage in the face of his tribe's enemies, Slow became known as Sitting Bull. There is a dreamlike quality to the illustrations that underscores the value placed on visions.

    25. This is a very interesting story of Sitting Bull, the great Lakota warrior. The story tells of his childhood and why he was called "Slow" by his tribe. He held this name until his brave acts during war helped him earn the name of Sitting Bull. This is a great multicultural text as well as an interesting biography about this influential Native American.

    26. This is a great book for 3rd graders and could be used for diverse populations and traditional literature. It is a Native American legend about Sitting Bull. It introduces Lakota words to readers and has a very powerful moral about being brave and coming of age in a time and lifestyle that really demanded courage and wisdom. The illustrations add to the story with realism and character.

    27. A beautiful story of the early life of Sitting Bull and how he got his name. Told very much in the style of native storytelling. Striking illustrations powerfully depict the native lifestyle of the time and evoke emotion. Quite a bit of information I did not know before; however, it is only of his early life and ends when he gains his name, thus not going further into why he became so well known.

    28. BiographyA boy was very slow in how he did everything, so his parents gave him the name, 'Slow.' Slow wanted to change his name, so he would kill buffalo, and one day got to go to war with the Crow tribe. Slow eneded up charging the other tribe, scaring them off, and saving the day; so his dad gave him the name 'Sitting Bull.'

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