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First Wave

First Wave First Wave introduces a new generation to pulp characters of yesteryear through the eyes of Eisner Award winning author Brian Azzarello Doc Savage The Spirit and The Bat Man join forces to stop a sec

  • Title: First Wave
  • Author: Brian Azzarello Rags Morales Phil Noto
  • ISBN: 9781401231354
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • First Wave introduces a new generation to pulp characters of yesteryear through the eyes of Eisner Award winning author Brian Azzarello Doc Savage, The Spirit and The Bat Man join forces to stop a secret organization, the Golden Tree, from taking over a world distracted by war.

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      484 Brian Azzarello Rags Morales Phil Noto
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      Posted by:Brian Azzarello Rags Morales Phil Noto
      Published :2019-02-03T07:07:01+00:00

    1 thought on “First Wave

    1. Big fun: more so, if you like pulp heroes and etc. There is a DC Comics circa 1975 crossed with James Bond vibe to this, as Rima the Jungle Girl, Kenneth Robeson's The Avenger, and the Blackhawks also appear. I love Rags Morales art and J. G. Jones covers. Azzarello's script is fine, if you can acknowledge that this team-up, featuring a pulpy Batman who shoots guns, is sort of set on Earth-First Wave, if you will.I read this from the individual issues, easily assembled in the bargain bin of my f [...]

    2. 1.5 starsYeesh.I'm not sure, but if I had to guess, I'd say the, point of First Wave is to show readers a few of the other characters who were popular in old pulp comics.Aw That's so sweet of DC.Other than that, I have no idea what they were trying to do with this thing. The PlotBatman (a young retarded version of him), The Spirit ('cause you can never have too much Spirit), and Doc Savage (????) come together to defeat James Bond-like villains who are trying to Destroy The World! One word: Stup [...]

    3. This story showed great promise as it teamed up Batman, Doc Savage and The Spirit. But the plot was confusing, the characters were inconsistent and the the whole thing came off as very juvenile instead of mature. Unfortunately, I have to say this book should be skipped.

    4. First Wave was a pretty great idea: bring together many of the pulp heroes, and combine them with the more pulp-ish DC heroes. It sounded like it'd be a modern-day Wold Newton, told with modern-day writing sensibilities. And First Wave certainly hits its pulpish notes right, with a story that includes many great pulp ideas.Unfortunately, I'm not really convinced that Azzarello was the right person to write this. By nature, his stories are intricately complex. Here, that becomes positively muddy, [...]

    5. Brian Azzarello sets this story of crossovers in the early 20th century, maybe 50s-ish, maybe earlier, and throws into the mix Batman, Doc Savage, the Spirit, and a whole host of other superheroes from DC's past. He tries to rewrite Batman Year One with his own take on Batman's early years and this is a mistake because Azzarello has yet to write a convincing Batman story. He makes Batman clumsy, sure I buy that, but makes him use guns and grenades - Batman?! Batman doesn't use guns or grenades! [...]

    6. sorprendentemente, un cómic de brian azzarello en el que participan el batman pulp --pistolas incluidas--, the spirit y doc savage no logró nada más que ser una historia pulp más o menos bien escrita, más o menos bien contada --y mediocremente dibujada, eso sí. el asunto se debe quizá a este afán pastichero de juntar personajes sin desarrollarlos mucho, más por el gusto de presentarlos juntos que de sustentar el encuentro. aquí hay otro plan maquiavélico por otra asociación secreta q [...]

    7. Good writing by Azzarello and fabulous art by Rags Morales (some of his best ever). Interesting attempt to bring pulp heroes (Doc Savage, the Avenger) together with near-pulp characters (Batman, the Spirit, Rima) that sadly did not inspire more than the titular First Wave. Even though it failed to grab more people's attentions, it was a fun read with solid characterization that captured each of the individual heroes. The villains, alas, were the weakest part of the story in my opinion, but

    8. If you're not already steeped in the world of Doc Savage, much of this you may struggle with. There just seemed too much thrown into this, and the result is fragmentation. It had a lot of promise, but the follow through wasn't complete.

    9. The graphic novel is a compilation of the one shot Batman/Doc Savage comic in which Doc comes to Gotham City to investigate this new vigilante and the six issue comic FIRST WAVE.Doc and the Batman part friends at the end of the prologue.The main story opens with Doc coming back from his Fortress of Solitude to learn his father, Clark Savage, Sr. has died while he was away and been buried. Four of his friends await him at the cemetery(Johnny is away). The father died of some sort of unknown disea [...]

    10. It's a great idea if you want to see some classic DC characters written in yet another universe. Rules have changed and the characters are slightly different. DC seems to do this every other year, and this particular project failed at he starting gate. I can see why: there is too much going on at once, some of the action is confusing, and the Spirit doesn't really fit into this universe. Bringing Batman and Doc Savage together has some great potential, but would be more interesting in an already [...]

    11. First Wave is what I find to be a very interesting book when Batman or should I say Bat-man, the Spirit, Doc Savage, and the Blackhawk's rally up to find out about the Golden Tree. Anton Colossi a businessman seeking a deal with Wayne enterprises to help create a paradise and destroy the modern world. The Golden Tree is a criminal organization seeking world war III founded by Colossi. Every target of the Golden Tree is killed by Ferrios a robot man. The thing I like about first wave is it a Noir [...]

    12. Extremely difficult to follow. If you're going to read this, read the character profiles at the end of the book to familiarize yourself with the supporting characters. It helped out a lot for me, but I didn't realize they were there until I hit the final issue. So I went back and read this a second time, and it was a decent read when I was actually able to understand what was going on (although a few important details still didn't make sense). But this should have been the case the first time ar [...]

    13. Set shortly after the end of the Second World War, albeit with some 21st century additions (cell phones, etc.), First Wave brings together the pulp heroes of the 30's and the comic book icons of the 40's. The premise is good, although I didn't find the execution that interesting.We have Doc Savage and his team along with the Richard Benson (The Avenger) teaming up with the Batman (people forget that the Batman originally carried guns, the Spirit and the Blackhawks (and a few others). While I've [...]

    14. I wanted to like this book. I really did. The gorgeous pulpy art and 3 stock characters of the time period gave it promise. Unfortunately the plot is James Bond style whatthefuckery and I totally got lost from the midpoint on. Also, his Batman crosses the brutal pragmatism of the original, with the prat fall stylings of that one story where that dude dressed up as Batman to impress his wife, fell out a window and woke up thinking he was actually Batman. I think that was in Legends of the Dark Kn [...]

    15. Yeah, my inner fanboy enjoyed this a lot. So what if DC Comics couldn't get The Shadow's rights. All they did was let Brian Azzarello remind people that Batman used to carry guns, and give us a diesel punk styled world.Sales dictated that Azzarello wouldn't get the chance to expand beyond this first installment. A shame really, as he does an excellent job of defining Doc Savage and The Avenger. He does make a good start at how he views The Spirit, John Sunlight, and Batman. His reimagined Blackh [...]

    16. Ever since the first League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series came out, people have been creating their own combinations for later versions of a League they'd like to see. For the pulp era, this would definitely be the combination I'd look for (along with the Shadow, who apparently Azzarello couldn't get permission to use, even though he's an established DC character). But seriously, Doc Savage, the Batman, and the Spirit teaming up with the Avenger and the Blackhawks? YES, PLEASE!I did have a f [...]

    17. weak jumble of a plot saved by the bizarre team-up of Doc Savage, the Spirit and a young pulp version of Batman.Meant to be the intro to a pulp based universe/line of titles for DC that crashed and burned pretty quickly and understandably.While the three leads are fun and written well, there are a bunch of odd stumbles.Things like transforming Spirit's sidekick ebony into a sassy black woman.Like that's less of a stereotype than the original version.Fun if your a fanboy, but if this is your firs [...]

    18. This series should have been so much better than it was. All the ingredients were there for full-on fun pulp adventure, but somehow writer Brian Azzarello dropped the ball. From the get-go, the story is confusing, inconsistent in tone, and despite having read it twice, now, I still can't tell you exactly what this story was about. The art by the always excellent Rags Morales is superb, but it's just not enough to keep this thing's head above water. I'll probably take another crack at it sometime [...]

    19. A jumbled mess and missed opportunity, it fails to introduce the characters to new readers, has an inconsistent tone and is confusing from start to finish. Too many characters, too many plotlines, and why did they feel the need to "update" these classics by setting it in whatever inconsistent time it is set in (50's maybe, but with cell phones and computers? Ebony White being a girl?) Pulp should stay in the 30's and be done as a period piece injecting some modern sensibility in the dialogue.Rea [...]

    20. This reminded me very much of a darker version of Alan Moore's Tom Strong (probably because Tom Strong was based on Doc Savage). Science Heroes versus Fantasy tropes in a grounded noir story. Interesting adventure; I can understand why the 'universe' didn't stick; the world is interesting but not nearly as exciting as it seemed like it should be. I wasn't sold on the world, and the story seemed a bit more complex than the story really required, but overall, a decent story. Not something I'd pick [...]

    21. I'm about 90% sure I'm the only person I know that read this thing, but I loved it. I was extremely disappointed when DC pulled the rug out from under it. First Wave was I believe going to be a line of revitalized pulp characters that needed a good shake-up, and this collection had a ton of promise, but it just wasn't meant to be. Give it a read anyway if you ever get the chance, it's pretty entertaining.

    22. I wanted to like this more than I did. The writing was too confusing, too much of the time. Perhaps it was an attempt to be mysterious, but not only were the twists of the plot difficult to follow but I never got any sense for the relationships between the (many) characters.I'd like to see this done again, but perhaps taking its time a bit to develop things. Almost worth reading, though, for Gun Batman.

    23. This never caught my interest. Partly due to the fact that I'm not very familiar with The Spirit or Doc Savage and this was written as if I should understand who the are and the people they are associated with. I also think it bounces around too much and it never came together for me. I will say that the art by Rags Morales is some of his best.

    24. An interesting idea, in principle, and indeed the book that's being imagined in the notes and sketches at the back has a lot of potential. The finished result, however, is half-baked, verging on the incoherent. Azzarello's writing always has a jagged quality, but the flow here is terrible, the plotting a shambles. The inconsistency of the artwork doesn't help either.

    25. Really?You assemble 3 great characters (and some obscure ones) and this is what comes out?The fact that they switch artist from a "not bad" one to a "really bad" one after the first issue doesn't help at all either.This only got the 2-stars for the nostalgia effect, otherwise it barely manages to scrape by on one.

    26. An ambitious team origin, and perhaps overly so, that really deserved a second or longer chance on the comic book racks. What's not to love about the return of Doc Savage, a pistol-toting, 30's-style Batman, The Avenger, the Spirit, and Rima the Jungle Girl all coming together to battle a cabal with dreams of world domination?

    27. I read this as part of my reading The Spirit in honor of the character's 75th anniversary. While the premise is great and the art is fantastic, "First Wave" comes across as more of a Doc Savage story with walk-ons by the Spirit and Batman as needed. But Rags Morales drawing the Spirit? Fantastic!

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